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Recessed ceiling design ideas for an elegant home

  • Ceiling Design
Nov 12, 2022
Recessed ceiling design for hall - Beautiful Homes

A recessed ceiling can enhance the height of a room or, by creating a cosier height with a focal point, it can keep a room from appearing too large. Let’s explore a few ways that a recessed ceiling can add style to your home

A recessed ceiling, sometimes called a tray ceiling, is when the middle portion of the ceiling area sits at a higher horizontal level than the surrounding border surface. This contrast in ceiling height is usually anywhere between 6 to 14 inches in difference and is an attention catching way to draw the eye upward. Particularly for apartments where structural changes are difficult, a recessed false ceiling is a good way to create interest and the illusion of a larger space. A core advantage of this kind of ceiling, recessed downlight lends even the most modest of rooms an airy well-lit ambiance. Clever lighting, smart tiles, paint and wallpaper can all be used in false ceiling design to give unique three-dimensional impact and charm to your home. 


Recessed Ceiling: The Basics

  • Appropriate Height for a Recessed Ceiling Design

    Most buildings have a standard ceiling height of 8.5 to 10 feet, so that a 6 inch recess is often the ideal height when planning recessed ceiling design ideas. Furthermore, with a lower ceiling height, you might prefer a drop-down border that is only 2 inches wide or less to avoid overpowering or crowding your room. Keep your utility needs like recessed ceiling lights, pendant lights, ceiling fans or AC ducts in mind when designing your space, to avoid issues with clearance or light glare.


  • Recessed Ceiling Design Options - Lighting, Paint, and More

    Ceiling light design ideas are one of the most popular ways to draw attention to recessed ceiling design. Other ways include using colour to accent the various levels. Accent, cove, and recessed ceiling lights are beautifully suited here as they are all hidden above the drop-down border and provide a uniform ambient glow to your room. That said, pendant lighting or a single attractive chandelier can look wonderfully glamorous! To give the impression of depth, the ceiling inside the tray, or recessed area, can be painted a colour or shade darker than the walls and ceiling borders. Often painted white or soft cream, crown moulding and trim can decorate a recessed false ceiling for an old world feel.


  • Costs of Installing a Recessed Ceiling

    You will need to do proper research within your city to estimate the total cost of installing a recessed ceiling. A number of factors, including the type of false ceiling material, the drop of the false ceiling from the original ceiling – the lower the false ceiling is, the higher the cost – and the intricacy of your recessed ceiling design will affect the final price greatly. Prices for professional installation can vary widely from city to city as labour costs, as well as the cost of raw materials, differ greatly. Material prices are also wide ranging so that while a gypsum recessed ceiling might cost upward of ₹84/sq. ft. wood laminate might range from ₹775/sq. ft. upward.


Recessed Ceiling Design Ideas

1. Dome Ceiling - Add Magnificence to an Elegant Living Room

A vaulted ceiling with a recessed circular or hemispherical shape is known as a domed ceiling. As an accent feature, this kind of recessed ceiling design can be a very straightforward way to add tasteful style to an entrance foyer or a living room area.In your living room design, place a decorative central light fixture within the sunken area, and for an added touch of creativity, paint the recessed area a deeper colour to act as a shadowbox, adding depth and drama to the room.

Downlight ceiling design with chandeliers - Beautiful Homes
Recessed ceiling lights for living cum dining area - Beautiful Homes

2. Layering Light - Recessed Ceiling Lights for Practical Style

Recessed and tray ceilings give homeowners a range of ambient lighting approaches, from recessed lights to accent lights to LED light strips installed in strategic locations. As a method for adequate downlight, ceiling fixtures like hidden rope and tube lighting are the ideal match for a recessed ceiling. Over and above serving a practical purpose by concealing things like electrical wires, air conditioning ducts, the border area can be used to install recessed LED ceiling lights, giving the room a tidy appearance.

3. Tone and Texture - Luxuriant Master Bedroom Design

For bedroom design, try painting the inset portion a colour that contrasts with the rest of the ceiling. Recessed downlight fixtures that are set into the borders will also add to the depth and drama of your room. A warm neutral hue like an old gold or taupe grey leads your attention upward, emphasising drama and height. Alternatively, you might add mood and textural contrast, with wooden planks covering the recessed portion. Paired with soft ambient downlight, ceiling wallpapers of woven bamboo, grass cloth, or jute will suit a design scheme that leans toward natural textures and neutral colours.

Ceiling recessed downlight for bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Recessed ceiling design ideas - Beautiful Homes

4. Dramatic Flair - Recessed Ceiling Design Ideas for Large Spaces

If you have a larger ceiling area, a sectioned coffered ceiling might be the ideal choice. A grid of square or rectangular recessed panels, called a coffered ceiling, can give large spaces or open-plan rooms a more sophisticated formal appearance. Often, this style of recessed false ceiling is paired with diffused ambient lighting and sophisticated paint colours for an old-world glamorous vibe. Alternatively, a series of pendant lights set within multiple recessed areas, can provide symmetry and pizzazz!


Now that we’ve suggested some of the latest in trendy recessed ceiling design ideas, why not visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, browse our expertly curated magazine or explore our previous projects for further inspiration. To learn more about our interior design services or products, you could book a 3D consultation call, or walk into any of our stores across India – at Beautiful Homes Services by Asian Paints, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals are always on hand to guide you in creating the home of your dreams.

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