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Best pooja room decoration ideas: How to get the best look for your pooja room?

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 20, 2022
Best pooja room decoration ideas for home - Beautiful Homes

Are you looking for some inspiration? Then go no further. We have the best pooja room decoration ideas that will surely suit your requirement perfectly

How you design and decorate your pooja room expresses your respect and devotion to God. For pooja room decoration, you and your family members may have different preferences for size, location and style of puja ghar decoration ideas. Your pooja room is the most serene corner of the house as it helps people to establish hope and faith. Mandir decoration ideas for home incorporate creativity and innovation for offering all your family members the best pooja room decoration. There are many variations in the Indian pooja room interior design ideas which can be tried for small as well as big spaces. Use these different and innovative mandir decoration ideas at home and engage with the most peaceful interactions with the almighty.



Pooja Room Décor Ideas for a Beautiful Pooja Room


1. Paint the Walls

Pooja room wall colour plays a significant part in making it stand distinguished; hence you should pick the best colour for the pooja room walls. You can try different puja room decoration ideas for experimenting with its colours. Here are some of the colour options that you can try in your pooja room design ideas:

White, Earthy brown, Yellow, Orange, Sky Blue and pastel Green.


2. Choose a Distinctive Pooja Door Design

If you are someone who likes extraordinary pooja door designs, then you can go for having a pooja room door with bells. This kind of pooja room door design is the latest and becoming quite popular amongst people. As you can opt for this idea and can make your god room decoration stand distinguished from the others just with something as simple as a door. You can find many interesting pooja room door designs with bells in wood and glass that can take your puja room decoration to the next level.


3. Use Effective Lighting for Pooja Room Interior Design

Lighting makes the pooja room gloriously divine. To maintain the purity aspect of any pooja room design, it is required to keep it well-lit. Some of the options you could consider are tiny spotlights. They mostly work if your pooja unit is in a corner and will create warmth and give it a glow.


Moreover, as pooja room door decoration items electric diyas are a blessing. You could pick them in different shapes and colours and create an eternal festive look and feel. If you are looking at a brighter version, you could probably add LED lighting to it. Lastly, what is more promising than sunlight lighting your stunning spiritual space? You could keep the windows open during the day and let space soak in all the fresh air and sunlight. For the evenings you can go with your favourite kind of lighting.


4. Mandir Decoration Ideas for Floor

If there is a dedicated room for poojas, then opting for cosy and comforting rugs can be considered. However, the care of the same could get taxing with time.  Alternately look at flooring to be seated on the pooja room floor. Various factors need to be kept in mind, such as the flooring material, colour, and design. Some of the materials that can be considered are marble, granite and cement. The white marble for the puja room decoration flooring offers a different kind of grace and peace-giving it a traditional look. Colourful Granite is another option that is comparatively more stain-resistant than marble. Coloured cement tiles also can be used to create a mandir decoration design flooring pattern that resembles a rangoli giving it a festive look.

5. Create a Beautiful and Ornate Backdrop for Pooja Ghar Decoration Ideas

Because an ornate pooja room backdrop, a two-step wood and marble platform, hanging bells, wooden panels and floor seating can come together to create an adorable pooja mandir space, the marble can make the room feel spacious and has a soothing impact on those who inhabit the room.


6. Play with Soft Furnishings

Fabrics, with their various shine and textures, are a wonderful way to liven up a pooja space. Since the pooja room is all about low seating, employ floor cushions upholstered in silk or brocade – functional yet a stand-out element. Complement it with a rug and complimenting drapes.


7. Accessories Mandir Decoration Ideas for Home

While any sort of clutter should be avoided at all costs in the pooja room, it’s all right to decorate the area with a few well-chosen accessories. Brass objects such as lamps, bells, and pots are perfect since they are often found in temples. Follow the minimalist philosophy for all sorts of home temple decoration ideas. Ensure that the décor accessories coordinate with the overall style of the rest of the house. For example, an ornately carved wooden panel will look out of place in a minimalist space.

Ornate backdrop for pooja ghar decoration - Beautiful Homes
Metal pooja mandir decoration ideas at home - Beautiful Homes

8. DIY Metal Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

We all have alot of metal accessories such as bells, plates, and brass lamps in our pooja room, decorating the room with metallic colours can enrich the overall look. However, you should take care not to go overboard with the metal as it will overpower the room with its brilliance. Use subtle elements such as decorative metal motifs on the door or metallic paint on just a small section of the wall to balance the energy in the area.

9. DIY Linen Play

  • Wall Art – Use a scarf or printed fabric and hang it on the wall to cover it up, or clad a canvas with your favoured cloth and place it on the wall.
  • Stools or Ottomans– You can use an old cloth or sweater to create small ottomans to increase the sitting space.
  • Tie-Die technique – Tie and die your clothes to create amazing patterns and then tie them around cushions, shelves, or other pooja room door decoration items.
  • Lampshades – Wrap your lampshades in any fabric and see how a hint of creativity can make a big impression.
  • Tray Lining – Line a wooden or metal tray with your favoured fabric and position it anywhere in the pooja room.


10. Planters and Feature Stands

Pooja room interiors with planters and feature stands are not just aesthetically beautiful, but they also add a holistic approach to your haven. Plant puja room decoration ideas can help you embrace the deep-rooted connection of humans with nature.


Some of the most common indoor plants that are readily available and are quite low maintenance include money plant, fiddle-leaf fig, jade mint, areca palm, broken heart plant, monstera deliciosa, snake plant, bird of paradise, and dracaena coffee plant. These will let you enjoy a splash of green in your pooja room interior without needing to dedicate too much time from your schedule to their upkeep. 

11. Enamel Décor

  • Enamel Paint – Numerous graffiti can be made on the walls and wooden or metal furniture with enamel spray stains.
  • Enamel Dots – Enamel dots can be used to make beautiful rangoli and can be reused for different patterns every day. Enamel dots can also be used to compose wall art in any form, shape, and hue.
  • Charms and Bracelets – A play of certain beads and enamel art can lead to perfect decorative jewellery small mandir decoration ideas.
  • Enamel Pins – Making an enamel pin banner for every affair changes the entire look of the Pooja space.
  • Enamel badges – Use a cork to make a stand for any lamp of your preference and stick your enamel badges to the base. You can adjust these at your ease.
Pooja mandir enamel decoration ideas at home - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Perfect Pooja Room Decoration Ideas for your Home?

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