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4 poster bed ideas for your bedroom

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Jan 01, 2022
Large four poster bed design for your master bedroom - Beautiful Homes

If you’re interested in lending a nice aesthetic to your bedroom, while not changing anything else around the bedroom with regards to décor or paints, then Poster beds are the best bet for you

Designing your bedroom is a meticulous process. Every detail must resonate with your mood and vibe at all times. Having a bedroom interior that is calming and soothing is essential. One of the most important aspects of the decor process for your bedroom is the bed you sleep in. This is a space which needs to be strong yet not rugged looking at the same time. Which bed to use? What is it made of? How much support does it offer? Confused about all this bed-talk? Have you ever seen those vintage beds with 4 pillars at the corners? Ever wondered why they were invented? What is the use of those pillars? What good does it do to contain the sleeper inside? Does it feel like a crib? Do the curtains hang outside or inside? They are called ‘Poster Beds’, this design would definitely appeal to your vintage and royal sensibilities.


The name poster bed comes from the 4 ‘posts’ that the bed has erected on all vertices. There are many ways of having a poster bed be the centrepiece of attraction in your bedroom. Poster Beds have not gone out of style, and they probably never will. They are a piece of royalty and vintage charm that lives on. A poster bed in the middle of a large, spacious bedroom has a very strong appeal. A poster bed coupled with the right colour schemes and décor adds a cherry on top of the cake. Let’s have a look at 4 specific poster bed ideas for your modern bedroom design.

1. Floral Four-Poster Bed

If you love flowers, and the idea of having them all the time, this design is going to be the most suitable one for you. For people who love the aroma and scent that flowers emit, a floral four-poster bed is the real deal. The floral four-poster bed is decorated with fresh flowers on the beams. The kind of flowers can be decided by the person whose bedroom is being decorated. Flowers and petals and leaves can be set according to your requirements. Some manufacturers may even provide holed areas or nooks on the beams to support the insertion of flower stems and leaves. Add white net curtains to the mix, and it will give it a touch of flowing beauty.You can always sprinkle the bed with rose petals for that classic flowery vibe. A floral poster bed can be a mature choice. It may need maintenance, but a whiff of fresh flower scent is the thing to get you going in the morning.

Small 4 poster bed design with a mini sofa against the bed for your small bedroom - Beautiful Homes
An all white bedroom with elegant victorian style four poster bed & sheer curtains - Beautiful Homes

2. White Paradise Four-Poster Bed

Do you imagine heaven to be an all-white paradise with a pure and shining aesthetic all around? If the answer to that is yes, then this angelic design will be a bliss. Bear in mind that this works if your bedroom design - walls, flooring and ceiling - are all in white already. The white modern four-poster bed has an all-white finish and 4 white beams. The interior design resembles that of an Victorian theme. The white four-bed poster bed can be decorated with white curtains that, when tied up, make the bed stand tall. These can be silk or netted curtains depending on your preference. Add to it a classic console stool and a firm and high headboard.

3. Pattern Based Four-Poster Bed

The pattern on pattern style is something that was used in a lot of rooms in the Victorian era and almost every royal family had rooms with patterns on the curtains matching those on the wall. If your bedroom already has a patterned look - like a designer wallpaper or wall paint design - then this four-poster bed design idea is for you. A pattern on pattern style can change the game for your luxury bedroom design. The curtains you choose for the four-poster bed can blend beautifully with the patterned design on your walls and ceiling. It may be trippy, but if you choose your patterns carefully, it can even be satisfyingly transcendental.

Spacious bedroom with a designer four poster bed design - Beautiful Homes
White 4 poster bed design with sheer curtains for bedroom furniture - Beautiful Homes

4. Rustic Four-Poster Bed

This design is a wooden made four-poster bed with storage where the beams are half-heighted, i.e. not too high. It has a single cot, and may be well-suited for kids or teenagers. Little kids have a tendency of not being aware of their movements when they are asleep. This may lead to falling from the bed while sleeping, which is not a good event. You can add a footboard or a headboard for protection from falling, and ensure that your kids and you get some sound, worry-free sleep. This bed can also have curtains to maintain airflow and privacy. These curtains can either be tied up or let loose, depending on the curtains and the environment around. 

You can choose any kind of designs and material for the curtains as almost everything tends to go well with wood. A cushioned pouffe (or a foot stool) and a firm headboard should keep the kids’ head and feet safe and cushioned well at all times. The wall accents can always be matched and worked according to the design of the bed and the wooden hue it has.



Points to Remember While Choosing a Four-Poster Bed

  1. In order to dress up a modern four-poster bed, you can choose your preferred material for the curtains. In order to make a canopy, opulent and high-end fabrics can be used and curtains of silk can be used to have a truly royal feel to the bed.

  2. The top of a four-poster bed is usually open. However, sometimes the top can be a rectangular panel that may be made from the same material as the beams of the four-posted bed.

  3. Bed design can be chosen according to your taste. Experiment with beam height and canopy level based on your preferences.

  4. Poster beds are never out of style. You can mix and match the shape and décor to match your needs and it’d fit in with any of your interior design schemes.


There are a lot of other combinations that you can play around with, in regards to luxury four-poster bed design. At Beautiful Homes Service Advantage for modern & functional home interiors (services, products and shop), we can help you find some amazing four-poster bed designs for your bedroom. A four-poster bed will add a rich and vintage feel to your house, while providing sturdy and robust support. We hope you enjoyed this read. If you have any questions whatsoever, you can always reach out to us via email or one of our various social media handles. We would love to hear from you and help you decorate your bedroom. For more such bedroom décor ideas, keep watching this space.

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