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Decorative rectangle mirror design ideas for every interior style

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Aug 05, 2022
Mirror design for your bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Decorative wall mirrors can serve as versatile styling accents for any room in your house. We offer a quick guide to help you find the perfect choice for your taste and style

The biggest challenge that most new homeowners (and individuals desiring to refurbish their home) face is, ‘How do we do the interior décor?’ Even though any home décor is done based on your preferences and choices, it is normal to be nervous about the real implementation of your ideas. But what if we reveal a few secrets to make this journey a lot easier for you? The beginning of a good interior design style can be anything like an addition of a mirror or the removal of a ceiling fan. The final objective is to make your interior more stunning. Irrespective of whether you have moved into a new house or you are remodelling your existing one it is realistic that you are anticipating a specific standard. In this article, we discover some fuelling rectangular mirror décor ideas which will help you to brighten up your home and keep your car of creativity in the long run!

Why Bring Rectangle Mirror Décor to your House?

In the past reflective glass was simply a tool people used to get ready for their outings. The silvery shine of a rectangular mirror doesn’t have to be limited to your bathrooms, now you can use a large rectangle mirror to beautify and improve your entire home. A rectangle shape mirror can be an excellent addition to any home, presenting a list of advantages. And because a rectangular mirror is available in a variety of frames and styles, you can enjoy the benefits of a mirror and still express your personal style and preference.


1. A big rectangle mirror can make the room look more spacious

If you have limited space in your house, incorporating a frameless rectangular helps a space look bigger.

Add rectangular mirror to make your room look more spacious - Beautiful Homes

2. They can maximize the ambient Lighting

While a rectangular wall mirror can easily amp up the appeal of a room with its reflection, it can also boost the brightness.


3. Rectangle mirror décor creates a Statement

When we think of a focal point in a room, we often think of a chandelier or a colourful artefact. However, a long rectangle mirror can also make a fabulous statement in any given space.


4. A rectangle designer mirror can alleviate a Room’s Appeal

The addition of any decorative rectangular wall mirror can help a room look more attractive and pleasing.

Rectangular mirror that goes well with your white bedroom interior - Beautiful homes

5. A mirror brings positivity to a space

Mirrors can also be a convenient component in Vastu and feng shui layouts. Mirrors represent water, and they can help balance a room or accentuate its purpose.


6. Provide extra Security

Placing mirrors throughout your house can provide additional safety, permitting you to see around walls and entrances.


7. A decorative rectangular wall mirror can tastefully hide imperfections

A big rectangle mirror can simply conceal imperfect areas with a beautiful rectangular wall mirror, just as you would with a painting or picture.


Decorative Rectangular Mirror Design Ideas

1. The perfect mirror to adorn the space between windows

Have a bare wall in between windows? Replenish the empty space by hanging a rectangular decorative mirror. Depending on the length and size of your room’s windows, you may want to consider using framed mirrors to create contrast. A rectangular full length wall mirror placed in between two windows makes the room feel spacious and adds the correct amount of visual appeal without distracting from the natural view outdoors. You can also juxtapose the layer of detail in your mirror to the detail of your windows: a more simple window frame permits for a more detailed mirror, and vice versa.

Add rectangle mirror between 2 window in your bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Enhance your entrance by adding a full length rectangular mirror - Beautiful Homes

2. A rectangular full length wall mirror for the entrance

A mirror by the entry can allow one last visual check before you head out. There is no more effortless route to make an entrance feel open and relaxed, but also pulled together, than with a rectangular decorative mirror. Pair it with a vase full of fresh flowers and opposite a big window for an easy way to reflect the vibrancy of natural daylight and charming botanicals. You can also use mirrors to help broaden a narrow hallway. Place a few identical mirrors side by side along the hallway wall to make it look less cramped.

3. Rectangular mirror for Living room

The living room, a spot to rest, play and (occasionally) eat, should be all about harmony. If you want to welcome mirror décor, opt for symmetry; make sure each side of the mirror is poised out with similar-sized objects, such as two art pieces of the exact size. If you want to style the mirror and only the mirror, make sure it's centred – each side should have an identical amount of wall area!


  • Pick a position that gets enough natural light: One of the finest greatest reasons you will love decorating with mirrors is because of their capacity to reflect light and open up a room. Increase the natural light in your room by placing a mirror near the windows. A rectangular mirror for the living room will reflect the light from the nearby windows to give the room an airy and elegant feel.
Rectangular mirror to enhance your living room design - Beautiful Homes
  • Over the mantle: Take your rectangle designer mirror ideas to the next level. Consider positioning a classic mirror on your fireplace mantle to make it the centre of focus of your room. You can have a big mirror size – make sure the length of the mirror matches the length of the mantle or leaves only a few inches open on both sides. Hang your mirror for a standard set-up, or place it on the mantle and lean it against the wall for a more relaxed feeling. Put a few decorative objects on the mantle to achieve the perfect look.


  • Industrial Wood and Metal frame: For an industrial style décor and a bit of an edge, go for a mirror frame made of organic materials like wood and metal. Pair it with a black leather side chair and a matching bookcase for a put together, crisp aesthetic.


4. Mirror décor in a Dining Room

The dining room is the most refined room of the home: it's where feasts and parties are held and formal silverware and décor are offered. The timelessness of a stunning rectangular full length wall mirror only adds to this charm. If your dining room has a chandelier, try hanging a mirror to reflect both the beauty and light of the lighting fixture.

Enhance your staircase design by adding rectangular mirror to it - Beautiful Homes

5. Mirror designs for a Staircase

A staircase is oftentimes left ignored from a décor perspective. Make the trips up and down the stairs a little less dull and a little more joy with alluring mirrors. Mirrors, after all, upgrade your space (in the same way that stairs do)!


  • As an art: A mirror doesn’t have to be just a means for reflection – it can also be a gorgeous work of art in and of itself.


  • Hang in with a rope: Embrace ‘country-chic’ by hanging a mirror on a rope along the staircase.

6. Rectangle mirror for Bedroom

As you wake up and the early sun peers through your windows, waking up ravishing comes intrinsically.  Allow yourself to catch a glimpse of your morning beauty through a well-placed rectangle mirror for the bedroom!


  • Above the bed: There is nothing quite as pleasant or charming as a good old-fashioned bed, and a calming framed rectangular mirror to go right above it.


  • On the corner: Lean a tall, slim mirror against the corner of the bedroom for a notable addition. You can even put a light behind the mirror for more of a statement look.

7. Rectangular bathroom mirrors

There's a lot to love about rectangular bathroom wall mirrors: Unlike others, they always let you know if there's something green stuck in your teeth, they never judge you for staring, and they offer endless style accommodation. 


  • Rectangle led mirror: An LED Lighted mirror adds brilliance and style to any bathroom décor. It can be easily hung vertically or horizontally. Perfect for applying make-up, blow drying hair, shaving, washing or just to adore yourself when you wear that new dress that you had saved for that perfect day.


  • As a Bathroom Rack: A mirror with hooks is a godsend for those with busy schedules. Use them to hang up towels, clothes, dusters and even your "go-to" rubber ties and scrunchies!
Rectangular mirror for your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes
  • Wooden frame rectangular bathroom mirrors: Wooden framed mirrors are a really easy way to bring in texture in a way that's not all form over function. 


Curate a Heavenly Mirror Décor for your Abode with Beautiful Homes

Your answer to elegant modern décor is an addition of a stunning rectangular mirror. Explore the nuances of a high-end interior decoration and how to apply the same with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes. All our expert interior designers have the perfect ideas and inspirations which will undoubtedly fuel your way to a brilliantly well-decorated room and interiors. Our team knows the tricks that turn a stodgy interior into a sensational one. With us, you can rest assured that the outcome will always be something extraordinary.


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