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5 reasons you need a reading chair in your home

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Jul 02, 2022
Reading space in the room with comfortable reading armchair & ambient lighting - Beautiful Homes

Few things can beat the enjoyment and escapism of a good book after a busy, stressful day. It’s an experience that can only improve with a cosy and well chosen chair; no wonder then, that there are many reasons the perfect reading chair is a must in any home!

The value of reading cannot be overstated; whether it’s in terms of continuing your education, improving skills or simply a way to de-stress and rejuvenate, good reading habits are an essential for a well-rounded adult to cultivate. Reading is also an ideal way to experience new places, discover fresh ideas and escape the humdrum of stressful work and everyday life; it’s the perfect way to travel and explore while seated in a single space. And when it comes to the actual seat itself, there are few places it’s more pleasant to be than in a snug and comfy reading chair.


Available in an assortment of styles and designs, the reading chair price range is very dependent on your personal preferences in terms of size, structure and finish. However, picking the perfect chair is relatively easy once you have a clear idea in mind. And indeed, there are several reasons why you should have a dedicated reading chair in your home, as opposed to just choosing any seat or lying down in bed. Here are a few of those reasons, below.

Reason #1: A Reading Chair Gives You Better Posture

One of the most compelling reasons to have a dedicated reading chair is that posture and support are crucial to having a healthy spine and pain-free body. Most of us spend the vast majority of our day seated – at meal-times, in transportation and at work. Backaches due to bad seating and poor posture is a common issue. Having an ergonomic and comfortable reading chair is one way we can reduce the stress on our bodies and spines.


When picking the most comfortable reading chair pay attention to the support provided to your neck and back. A chair with a headrest or sufficient cushioning for your neck helps prevent strain and keep your neck pain-free. An ergonomic design that provides lumbar support and perhaps elevates your feet is a good choice if you already have a day that involves a lot of upright sitting. If you have the space, invest in a reclining reading chair; price will be a factor here, as recliners are often the most luxurious and high-tech form of reading chair. 

Comfortable reading chair sofa with ottoman - Beautiful Homes

Good recliners come with added features such as adjustable lumbar support, customisable head rests and extendable arm rests, making these the absolute pinnacle of physical comfort.

Cane reading chair design with floor lamp - Beautiful Homes

Reason #2: Your Reading Chair Keeps You Focussed

Another excellent reason to choose a special reading chair for study room is to cut down on distractions and disturbances. Poor concentration and a lack of focus makes it harder to absorb and understand the content of your reading. This means that it’s harder to learn and therefore, less enjoyable as well. A reading table-chair combination may be the best pick if you intend to do in-depth studying of your reading matter. The table attachment will free your hands to take notes, as well as make it easier to do comparative reading. 

This does not mean that concentration is unimportant if you aren’t doing actual study! By using a reading chair, you stay focused on your reading and waste less time on irrelevant diversions, so you can fit your leisure time into a busy day without feeling guilty. Eliminate distractions due to physical discomfort or uncomfortable lighting by situating reading room chairs in well-lit and well ventilated areas, even when you are just reading for relaxation or pleasure.


Reason #3: A Reading Chair is Comfortable

We’ve gone into some detail about physical comfort in terms of ergonomics and healthy posture, but there is more to picking the perfect cosy reading chair. As mentioned above, good lighting in terms of both position and brightness is an important factor to making your reading experience enjoyable. Pick a deep-seated upright chair and pair it with a tall torchiere lamp to create a small well-lit reading corner in your living room. A comfortable reading chair is also dependent on the finish and upholstery that it sports. In cooler climates, a warm velvet or a soft suede finish might be the perfect texture for a cosy reading experience. In a warmer environment choose a rattan chair with cushions or a cool canvas finish. Picking a reading chair for bedroom design often means that privacy and quiet are already a given, so you could experiment with less formal seating styles. A well made structured bean bag, properly filled with shredded memory foam will allow for flexible use while still providing lumbar support. By keeping the environmental factors in mind when you pick your chair, you can make comfort a priority and create an enjoyable reading experience every time.

Cozy reading chair with upholstery - Beautiful Homes
Most comfortable reading chair for living room design - Beautiful Homes

Reason #4: Your Home Looks Better with a Reading Chair

The best thing about creating a reading nook within your home is that it adds an aura of warmth and welcome. You can style your nook to become a focal point of your home décor either continuing or contrasting with the rest of your theme. When it comes to reading room chairs for your personal space, the choice is very much based on your needs and your preferences.

For example, since having a home library is a luxurious ideal, you could capture this ethos scaled-down into a reading space that blends functionality with old-world charm. Embrace opulence and choose a soft velvet covered wingback reading chair – price does not have to be prohibitive if you upcycle or refurbish an actual old piece.


Pick a matching ottoman and a vintage styled lamp to evoke a Downton-Abbey-esque feel. Or, make yourself a modern oasis – choose a comfortable reading chair in chunky wicker, add whimsical cushions in varying textures and colours, and even a few low maintenance plants for a bright, free-spirited reading corner for living room.

Reason #5: A Reading Chair Cultivates Good Habits

Ultimately the main advantage of investing in a comfortable reading chair is that it helps nurture the habit of regular reading in a healthy and productive way. If you're trying to give yourself a disciplined reading pattern, set aside at least 10-20 pages per day to read, even on days when you have a busy schedule. Give yourself a specific time in your designated book reading chair each day to encourage consistency and accountability. Making it a part of your evening routine will help you maintain your rhythm and stay focused. Scheduling time is even more important if your reading space is within your home office or in a shared space of your home. If this is the case, one of the best reading chair designs for both practical and aesthetic reasons would be a club reading chair with wings. Typically designed with clean lines and modern sleekness, this style of chair usually works well with most interior décor styles. Upholstered with thick fabric or leather they are usually both comfortable and durable and the wings provide a way to block out ambient distraction.

Armless chair for reading room with end-table - Beautiful Homes

Now that we’ve discussed the main reasons we believe that a reading chair is a home essential, let's quickly run through some of the things you should look for when choosing the best reading chair for your particular needs.

  • Tall backed reading chairs support your neck and minimise neck strain and discomfort.
  • Oversized chairs allow for movement if you like to curl up for several hours at a time.
  •  An ottoman, foot stool, or built-in footrest is essential if you spend hours on your feet.
  • Ensure that the lumbar support is sufficient and correctly positioned for your body size.
  • Chairs with wings provide extra privacy and eliminate distraction.
  • Choose a reading chair that works with your overall décor and style.
  •  Pick fabrics and textures that are comfortable in your climate and environment.


Because it is not a formal category of furniture, there are many styles and types of reading room chairs that might fit your personal preference. The key to picking a style and shape that suits you is being aware of what makes you comfortable in the chair you choose, and hopefully this guide has made it clearer for you! If you still have questions, we’re here to help.


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