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Pooja Room as per Vastu: Expert tips to avoid pooja room design mistakes

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 05, 2022
Vastu shastra for home temple design ideas - Beautiful Homes

It is important to follow Vastu Shastra rules when designing your puja room to facilitate positive flow of energy into the house. Here are Vastu Shastra tips that ensure that your puja room is a totem for positivity

In an Indian household, a pooja room holds a sacred significance. However big or small a puja room is, it should be a calm and peaceful space, inspire faith, follow Vastu Shastra rules while blending aesthetically into the décor of the house.


Pooja Room Vastu Expert Tips

It is important to follow Pooja room Vastu Shastra in your puja room design as the space should radiate positive energy. Having a wrongly placed puja room can affect health, wealth, relationships, career and peace of mind. Here are some important Vastu rules that your puja room design should factor in.

1. Auspicious Direction and Location Vastu for Pooja Room Designs for Home

The location of the puja room vastu for north facing house plan is important as the prayer room should be in a spot that channels positive energy. Puja room in the wrong place and facing the wrong direction will bring constant hurdles into the homeowner’s life.


The Right Vastu -

Ideally, the puja room vastu for north facing house plan is the north-east of the house as this spot channels the most energy from the sun. Alternatively, the puja room can also occupy the east or north corner. The south is not a good spot for the puja room.

Pooja room direction as per vastu experts - Beautiful Homes
Pooja room direction as per vastu experts - Beautiful Homes

2. Vastu Shastra Compliant Home Temple Design

These days people place a lot of emphasis on their home décor and the puja room is designed to complement the style of the house. While this may look aesthetically pleasing, it may not be in the best interest of the residents.


The Right Vastu -

Incorporate these small Vastu tips into the structure of your puja room design to ensure good health and prosperity. A gopura design on the ceiling of the puja room is auspicious as a pyramid-shaped roof for a place of prayer is very holy. If the ceiling design cannot be changed, another option is to get a pyramid shaped puja mandir in which to place your idols.

3. Pooja Room Door Design as Per Vastu Shastra Rules

The pooja room door is an important part of the puja room as the positive energy that goes in and out of the room flows via the entrance. The entrance should follow certain Vastu rules to ensure that only positive energy flows into the home and negative energy is kept out.


The Right Vastu -

The entrance door vastu for pooja room facing east is the north or east. Creating a threshold for the entrance helps harness positivity, as per Vastu. According to the pooja room vastu for pooja room facing east, the door should have two shutters, ideally made of wood.


Pooja room glass door design would also be a great fit.

4. Vastu Shastra Tips for Puja Room Colours

Vastu Shastra has a lot of rules when it comes to colours. Light shades are encouraged and are also conducive to prayer while dark shades are thought to be chaotic and unsettling. Blacks and greys are discouraged as they are not auspicious while yellows and whites are a sign of the divine.


The Right Vastu -

If your puja room is painted in dark colours, it would be a wise idea to have it scraped and painted over in more subtle, light shades that is not only more auspicious but also provides a peaceful and serene setting for a modern home temple design.

Vastu tips for mandir in flat with chandelier - Beautiful Homes
Mandir position as per vastu with a white pooja unit - Beautiful Homes

5. Idol Placement in Home Temple Design Per Vastu Shastra

The location and direction of the idol placement is crucial. It helps in directing the flow of positive energy into the room and into the person who is praying. Placing them in the wrong positions can disrupt the flow of energy in the room causing misfortune and ill luck.


The Right Vastu -

The idols and photographs should be placed on the east or west side of the room. Idols should not be chipped or broken; photographs should not be damaged. Place lamps and agnikund in the south-east direction. Idols in the pooja room must not face each other or the door.

6. Vastu Shastra Tips for Pooja Room Storage

The puja room needs space for storing all your religious items, including prayer books, religious threads, oil, camphor, cotton, diyas and mats. The cabinets that hold all these items should not be above the deities as this disrupts good energy.


The Right Vastu -

Storage space in the puja room should be designed below the deities. The drawers and cabinets should always be clean and not cluttered. The storage space should ideally be located to the west or south of the puja room. 



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Creating Perfect Pooja Room Designs for Home?

The puja room is very important in an Indian household. At Beautiful Homes, our design specialists take great care to ensure that your modern home temple design follows Vastu principles while providing a space that blends in seamlessly into the style of your home. Take a look at the lovely puja room décor and mandir designs at our online store. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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