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10 Pooja room shelf designs

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 15, 2022
Glass pooja shelf design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

A curated collection of ideas to help you plan the most perfect and stunning pooja room shelf design for your home, irrespective of its size

A pooja room stands as a zone of peace in one's house. Thus, this room needs to be correctly and carefully designed to let you channel peace of mind. It's possible to create an adorable one without breaking the bank. The trick is to keep making modifications in minimal accents one at a time to build a space that appeals to you. But where do you start? For perfectly designed pooja rooms, all the elements such as pooja shelf design on wall, pooja mandir etc are arranged correctly and speak to you. Whether you're a big joint family looking to create a tranquil room of worship for the entire house, or you simply need to incorporate symbols of your faith in a small space apartment, here are some pooja shelf ideas to help you along the way.


How Important is a Pooja Room in an Indian Household?

Pooja room is one of the most important aspects of any Indian household. It is a constant source of positivity in daily life, a house where hope is realized. Its significance is because it has a powerful link with the holy. It is often compromised or sidelined due to lack of space or other constraints, but having a pooja room or a mandir at home is a sure-shot way of keeping negative vibrations at bay.



Latest Pooja Shelf Design Ideas


1. Glass Pooja Room Shelf

The most basic and standard god shelf design is glass. A glass mandir shelf design is quite an attraction even in its most basic and fundamental look. Also, it is extraordinarily very comfortable to clean these shelves and you can do it fairly often for making these glass shelves last you for a long.    


You can find these glass pooja room shelf designs in numerous shapes and sizes. You can also play around with different designs with them. One of the most popular designs that are topping the charts these days is to have an entire glass pooja room showcase with an elegant and sleek design on it.

2. Cabinet Pooja Shelf Designs in Wood

Adorning your pooja space with wooden pooja shelf ideas is one of the most effortless routes to get the needed space in your pooja room along with keeping its elegance. The wooden cabinet can also be used for storing many things if you have chosen the right pooja room shelf design.


A wooden pooja shelf with door and cabinet is the best option for mandirs with limited space. These are even inexpensive and very easy to maintain and clean with the tiniest measures. You can adorn the pooja room with many other additions which goes well with the wooden mandir shelf design.



3. Small Wooden Pooja Shelf Design

If the obvious large and simple wooden pooja shelf is not something that appeals to you, then you can always find small wooden shelf designs. You can also arrange some small wooden shelves together and can use your creativity and ideation to have your own pooja room cabinet.


This is a great choice if you are looking for pooja shelf ideas in living room. A small wooden pooja shelf design can help you keep all your idols and yet make your living room look stylish. You can either use glass shelves or wooden shelves or a blend of both, depending upon the living room décor.

Cabinet pooja shelf design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Wooden pooja shelf design ideas for your interior design - Beautiful Homes

4. Wooden Pooja Shelf Ideas

As discussed above, a wooden cabinet and a wooden pooja room shelf is simply the best combination. This combination presents the maximum space by covering very minimal space. You can use the cabinet to store pooja things and wooden shelves for placing your idols.


One of the most favourite trends which are quite famous amongst homeowners is to have a bright-coloured wall with a combination of a wooden cabinet and wooden shelf. You can have this combination customized according to the size available to you. 

5. Pooja Shelf Design on Wall with Doors

A pooja room shelf in the wall-mounted design is also a popular choice. You can get the whole pooja cabinet in the wall-mounted design which offers a lot of space-saving benefits. If you are keeping the pooja room shelf simple then you can play around with a fancier pooja room door design for a more adorned and refined look.


Different combinations of materials can be used along with different-sized shelves so as to maximize storage without any hassles. The only requirement is to have appropriate planning of the wall mounted pooja shelf designs so as to get the highest benefits from it.

Pooja shelf design wall with door for your home - Beautiful Homes
Marble pooja shelf design for your home - Beautiful Homes

6. Marble Pooja Shelf Design

A marble shelf design is also a quite popular choice amongst most homeowners. This type of readymade pooja shelf is simply elegant in design and yet offers the needed appeal to the pooja room. Consulting a comprehensive pooja room guide can provide valuable insights into optimizing space and aesthetics in your sacred space.


You can try having various shapes and sizes on the marble shelves for making the most promising use of space as well as making your pooja room look enchanting. Furthermore, you can have your very own pooja mandir cabinet in a marble shelf design. You can complete the entire look of your pooja room by adorning the space with some decorations and pooja accessories. 

7. Wooden Pooja Stand with Shelves

You can forever rely on the wooden pooja stand with shelf alternatives for getting an excellent combination of sufficient space and a stunning aesthetic. The whole pooja room stand can be designed in such a manner that it presents adequate space for each and every required item of the mandir. You can easily find a readymade pooja stand in the market or can get a customized one as per your needs.


There are ample designs available in the market for you to choose from. From a simple pooja stand design to all the fancier pooja stands. Pair the simple pooja stand with a bit of dark-coloured wall and pair the fancier pooja stand with a muted pooja room décor to create an everlasting impression.    



8. Pooja Room Almirah with Shelves

​​One of the favoured pooja shelf designs nowadays is to have a small pooja almirah in your home. There are tons of pooja almirah designs available in the market varying from simpler ones to more grandiloquent ones. You can not only adorn the interior of the almirah but can also use some of the pooja accessories for making the almirah’s surface look chic and awesome.


The most useful advantage that you can get with a pooja almirah design is that you can cover the whole space when not in use. Feel free to play around with a hint of creativity and imagination for getting a remarkable design.

9. Pooja Room Rack Designs

If you are limited on space for your pooja room and you don’t enjoy the obvious style of mandir shelf designs or pooja room shelf cabinet designs, you can always count on having a pooja rack in your space. Such pooja racks are the greatest rescue for bringing a clean and attractive look to your pooja space.


All pooja racks can be customised according to your needs and essentials. You can also bring some little embellishments and designs in the pooja room racks for making them look elegant and refined.

Pooja shelf rack design for your home interior design - Beautiful Homes

10. Single Pooja Shelf Showcase

A single-shelf pooja room showcase is one of the favourite options in the present time when you have to accommodate a lot many items within a confined space. This single-shelf showcase is a practical solution for anyone who doesn’t desire to use a big and readymade pooja room wardrobe. 


There are many options available in the pooja showcase designs which are quite appealing to people. The most reasonable efficacy of these single-shelf showcases is that you can place them at any place without any concerns and hassles and they will make the corner all bright and beautiful.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you Create a Perfect Stunning Pooja Room Shelf Design?

Are you looking for ideas to design your serene pooja room? Head to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse our expertly curated Magazine to know more about pooja shelf designs with price, and different pooja room shelf design cement ideas etc. You can also check out the interior design projects we have executed so far and learn more about our design and décor services and products. You may book your 3D consultation call to understand the project's process or walk into any of our stores across India. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can help you turn your décor dreams into a living reality.

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