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5 inspired mandir designs with storage ideas

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 16, 2022
Mandir design storage idea with countertop storage solution - Beautiful Homes

Creating a serene space of positive energy requires order and cleanliness, and for pooja rooms great organisation is essential. Find the best storage solutions with these stunning and smart designs

A well planned, uncluttered space allows the mind to relax and helps us sink into spiritual meditation. But, regardless of the size of your home, looking for pooja room storage designs that are a good fit for your space can be confusing. Here, we’re cutting through the clutter to bring you our top tips and 5 favourite design ideas to improve your pooja room organisation in even the most compact spaces. From a puja unit with storage that’s in-built, to organising under-counter storage solutions that keep things looking neat and tidy, these pooja room storage ideas are sure to guide you in setting up a prayer room that exudes positive energy.



What to Consider When Designing your Home Mandir with Storage

  • Figure out what you absolutely have to have within the room & how this affects your pooja room storage needs.
    ○    What will be placed in the storage – will you only be your pooja essentials or other things as well?
    ○    How much pooja room storage is required – think about sizes and quantities of the things that will be stored.
    ○    What kind of storage is needed – open or closed/covered? Does it need to be permanent? 

  • Keep your overall pooja room interior design in mind when adding in storage – your pooja room storage designs should be a harmonious match to the rest of the room.

  • If you decide to add a pooja unit with storage, remember that the pooja room is likely to have an open flame in the space – you may have many lamps burning and so furniture needs to be fire safe.



Our Top 5 Favourite Pooja Room Storage Ideas


1. Shelves that Create Storage in Pooja Room Corners

Simple and easy to execute, you can quickly tidy your home mandir with storage solutions that fit into the corners of the room. You might even find that you have enough space once you consider adding pooja room shelf storage in the corners. If you feel like open shelves are too messy for your preference, then consider installing a curved pooja unit, that utilises the corners for storage while maintaining a centralised counter or open shelving space for idols.


2. Countertop Focused Pooja Room Storage Solutions

Many of us prefer a no-frills, contemporary style within our homes, and your pooja room doesn’t need to be excluded from this modern aesthetic. You can have a neat, uncluttered surface by choosing a single piece pooja unit with storage drawers under the counter. For an extra sleek result, pick pooja room storage designs that come with handle-less, soft-push drawers and cabinets; it’s an uncomplicated look that’s sure to be pleasing to the eye.

3. A Mandir Design with Storage in The Partition

When setting up a mandir design with storage in mind, remember that the partition between your pooja room and the rest of your living space can always serve a dual-function – separating your prayer space and providing a handy location for storage solutions too! As with a puja unit with storage that’s built in, your partitions can hide many clever compartments or display open shelves, depending on your preference.

Pooja room storage ideas with partition design - Beautiful Homes
Built-in home mandir design with storge ideas - Beautiful Homes

4. The Built-in Pooja Room Storage Box

Starting from scratch and setting up a brand new pooja room? A built-in pooja unit with storage that’s a part of the design is an attractive and elegant solution. With multiple pooja room storage box style shelves and drawers to hold your prayer essentials, all your pooja samagri is in easy reach. For that extra flair, choose a pooja unit design where each compartment has decorative handles to up both convenience and style.

5. Simple DIY Pooja Room Storage Designs

When setting up your first home, budget-friendly solutions are often a necessity and space is usually at a premium. If these are your concerns, then never fear, your overall mandir set-up, planned with smart pooja room storage in mind, can be simple without losing its spiritual feel. You could experiment with DIY pooja room storage ideas – e.g. place an attractive wooden step stool in a quiet corner as a pooja unit with open storage, or stack side-tables for a similar effect, and add wicker baskets in verifying sizes for incense and more.

Puja room with cabinet storage in the corner - Beautiful Homes


So which was your favourite of these pooja room storage designs? We’re happy to hear your opinion and answer your questions too!


Visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, browse our expertly curated magazine or explore our previous projects for further inspiration. From creating perfect storage solutions for your pooja room design, to other interior design or home renovation needs, our team of experienced professionals at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes are here to help. To learn more about our services or products, you could book a 3D consultation call, or walk into any of our stores across India!

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