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Beautiful Home PoP arch designs for Indian houses

  • Interior Design
Nov 17, 2022
Modern entrance pop arch pillar design - Beautiful Homes

Arches are popular in interior design and give the house a classic, traditional look with a modern twist. Here are some amazing POP arch design ideas for your home

PoP Arch Designs

Arches have been used in architecture since Roman times, as both an engineering element and a decorative feature. These days, arches are used in home design to bridge structural necessity and aesthetics, and to add refined elegance to a space, no matter the room, style, or era.


POP arch design is gaining popularity in Indian homes because it can be used in both traditional and contemporary styles. Whether they are Roman, Gothic, wooden or rounded, arches always make a statement. If you are looking for an elegant way to improve the look of your home, a POP arch design is the way to go.


Pop Arch Design Ideas for your Home

POP arch designs are a stylish addition to a home design that works structurally, practically and decoratively. A POP new arch design feature is a perfect way to breathe excitement into a space.


Here are some lovely ideas on how to incorporate a POP arch design in your home.


1. Create a Stylish Modern Entrance Arch Design

An arch is an architectural feature that can bring consistency throughout your home, starting at your entryway. A modern entrance arch design offers a contained spot in which to flood a moment of contrasting colour. Add simple moulding around the curved outline to highlight the hue for a stunning first impression of your home.


2. Curvaceous POP Arch Design for Hall

Arched openings create visual contrast, animating interior spaces. Rustic interiors and a curvaceous arch design for hall make a harmonious marriage. Use matching POP arches to frame shelving nooks that display colourful pottery, wicker ware and foliage to complete this rural and laid-back interior.

3. Add Grandeur with Living Room New Arch Design

Living room new arch design can add a sense of grandeur to a contemporary living room. Impressively tall arched windows overlooking a lush garden, and mirrored by a smaller arch over the fireplace can create a spectacular living space. Add another simple arched interior doorway to give just the right amount of glimpse into this modern living room.


4. A Dramatic Arch Design for Front Elevation

Arched designs are a great way to add character and a classic, traditional look to the façade of your home. A very popular arch design for front elevation is a combination of columns and an arch. The arch can be simple and modern with layered geometric edging, or ornate and traditional with intricate moulding, depending on the style of your home.

Living room home pop arch design ideas - Beautiful Homes

5. Light and Cheery Arch Design for Dining Hall

Arch design for dining hall is an excellent way to add warmth and comfort. A series of POP arch design doors connecting the dining room to the kitchen and living room, will allow for more light into the room, making it look brighter and livelier. Sunny colours and colourful floor tiles will add an extra level of excitement and interest to this cheery dining room.

Simple kitchen pop arch design for Indian homes - Beautiful Homes

6. A Kitchen Arch Design that is Seamless

An interior design with arches provides an uninterrupted perspective and brings together spaces seamlessly. A kitchen arch design framing a peep through half wall provides a connection to the rest of the house while keeping the kitchen veiled from view. Create a little kitchen shelving nook in the opposite corner within a matching faux archway for your kitchen essentials. This will enhance the entire look of your modular kitchen design.

7. Fabulous Modern Arch Design for Bedroom

Arches are a fashionable statement in any contemporary bedroom. A decorative modern arch design to frame the headboard can create a focal point for the room. Add a matching arch to frame a dressing unit for a custom cut vanity mirror with cabinets at the bottom. Weaving in layers of patterns and textures through bed linen and carpeting can help boost the visual appeal.


8. Whimsical Door Arch Design for Home

An arch can become a part of the story of your home, regardless of your home’s style. A front door arch design with a pointed arch can give the façade of your home a “cottage in the hills” look. Use earthy colours for the walls with a strikingly bold painted doorway, and pair it with a subtly rounded granite doorstep and an abundance of foliage to heighten this wondrous illusion.

9. Unique and Innovative Pillar Arch Design

A series of pillared arches can establish visual continuity and provide a sense of direction to visitors. Pillared house arch design leading to and from, and joining the different spaces in a house provides a uniform theme that can dictate the style of the house. A traditionally ornate pillared house arch design will look great in large, opulent spaces while a simpler interior arch design will highlight minimalist interiors.


10. An Arch Wooden Design that will Stand Out

Combining materials and textures provides depth to a space. Using wood as an accent in a POP arch design can provide a dramatic layer to a simple arch. Install wood panelled or wood edged arch designs as entryways to create a charming background for a rustic home. Add distressed furniture, ethnic prints and an abundance of layers for a cosy country theme.


11. Create Nooks with a Simple Plywood Arch Design

Arches need not be limited to entryways and passages. They can be used to create charming nooks in any room. A little nook in the kitchen makes a perfect space to have breakfast in. An arched shelving nook provides space for storage or to showcase items in any room.  An arched reading nook with a bench seat, in the corner of the living room, or bedroom, is the perfect space to snuggle in with a good book.

Beautiful home arch pop design - Beautiful Homes

12. Maintain the Flow with an Arch Between Living Dining

Arches act as a soft intervention between spaces, joining two spaces together while maintaining their respective boundaries and, as such, are perfect for open concept layouts. An elegant Roman arch with slim Corinthian columns provides subtle design between a small living and dining area without overwhelming it.


13. Make your Windows Pop with Brick POP Arch Design

Arched windows give space for a cascade of inspiring ideas. A simple exposed brick design archway over large windows can give a room a vintage architectural vibe. Or install exposed brick arches to frame beautiful windows with pretty sunburst panes. Add a matching arched recessed nook between the windows for a bookshelf to bring it together.


14. A Series of Artful POP Arch Design for Minimalist Home

Why not make arches an art installation for your home? Create a series of plain arched niches over the walls of the living room. The continuous flowing curves will make an ideal gallery wall for sculptural art, ceramics or pottery. Choose smooth, rounded furniture and neutral colours to bring this minimalist look together.

Home pop arch design for Indian bathrooms - Beautiful Homes

15. A Sophisticated POP Arch Design for Bathroom

Any room in a house can be enhanced by an arched feature, including the bathroom. An arched separation into the shower area is a simple and charming use of an arch in the bathroom. Add a freestanding bathtub coupled with a matching arched window design to complete this subtly sophisticated bathroom.


16. Impressive Home Arch Design for Home Facade

An archway looks as impressive on the outside of your home as it does on the inside. Elaborate, Gothic archways with beautifully sculpted columns can give the façade of your home an extravagant and opulent look. If you want something less fussy, add a couple of neat and sleek arches with slim columns for a chic, modern façade.

17. Block Colour a Bow Arch Design for Living Room

One of the most popular types of doorway arches is the bow arch with a curved top and straight bottom. This design affords a modern look while still retaining the traditional charm of an arched doorway. Block colour the arch to make it stand out and use shades of the same colour in the fabrics to add subtle vibrance to your home.


18. Jazz Up your Home Arch Design with Lights

One of the most beautiful ways to liven POP arch design is by adding lights to highlight it. A beautiful chandelier that draws the eye upwards or low spotlights for an interesting play of lights on the curved feature are all brilliant ways to add more excitement.

Modern arch pop design for the living room - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with POP Arch Design?

Incorporating meaningful stories that reflect a client’s life into each space is what the innovative interior designers, at Beautiful Homes, do best, whether it is creating amazing POP arch design or breathing new life into an old space. For more information on their services and a look at our curated collection, check out the online store. Contact us for home interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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