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All about modern POP false ceiling design ideas

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Nov 25, 2022
Latest POP ceiling design ideas for the living room - Beautiful Homes

Installing your POP false ceilings are now absolutely easy with Beautiful Homes

The very popular and much-loved POP ceiling design is made of Plaster of Paris powder. This POP is mixed with water to perfection to such an extent that it forms a paste of desired consistency, which is then later applied to a chicken mesh, and dried after treatments to form that sleek and clean ceiling for your drawing room, kitchen, bedrooms, and more. The Plaster of Paris powder is made from a Gypsum that is found in a region near Paris and hence the name.  In shorter POP is quick setting gypsum and is manufactured by heating gypsum to a specific point of temperature where all the water contents leave from the material and a powder is formed as a residue. Apart from being durable and relatively very easy to maintain, POP designs and ceilings are good insulators of heat and cold thereby making it a popular and highly demanding material in the Architecture and Designing Industry.


These POP design ceilings can be cut out and molded into any shape as per the interior requirement. Be it a pop design for a hall or a modern simple pop design, a pop design for the drawing room, a house pop design, a bathroom pop design, and a lot more.


Majority of the people opt for false ceiling POP designs for the aesthetic appeal it imparts to the interior space. It might be surprising for you all to note that a good ceiling plays a major role in the physical and psychological comfort of the space. However, a few things have to be taken care of while installing and after installing the POP ceilings for the prolonged life and beauty of the instilled ceilings. Firstly, it is vital to note that the plaster has to be created and finished to an appropriate degree of smoothness. To continue with, it's again important to look at the suitability of the consistency depending on the area and checking that the surface is not prone to leakage. POP false ceiling designs undeniably are one the most suitable and visually appealing ceiling designs that you could get for a pop design for a bedroom, a pop design for a room, and more. Well, never forget that any aspect stays longer healthy, and fit when taken care of and installed perfectly. A minute mistake made either in the composition or installation is potential of creating problems in varying folds of destruction.


Below mentioned are some of the important precautions that need to be taken during the installation procedure of false POP ceiling designs:

  • Make sure that the thickness of the POP is a minimum of 10-12 mm as anything lesser than that can be prone to causing damage.
  • Take note of the height as per the purpose of the room as ignoring this factor could create massive problems in future.
  • Plan the space for installing lighting provisions in advance for the right fitting.
  • Design of the false ceiling design has to be strictly done for serving the purpose which helps to get the volume right along with the height of the room.
  • For a better and more soothing experience, stick on to shades of white, cream, and grey for simple pop designs.
  • Considering the practical difficulty of changing and altering ceilings every now and then, it is important to go for an advanced POP ceiling design as it will make the process easier in the future if anything has to be additionally added or removed.
  • Adequate insulation must be provided for special cases like if the false ceilings are just beneath the terrace of a building. Then it is suggested to thermocol sheets as an insulation cut for added safety.
  • Checking the strength of the ceiling and adding provisions as per the possible requirements well in advance is yet another important aspect to consider before installing POP false ceilings.



Some Benefits of POP in False Ceilings

  1. Aesthetically appealing
  2. Electric conduits can be hid well
  3. Helps to keep the room cool
  4. Promotes soundproof features of the ceiling.
  5. Reduces ceiling height.
  6. Energy efficient
  7. Durable
  8. Easy to maintain
  9. Cost-efficient
  10. High longevity



How to Design a POP False Ceiling?

By now you should know that POP false ceiling designs are something that can alter the overall interior of your home and elevate the entire setting from basic to advances. As the Architecture and Design industry progressed over the last many years, POP false ceiling design and its benefits have been well celebrated all over the industry. By aligning your false ceiling design with the shade and design of the carpet and other interior design elements, the interior design of the space can be turned into a beautiful craft.


1. Shapes of POP False Ceilings

POP false ceiling designs are undoubtedly now the big things and it indeed helps you design your own space with a touch of class and elegance in the best budget possible. One of the major advantages of pop designs latest is that the POP can be molded into any shape and structure as per the client's requirement. From ceiling pop grids to plain, layered, tray patterns and unique coffered patterns of the ceilings, there are numerous provisions of POP false ceilings. Crafting the shape of your requirement to perfection is yet another celebrated feature of POP false ceilings.

2. Carved POP False Ceilings

With expertise and precision, carves and designs can be made on the ceiling giving the old warm charm to your ceiling and interior. Carved POP false ceilings are majorly paired with POP designs for bedrooms and rooms. These carves/ carvings indeed add character to your room.

Carved POP false ceiling design idea for the living room - Beautiful Homes
POP ceiling design with lighting options for the living room - Beautiful Homes

3. Lighting in POP False Ceilings

Rays of lights always bring in warmth and positivity when done in the right amounts. Using indirect lighting with the help of POP false ceiling designs has been now popular in the market for some time. They are much loved by all our customers for the elegant design they try to incorporate into the interior setting. Home pop design with recessed lights seamlessly go well in alignment with the POP designs for halls and also pop designs for room.

4. Color of the POP False Ceiling

Both for the visual aesthetics and for the unstained and prolonged pleasant experience of the room, it is suggested to go with shades of white, cream, and grey for the POP false ceilings. There have been instances and places where vibrant and bright colors are incorporated for the new pop false ceiling designs depending on the purpose and nature of the interior (for commercial purposes, for art-related works, and more).



POP Ceiling Designs for Different Rooms

Not every other POP ceiling designs go well in each room. The style and nature keep changing as we change from room to room on the basis of their structure, purpose, trend, theme, and more. The interior designers of the present era are extremely concerned and cautious about designing with a purpose and meaning. The same is the case with this important aspect of any room, the false POP ceiling designs. Styles differ with purpose, even for bathroom pop designs. Let’s have a detailed look at the pop design latest for bedroom, drawing room, halls and further.

1. POP Ceiling Designs for Living Room

The living room is the breathing air of any house or apartment for the significant role it plays in the overall interior aspect. A wide range of POP ceiling designs are available these days for your living room, from checkered patterns to oval-shaped ones and more.

Modern POP ceiling design for the hall - Beautiful Homes
Modern POP design for the bedroom false ceiling - Beautiful Homes

2. POP Ceiling Designs for Bedroom

Bedroom being your cozy and personal space, numerous POP designs are available these days. With Beautiful homes by your side, we can even customize them according to your preference.

3. POP Ceiling Designs for Drawing Room

By maximizing creativity and scientific knowledge in interior designs, Beautiful Homes brings to you the most amazing and elegant false POP ceiling designs for your drawing room. Drawing room is where a family comes together and spends quality time and so it's unfair to compromise on the design quality. POP ceilings with an elegant touch to give an extra pop of happiness to your interior setting.

4. Kitchen POP Ceiling Design

Like our team always say, the kitchen is the powerhouse of any house/apartment. Having a well-planned and insulated false ceiling is indeed important for the prolonged life of the interior and also to create a warm and homely feel. Home pop design for kitchen these days are done with backdrop lights and notable patterns, kitchen interiors are taken care well to close perfection.

Latest POP ceiling design idea for the kitchen - Beautiful Homes

FAQs for POP Ceiling Design


1. What is a False POP Ceiling?

Ans: The False POP ceiling is a false ceiling that is widely used these days in interior spaces like drawing rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and more. False POP ceilings are made by mixing Plaster of Paris mixing with water to perfection to such an extent that it forms a paste of desired consistency, which is then later applied to a chicken mesh, and dried after treatments to form that sleek and clean ceiling for your interior space.


2. What are the benefits of POP Ceiling?

Ans: POP ceilings are durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant, affordable, and easy to maintain.


3. How much does the POP ceiling cost?

Ans: It totally depends on the area of the ceiling and further requirements, feel free to contact us for personalized offline and online consultations.


4. Which is better for the ceiling - POP or gypsum?

Ans: Both POP and Gypsum are good options to consider for your ceilings, provided the materials used are of good quality and the ceilings are designed and installed by professionals.



At Beautiful Homes from Asian Paints, we take extreme pride in designing every other tiny and huge space. Perfection with creativity is our motto and we strictly abide our motto in our works. With our seasoned designers and access to top-quality materials from all over the world, we assure to make your wish a physical dream come true.


We are your one shop-stopper for designing your false ceilings, and interior space, and sourcing out the best materials.  We assure you a quality service to make your interior design nothing less than classy without draining your pocket.  Our personalized consultations are now available both online and offline for us to serve you at your convenience. Head on to our website to book a 3D consultation or you can walk into any home décor store across India. We’re currently functioning in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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