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10 Pooja room door designs for Indian homes

  • Pooja Room Design
Dec 02, 2022
Simple pooja room door design for home - Beautiful Homes

Pooja room doors can add the finishing touches to your design or they can be the focal element. With our list of options for pooja room door designs for Indian homes, you’re sure to find the perfect ones for your space

When one door closes, God opens another one for you. So why not pick the right door for the abode of God in your home? You must have at least for once googled mandir or pooja door design photos, have you not?  We know you have. But just looking at pictures might not be enough. Here is an article that will tell you everything you need to know about pooja room door designs for Indian homes. From modern, ultra modern pooja room door designs to traditional pooja room door, we have a comprehensive list of various pooja room door options for your space.


Choosing the right design for the pooja room door is as important as choosing the mandir design. Read through the article to know what kind of pooja door design would be perfect for your home.


1. Simple Pooja Room Door Design

Simple is the new sophisticated, and a great way to achieve a modern and chic look is to opt for temple door design with panels. A simple pooja room door design of plywood panels is a timeless fit for any home- the clean lines, wood grain texture and the warmth of the material make it a classic. If you are someone who wants simplicity in their spirituality, then you should go for this temple door design.

2. Modern and Ultra-modern Pooja Room Door Designs

With the evolution of our design sensibilities, the idea of merging our traditional elements with modern and contemporary styles can be seen across the world today. Why should your home be any different? Contemporary designs puja room door design ranging from cut-outs of motifs to panels with recessed lights are a couple of pooja door design options you should be going for.

Modern ultra-modern pooja room door design - Beautiful Homes
Pooja room glass door design for home - beautiful Homes

3. Glass Pooja Room Door Design

The foundation of spirituality is transparency, what better pooja door design to pick than a glass pooja room door design. The idea of pooja doors being just of wood is outdated, glass doors will also add a sense of serenity in your pooja room. The see-through glass also helps you showcase what's inside the pooja door and the deities will always have an eye on you and your home, keeping evil away.

4. Pooja Room Double Door Design

If you want your pooja room to stand out from the rest of your home then, a pooja room double door design is the way to go. A double door design can come in simple plywood or even in glass. There are so many ways you can style your pooja room double door design. A jali design, engravings of mythological narratives, wainscoting style paneling are some options to consider for.

Pooja room double door design - Beautiful Homes
Traditional pooja room door design for home - Beautiful Homes

5. Pooja Room Wooden Door Design

Want to stay authentic with your pooja room? A pooja room wooden door design might be the answer.  A wooden pooja door design is also a vastu-compliant material, wooden doors are solid and can come in a range of different varieties— teakwood, rosewood, etc. Most traditional pooja room doors have always been double doors—think about all the temples you’ve been to— with intricate engravings of deities, celestial beings, sacred motifs or patterns.


6. Small Pooja Room Door Design

You want to have a temple door design for home but you are not sure about the space? A small pooja room door design is what you should be looking for. It doesn't take much space and fits well with the interiors of your home. Pooja rooms or mandirs don’t always have to be large, you can incorporate it into your existing shelving or cabinets to save space. Make it stand out with the gorgeous combination of solid wood door frames and contrasting MDF jali for puja room door design.

7. Lattice Temple Door Design

Pooja room doors with cut-work elements such as a motif or lattice patterns are sure to stand out. This will maintain the flow of air and natural light to and from the room, keeping it fresh and bright. Additionally, with the lamps and lights in the pooja room switched on, the designs on the doors will cast mesmerizing shadows across the room.


8. Painted Temple Door Design

All the majestic temples that we witness today around the country were once adorned in vivid colors. Take inspiration from the bygone era and paint your pooja room or mandir door for a unique look. You can also highlight certain intricacies on a carved door by painting them or painting around them.


9. Pooja Room Door Design with Bells

All temples have bells that sound each new devotee's entrance and spread powerful vibrations and acoustics. If you want to replicate this ambience in your home mandir design or just like the bell motif, there’s a fun way to incorporate it. Choose doors with laser cut lattice work and install a bell in the middle of each cut out.


10. Contemporary Pooja Room Doors

A rising trend in interior design has been back-painted glass shutters. As the name suggests the ‘back’ side of the glass is painted, lending it opacity. This technique leaves room for you to experiment with a contemporary look for your pooja room with back-painted glass doors. For example, with the technique of negative painting, you can create intricate designs on the doors that also allow for mesmerizing light play.



Tips for Choosing Pooja Room Doors:

  • Determine the dimensions of your pooja room or mandir entrance. The larger the area, the sturdier the material should be.
  • Consider the area surrounding the pooja space. If it is cramped, opt for sliding or pocket doors instead of shutters.
  • Narrow down the design style and general aesthetic for your pooja room and the doors. Ensure that this is in-line with the rest of the interiors for a cohesive look.
  • Choose a material based on your budget. Solid wood such as teak, sheesham, cedar, etc. can be quite expensive. Engineered wood, such as plywood, MDF, HDF, etc., are much more budget-friendly.




1. Which Door Is Best for Pooja Room?

According to Vastu, wood doors are the ideal option for pooja or mandir room doors.


2. Can a Pooja Room Have a Single Door?

Ideally, the pooja room should have double doors to ensure that good and positive energy flows well and the devotees inside have more room.


3. In which directions should the doors open?

Per Vastu, idols or paintings of deities must not face the southern direction. The pooja room itself should be in the northeast corner. So design the layout such that the deities always have their back towards the south. If the idols and pictures are facing the doors, ensure that it doesn’t open towards the southern direction.


4. Where should the pooja room be?

The pooja room or the mandir can be anywhere but the bedroom. The standard practice is to incorporate it into either living room or kitchen design.


5. Is a glass door good for a pooja room?

Wood is the ideal material for mandirs and pooja spaces as per Vastu traditions. But given that glass is a modern material, there are no rules against glass. Since it allows for easy light access, it can also allow flow of positive energy. Making it a suitable choice.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with a Perfect Pooja Room for your Home?

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