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5 ingenious Plaster of Paris ideas to enhance your space

  • Interior Design
Mar 05, 2023
Plaster of Paris uses on the wall - Beautiful Homes

From elaborate stucco work ceilings to minimalist cornices and ornamental accents, Plaster of Paris details can really transform a room's beauty and atmosphere. Let's take a look at a few methods that use POP to elevate your space

One of today's most popular interior design hacks to upgrade a space, plaster of Paris moulding (often shortened to POP) is one of the most versatile ways to add depth and formality to the simplest of walls. From a POP border design for wall edges, to attractive transition cornices between the wall and ceiling, to surface details that add interest and texture, plaster of Paris uses on the wall are numerous. A POP wall - ceiling separation, can make a low ceiling less oppressive, while ornamental mouldings and crafted accents can celebrate a high ceiling. Or, to add an architectural boost to a window border, plaster design elements can give it a classical or glamourous upgrade. So let’s discuss five design ideas for designing a spectacular POP wall, ceiling and more:


Innovative Uses for POP on Wall and Ceiling Surfaces

1. Elevate Your Ceiling - Combine a POP Wall Border Design with a False Ceiling

When it comes to the most popular usage of plaster of paris, uses on the wall are actually less common than the convenience of a POP false ceiling, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. Because plaster moulding is robust and long-lasting, designers and architects often employ POP wall border design solutions to hide ducts, wiring an/d ceiling light fixtures as well. Having inbuilt or hidden LED fixtures means that ceiling mouldings allow for a soft ambient light. In living room designs, Victorian style mouldings, with their characteristic POP flower design on wall cornices, are ideal for this kind of LED camouflaging cove-moulding, providing indirect lighting in the room without skimping on a more elegant feel.

POP border design for wall - Beautiful Homes
POP border design ideas for wall décor - Beautiful Homes

2. Add Detail to Rooms - For a Long Side Wall, POP Design Elements Add Interest

Another unique use for POP flower design on wall surfaces is to add an elegant textural element to an accent wall within your room. Consider adding graceful swag and drop moulding made of POP on wall surfaces of built-in bookcases for a fancier look. Or for a more rustic handmade wall POP design, try a slap brush texture, a random pattern of fine lines, either leaving the surface unpainted, or painted with enamel or oil paints for a glamorous effect. There are also pre-cast 3-D panels that can be installed on short timelines at a relatively low budget – ideal for divider walls, or for a window border plaster design around a window embrasure, an alcove or an archway.

3. Frame a Space - Create a Unique Window Border Plaster Design

And speaking of window border plaster design ideas, why limit yourself to only real window frames? Indeed, plaster of Paris uses on the wall surfaces need not be limited to defining any actual architectural elements within your room. In a bedroom design, consider POP border design for wall trims that draw attention to and frame mirrors, dressing tables, or even genuine wall-mounted pictures as secondary outer frames. Using POP on wall surfaces in unexpected ways will lend any space style and character.

Window border plaster design - Beautiful Homes
POP wall border design - Beautiful Homes

4. Decorate a Hallway - Decorate Narrow Spaces with a POP Wall Border Design

Try incorporating a wider decorative frieze with POP, on wall heights that are higher and can carry off more than just a basic cornice. Even a small frieze moulding that runs below your cornice is a good way to create a POP wall - ceiling definition. This kind of side wall POP design will also help to keep the ceilings from feeling excessively high, making long hallway designs or corridors a good fit for this strategy. Another way to break the monotony of a narrow room is to incorporate POP border design for wall frames and sculpted relief panels along the length of the room for a gallery effect.

5. Hide a Media Unit - Hide Wires Behind a POP Border Design for Wall Surfaces

One of the best plaster of paris uses on the wall is that POP panels are perfect for hiding wires and connections for a wall-mounted TV and media unit! Whether as geometric panels, smooth box panelling or a textured handmade wall POP design, it’s remarkably easy to install a side wall POP design panel that completely conceals the cables while still giving access to them in case of any technical issue. You can even take advantage of architectural details like crown or baseboard moulding by allowing for a hollow area that cables can be routed through.


Whether it’s innovative ways to use POP wall border design, new interior design trends or home renovation needs, our team of experienced professionals at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes are here to help. Visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, leaf through our expertly curated magazine or browse our previous projects for further inspiration. You could also book a 3D consultation call to learn more about our services or products, or walk into any of our stores across India!

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