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Psychology of colours for interior design

  • Colour Combinations
May 06, 2022
Interior Design & colour psychology that works well for your home - Beautiful Homes

Colours play an important part in interior design and the colours that you pick for your interiors not only makes your home look gorgeous but also affects your mood, personality and lifestyle. Here we take a look at the psychology of colours and how it is used in interior design

Interior House Design & Colour Psychology for your Home

Colour is the first element that is chosen during an interior house design project. It is the foundation on which every other detail of an interior is chosen. Colours for the interiors can be neutral and allow other elements to shine through, or it can be bold and become the focal point of the space.

Choosing the right colours for home is not just about picking a colour to match your upholstery and furniture. Psychology of colours for design offers so much more to your lifestyle and psyche than you can possibly imagine. For instance, have you walked into a calm, pastel coloured room and felt suddenly relaxed? Or entered a room with a vibrant colour scheme and felt energised? That is the psychology of colours in design at work.


Psychology of colours in design has become quite a popular and powerful interior design tool that helps make a huge impact within interior design concepts

Role of different colors than affects your mood for your interiors - Beautiful Homes

Research has shown that different hues evoke particular emotions and therefore when designing a space, colours can be chosen to not only enhance the décor of the space but also help the room better achieve its true purpose thereby bringing harmony and balance to your interiors.


Role of Different Colours in Home Design

Colour is basically the way that our brain and eyes perceive bands of light that is reflected off objects. The three basic colours are red, yellow, and blue and combining these colours gives you every other colour on the spectrum. In interior design, colours schemes are used in an efficient way with a colour wheel. The colour wheel helps break up the colours into:-

  • Complementary colours- directly opposite each other on the colour wheel; bright; good for accents.
  • Triads- three colours equidistant from each other on the colour wheel; bright; good for accents and trims.
  • Analogous colours - next to each other on the colour wheel; great as bold statement colours.
  • Monochromatic colours - allow for simple schemes using shades of one colour.
  • Cool and warm colours - provide personality to a room by creating the right ambiance.
  • Non-colours - not found on the typical colour wheel but are equally important; include greys, whites, and black.


Here are some of the popular home design colours, the emotion colours and how they can be used in home design.

Blue color psychology in bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
  • Blue Colour Psychology

Blue is a favourite interior wall colour as it exudes calmness and serenity. Blue colour psychology describes it as peaceful and tranquil and it is considered a non-threatening colour and a sign of stability and reliability.  Though it has a conservative label, the right blue can make your interior look gorgeous as well as tranquil.


For instance, the latest Pantone colour of the year, the Classic Blue has a calming hue and is meant to provide a reassuring ambiance in a tumultuous time. This absolutely beautiful colour enhances the décor of any room, provides the perfect backdrop for furniture and induces peace and serenity. Blue is an easy colour to use on walls as it goes well with any home décor and works with most other colours.

  • Red Colour Psychology

Red is often the most discussed colour when it comes to interiors as it is a very strong colour and cannot be used without forethought. It has been associated with strong emotions and passions and therefore people may feel hesitant to use the colour in their interiors. Red colour psychology is described as vibrant, stimulating, exciting and energising. It boosts self-esteem and enhances metabolism, and is a colour of passion and fervour. 


Red is a good colour for walls that face the door. Large rooms can accommodate deep red walls, but it may overwhelm smaller rooms and therefore a statement wall may be more effective. It would help to have the red wall facing the entrance so that the energy that it exudes will be felt as soon as someone walks into the room. It is a great colour for foyers and entryways.

Red color psychology in study room with marble flooring - Beautiful Homes
White wall color psychology in living room - Beautiful Homes
  • Orange Colour Psychology

Orange is the colour of the extrovert and radiates warmth and happiness. Orange is the combination of red and yellow and brings with it the vibrancy and enthusiasm of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. In brighter shades, it can be a colour full of vitality, and in darker hues, it becomes gentler and more soothing while still radiating warmth. Most people think of orange as a very bright colour and are fearful of experimenting with it. If orange on its own feels too bright, it can be paired beautifully with brown and spicy shades. Low lighting can also tone it down to a more soothing hue.

It is true that particularly vivid oranges can be overwhelming, but in darker shades, they form quiet, beautiful backdrops for artwork and furniture. Orange is supposed to have a stimulating effect on the appetite. Hence, for a dining room design, deep orange will be a gorgeous choice.

  • Yellow Colour Psychology

If you are looking for a colour that inspires and gets the creative juices flowing, yellow is the colour for you. Apart from inspiring creativity, it is also one of the most cheerful and optimistic colours. Yellow colour psychology calls to mind a lovely, sunny day and this warm and bright colour on the walls can bring a feeling of happiness and brighten the spirits. Though people love yellow as a colour, they still think twice about actually painting walls with it.


A bright yellow room might be too loud, but when used in tandem with moderating colours, like warm blues, and forest greens, it can make for very interesting interiors.

Yellow colour for the interiors of your home - Beautiful Homes

For instance, in a bedroom design, blue or green accents with a tinge of yellow will look lovely.  White also works very well with yellow and can help tone down its brightness. Using a monochromatic wall colour combination with yellow and white for your interiors can look very stylish in a contemporary interior.

Beige & Light Tone Colours For Your Home Interior - Beautiful Homes
  • Green Colour Psychology

Green is a very nurturing colour and green colour psychology is symbolized by harmony, healing, and stability. It is a combination of blue and yellow and brings together the calmness and serenity of blue and the freshness and optimism of yellow to create an invigorating hue. It conjures up images of forests, meadows and all things natural and stimulates balance and growth. It is such a versatile colour and works well with any kind of interior bringing contrast, drama and richness to a space.

A living room design will look lovely in dark and earthier greens. On the other hand, light, moss greens, evocative of nature are great bedroom colours. It is also a great colour to use on accent walls and works well as either a focal point or as a foil for another colour.

Colour Psychology Chart

There are myriad other colours that look great on walls and here is a quick colour psychology chart for some of the other popular interior colours.

  • Purples –

This colour of royalty promotes imagination and spirituality and infuses a quiet dignity and elegance to interiors. A purple two colour combination for bedroom walls can add a regal touch to the space while also promoting a sense of imagination and spirituality.


  • Pinks –

A sweet, compassionate colour that can make a room playful, feminine, and warm.


  • Browns –

A peaceful colour, brown must be used sparingly or in tandem with other colours as it tends to relax the senses.

Brown colour combinations for your home interior - Beautiful Homes
  • Blacks –

This colour is the definition of simplicity and functionality and can make a room look sophisticated and chic.


  • Whites –

The personification of purity, cleanliness and elegance, one cannot go wrong with white.


With the help of psychology of colours for design, interiors can be designed to harmoniously blend form and function.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Choosing Right Paint Colour As Per Colour Psychology for your Home Design?

Beautiful Homes understands the relationship between colours and emotions and can help you choose the best combination of colours for your house to bring together the various emotions of a home, making a room pleasant, calming or energising as necessary. Our premium designers will redefine luxury with high design and an innate sense of colour psychology to bring a unique aesthetic, and exclusive home décor of impeccable quality.


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your house interior design, home décor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


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