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10 questions to ask an interior designer

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Jul 23, 2022
Living room design by professional interior designers - Beautiful Homes

An interior design project is an expensive undertaking and you need to make sure that the interior designer that you are considering is up to the job. Here are some questions that you should ask the interior designer before hiring them for your home makeover

Home Interior Design

Interior designers are charged with creating spaces that anticipate your needs and appeals to your emotions while using their skills and technical knowledge to also make the space visually appealing, ultimately bringing your home interior design ideas to life. When you walk into a house and find it pleasing to the eye, that is good interior design at work.


Qualities Interior Designers should have:

  • Impeccable taste and an innate eye for design.
  • Creativeness and attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of colours and spaces and how to make each work.
  • Be up to date on the latest trends in textiles, materials and colours.
  • Knowledge of sustainability and home automation.
  • Be well versed in software applications for 2D & 3D computer-aided design.
  • Be up to date on the latest rules and regulations for buildings.
  • Should be a good communicator.
  • Have a good network of contacts (contractors, architects, craftsmen, merchants, traders)


A good interior designer who possesses all these qualities will be able to bring your vision to life and give you the best possible interior design experience.



Important Questions for Interior Designer

Usually, an interior design project is an expensive affair. Making a mistake in any of the basic features like colours, layouts or materials can be costly. So, you have to make sure when hiring an interior designer that they know what they are doing, listen to your needs and requirements and help you achieve the result that you are looking for.


But, how will you know when hiring an interior designer that they are good enough? The best way to find out more about the designer is to ask them yourself. Here are 10 important questions for interior designer that you must ask before hiring them.


1. What is your Home Design Project Style?

Some people know exactly what they want when it comes to their home interiors. If you are one of those people, when hiring an interior designer, check whether they have any previous experience with the décor you want.


If you are someone who wants an amazing house but does not have any idea how to go about it, find out what kind of suggestions the interior designer has for your project and see if that is the kind of vibe you’re looking for.

2. What Kind of Home Interior Projects Design Services do you Offer?

Sometimes an interior architect may have started off doing the furnishings for houses and may be more into furnishings and accessories. Another designer may focus more on space planning and interior architecture. While they both may be excellent designers, you have to go with whoever answers your needs best.


Hiring a designer for home renovation who specializes in different kinds of interior design services may be the best option.


3. How Much do you Charge for Home Interior Projects and can you Work Within my Budget?

Interior designing is an expensive affair. Therefore, it is necessary to get your budget questions answered right at the very beginning.


It does not benefit you to agree to a design project and find out hallway that you don’t have the budget for it. You may end up spending more, or you may have to cut some elements of the interior design, ending up with a scheme that is haphazard and unfinished.


Do a bit of research before the initial consultation, so you have an idea of what the baseline amount for your project will be.

Professional home design by interior architects - Beautiful Homes

4. What is your Home Design Project Process?

The common interior design process involves an initial consultation, during which the designer will listen to your vision for your space and tell you how best they can make it happen. The next part is planning, during which the design is made visual so that you will be able to see the final outcome and make changes if you need to. Once the design is approved, the third part would be selecting materials. Then comes the site work and installation before your home is ready to be handed over.


However, each interior designer will have their own process when it comes to their work. Some of them may prefer having an initial meeting to get to know the client, another may want to check out the space first, yet another may want to talk about the cost. Finding out the interior designer’s process will help you get to know how they work.

Spacious elegant living room designed by expert home designers - Beautiful Homes

5. Have you done Similar Home Design Project Before? Do you have Any References?

You can assess most home designers by their portfolios. These days, they usually have a website with a gallery of work. Even before you talk to them you can take a look at their work and see if they are a good fit. If the designer has done similar projects before, you will know that they have experience and will be less liable to make costly mistakes. Talking to their references before hiring a designer for home renovation will help you find out how good their work was, whether they delivered on schedule and if there are any drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

6. How Involved will I be in the Home Interior Design Process?

This is your home and it is natural to want to be involved in every part of the design process. Interior designers may tell you that you will be completely involved in the project from start to finish but how do you know that they will keep their promise?


During your initial meeting, you will get a good idea of how communicative and attentive to your requirements the designer is. If you have a good rapport and you can visualise working with them, that is a good foundation to build on. If you are talking at cross purposes from the beginning and they are either not listening to or getting what you need, cut them loose right away.


7. What Builders, Interior Architect, Contractors and Brands have you Worked with Before?

This is an important question as it gives you an insight into what kind of network and contacts the designer has. This can translate into you getting a good discount for materials as well as ensuring quality material.

8. How Long will my Home Interior Design Project Take?

You need to know how long your design project will take so that you can be prepared. If they promise an impossibly fast timeline, you may want to rethink hiring that designer because if they are doing the work too fast, how can you be sure that they are doing a good job? They should give you a feasible deadline and you could check with their references to see if they meet their deadlines.


9. What Projects are you Working on Currently as a Professional Interior Designer?

By asking this, you can find out how busy the home designer is currently. If they have many projects in the pipeline, it may mean that they are very good, but it also means that your work may get delayed because they have taken too much on their plate. It is something to consider.

Minimal living room design by professional interior designers - Beautiful Homes
Modern home design by professional interior home designers - Beautiful Homes

10. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses as an Interior Designer?

Finding out what the designer thinks are their strengths and weaknesses can help you decide whether you will would be able to work with them effectively. For instance, if communication is a weakness, they may not pick up calls or keep you updated.


The kind of questions you ask would differ depending on the designer and the project. But if you pick the right one, you can sit back and relax and know that your home is in good hands.

How can Beautiful Homes Provide the Best Professional Interior Designer for your Home?

Beautiful Homes is a holistic design firm where we address every stage of the design process with equal dedication. Our team of experienced interior designers always strives to create interiors that make an impact, and in which creativity flows.


Our design process starts with an initial consultation. Our expert home designer will show you possible designs based on your requirements, preferences and latest trends. Then, we give a 3D visualisation so you can see the design and make changes to it before actual work begins. Once you give your approval, work will commence.

Our project manager will chalk out a comprehensive schedule to ensure that the work is completed on time and to your specifications. Our team will keep you informed with regular updates about the progress being made. Once finished, we will hand over a curated interior that will take your breath away.

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