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10 pooja room glass door design ideas to choose from for your home

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May 05, 2022
Glass design for pooja room interiors - Beautiful Homes

An ideal pooja room provides a sacred space where you can clear your mind and connect with divinity. Achieving the right pooja room design and décor for your home is not just about creating a space to leave the stresses of the world behind, it also radiates positivity and peace into your home

Modern pooja room door designs for Indian home interiors need to balance practicality with aesthetic harmony to help create an atmosphere that offsets the complications and aggravations of your daily routine.


One of the leading modern trends for pooja room design is to incorporate glass into the form. Glass has the unique quality of allowing optimal amounts of light into a room, making even small spaces seem bright and airy. And, with its inherent ease of cleaning and simplicity of maintenance, glass can be both functional and elegant. Furthermore, it combines beautifully with other materials to help create a range of diverse design solutions, from minimalist to traditionalist. Let’s take a look at some of the best of today’s puja room door design trends using glass.


Pooja Room Door Design Trend #1: Enclosed Glass

Your pooja room should ideally sit in the north-east, north or east of your home and be lit from the south-east and eastern sides. One simple way to provide these elements to your space is to enclose your pooja room completely. A completely glass pooja room door design permits the entrance of sufficient lighting while also allowing for auspicious idol placement and orientation. With a more minimalist approach to pooja room door design you can also keep the focus of the larger space on your altar while still maintaining a comfortable level of privacy to pray or meditate.


Pooja Room Door Design Trend #2: Simple Glass

If you are working with a smaller floor plan, you might want a more compact space with a simple pooja room door design rather than something large or imposing. Remember that a pooja room does not have to be either spacious or grand to have a positive impact on your spirit or home. Classic pooja room door designs with glass insets or even a small mandir space with simple glass doors can be the answer in a more modest home.

Pooja Room Door Design Trend #3: Collapsible Partitions

Another essential glass pooja room door design when space is at a premium is collapsible doors that fold away neatly. Ideal for small or narrow pooja rooms, this design is functional, providing a distinct partition without frittering away floor space or wall area for door movement. When thinking about collapsible pooja room door design options, keep in mind that the frames can also be a decorative element to your room.


Pooja Room Door Design Trend #4: Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are another way to conserve space while maintaining ample floor space within your pooja room itself. A sliding pooja room glass door with metal or invisible frames can even add a touch of modern elegance to the room while keeping tradition and heritage alive. This is a particularly popular pooja room glass door design for spaces where the pooja room area falls within the living room of your home, as it provides privacy while allowing for a more contemporary tone in the rest of your design aesthetic.

Modern pooja room glass door design - Beautiful Homes
Pooja room door designs for Indian home - Beautiful Homes

Pooja Room Door Design Trend #5: Wood & Glass

If you have ample space and are looking for a more traditional pooja room door then a combination of carved wood and glass might be the perfect fit. Choose ornate carvings that invoke temple designs or even elements of cultural significance and you can create a distinctive and beautiful space for self reflection and prayer. Or embellish your pooja door glass; design elements can even be simple lamp patterns or peacock feathers on the glass panels to create a traditional retreat from modern life.

Pooja Room Door Design Trend #6: Frosted Glass

The primary advantage to a frosted pooja room glass door is privacy, providing a visually lighter alternative to completely wooden doors. This does not mean that aesthetic appeal has to take a back seat! Frosted glass actually lends itself to a wide range of styles and themes. Be it a modern pooja room door design with geometric patterns or an unpretentious classic space, a frosted glass door can gracefully balance functionality with refinement.

Pooja Room Door Design Trend #7: Lacquered Glass

When you want privacy and still want to add a touch of glamour to your pooja room area, lacquered glass might be the perfect fit. A lacquered glass pooja room door design has a lacquer coating on one side giving a coloured opacity to the door. Decorative lacquered glass provides more durability as the coating also protects the glass from damage. For pooja room door designs with glass that is free standing – such as for open-plan partitions or gopura shaped frames – lacquered glass will provide both artistry and structural strength.


Pooja Room Door Design Trend #8: Custom Printed Glass

If your pooja room door is situated in a common space or an area that requires a high level of aesthetic cohesion with the rest of your home decor, you might want to explore the option of custom printed glass. With custom prints you can choose a pooja room glass door design that complement the colour palette and themes of the rest of your home. You can even have a customised glass design for pooja room spaces other than just the door – for example adding backlit panels within the room that repeat the pattern on your door is a beautiful way to add visual harmony.

Pooja room door design with dark lacquered glass - Beautiful Homes
Wooden-framed glass design for pooja room - Beautiful Homes

Pooja Room Door Design Trend #9: Painted Glass

A decorative technique that is simultaneously both traditional and modern is painted glass. A pooja room glass door design that has stood the test of time, painted glass is adaptable and has a distinct allure of its very own. From traditional pooja door design elements such as flowers and nature themes, to sophisticated idol representations, to calligraphy lettered shlokas, the painted options are numerous and can easily fit any design theme.

Pooja Room Door Design Trend #10: CNC Panelling & Glass

Perhaps the most modern pooja room door design technique is the combination of glass and CNC panels. This trend is in particular vogue in apartments and spaces where you might have to designate or install a pooja niche within an existing architectural space. CNC, which is simply computerised panel cutting, can make beautiful jali panels that are both structurally strong and artistically appealing. When combined with glass, pooja room door design solutions that utilise CNC panels can be wonderfully sophisticated and well lit. Once again you could repeat the jaali pattern on other surfaces of your pooja room and give your space a truly divine energy.


Now that we’ve discussed some of the main design trends for pooja room doors today, let us quickly run through some of the elements that will help you create the most calming and positive prayer space within your home. According to Vastu you should ideally not place your pooja area under the stairs or in a bedroom. If your bedroom is in the most north easterly room and therefore the ideal space for your pooja space, make sure that you position your bed so that your feet do not point toward it. Keep your pooja space away from the kitchen or bathrooms. While a mounted water feature creates a natural, peaceful sound, and encourages positive energy when placed in the north, north-east or east of your home, do not keep it within your pooja space.


Ideally it should sit beside or at the door of your pooja room. Make sure your pooja room has a double door and if possible a pyramid or gopura element to the roof, pooja shelf or door mantel.


Hopefully this has helped spark some ideas and made it a little easier for you to pick the ideal pooja room door designs for home prayer spaces.


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