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Tiles for Pooja Room

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 07, 2022
Pooja room tiles design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

With tiles for walls or floorings for the pooja room, you can create an elegant feature that will be the talk of the town

Short on ideas to elevate your pooja room design? Worry not; with this compilation of pooja room tiles design, you are sure to find just what you need. Whether it is god tiles for the pooja room or modern pooja room tiles design, there's something for everyone's interior design.


Different Types of Pooja Room Tiles


1. Marble

A classic combination of white marble, gold accents and warm lighting will result in a luxurious pooja room. With marble tiles for the pooja room, you also get a ton of variety in terms of color and variegated pattern. Its smooth texture and tinge of luster make it a classic option.


2. Granite

Variety, durability and scratch-resistance make granite a popular option for pooja room tiles design. The downside is that it is slippery, so you need to be extra careful. Or you may use it for the altar and mandir wall tiles design instead of flooring.


3. Printed Vitrified Tiles

An excellent way to add a statement element to the pooja room is to incorporate printed vitrified tiles into your pooja room design. Use it for flooring or as modern pooja room wall tiles; its understated sheen and the colorful pattern will lend to a charming space.


4. Wooden Pooja Room Tiles

Another timeless option for pooja room tiles design that also works well with most design styles is wood. Wood panels or tiles for flooring can add an earthy element to your pooja room. And its grain and texture add visual interest.

Marble pooja room tiles design ideas - Beautiful Homes
Cement tiles ideas for pooja room design - Beautiful Homes

5. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is an excellent option for a pooja room tiles design. Whether plain, variegated or patterned, ceramic tiles can be used to clad walls, for the altar and, of course, the flooring. It is also a relatively cheaper option, and you don't have to compromise on quality or aesthetics.


Pooja Room Tiles: Designs to Consider

1. Pooja Room Tiles Design Ideas: Tiles with Mythological Subjects

Much like sculptures and frescoes in grand temples, you can have depictions of several mythological stories in your puja room. You can do so as engravings in the case of stone and wood. Alternatively, you could have these stories painted in the room as well.


2. Pooja Tiles Design: Tiles with a Checkered Rangoli Pattern

Deck up your puja room with rangoli, and no, we do not mean the same old pondered rangoli. Whether it is a repeat pattern, a mandala-style design or a mural, tiles with a rangoli pattern will add a ton of visual interest to the room. You can also opt for patterns that lean towards modern pooja room tiles.


3. Tiles For Pooja Room: OM Embedded Tiles

If you're looking to design an accent wall, consider incorporating the all-powerful OM into the design. You can have it embedded into the tiles or painted atop them. Use the design as a backdrop to the idols. You can keep it simple with just the symbol or add geometric or floral motifs to enhance the design.


4. Mandir Tiles Design- Evil-eye Tiles

The evil eye motif in the pooja room may help keep negativity at bay. Incorporate it into your design as a mosaic or an embedded motif.


5. Pooja Room Tiles Design Ideas: Swastika Patterned Tiles

Another meaningful and potent symbol in Hinduism is the swastika. Whether it is embedded in the tiles, etched or created using mosaic, the swastika is sure to bring good fortune to your home. You may combine the swastika with the OM to enhance the positive vibes in the room.


6. Tiles for Pooja Room: Inscribed Tiles

Do you like to meditate in the pooja room? You may want to consider adding specific mantras or prayers as inscriptions. Use them to focus on during the meditation, chanting, etc. To highlight these inscriptions and for a slightly modern pooja room tiles design, use recessed LED lights. It will also add an ethereal glow to the entire room.


7. God Tiles for Pooja Room: Hindu Goddess Art Tiles

Use a depiction of a goddess as a motif to enhance the look of your pooja room. You can have it painted as a pooja room wall tiles design, or you can have the etchings on the background wall with recessed lighting to highlight the art.

Mandir Tiles Design- Zellige Tiles

The handmade, solid-colored zellige creates a stunning, almost wave-like effect with its slight variations. With the right lighting, you get awe-inspiring results, fit for the pooja room. If you like patterns, then the symmetry and geometry of painted and vitrified zellige are unparalleled. You can use it to create a carpet-like section on the floor or an accent for the pooja room wall tiles design.

Pooja room flooring with design ideas - Beautiful Homes
Modern pooja room tiles design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Modern Pooja Room Tiles Design

Patterns such as herringbone, chevron, subway, etc., can give your pooja room a contemporary touch. Combine it with traditional motifs such as Om, swastika, kalash, etc., to get the best of both worlds. You can use them as wall tiles for the pooja room or for flooring.

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