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Vintage aesthetic 101: 6 tips for timeless elegance

  • Interior Design
Dec 02, 2022
Vintage aesthetic décor style for your hall - Beautiful Homes

What's old is new again with these vintage-inspired home décor ideas. This appealing and well-liked design trend has consistently been a way for people to embrace classic style, paying homage to earlier eras while pleasing modern sensibilities

It's clear that the vintage aesthetic is making a comeback! Indeed, many contemporary interior trends are embracing the practical timber shapes, crisp curving lines, and subdued tones that are hallmarks of mid-century design. And though sourcing vintage décor might become a great adventure, it's not just about cramming historic elements into a recent architectural design. It's essential to reinterpret, rejuvenate, and elegantly merge the contemporary elements in order to fit a vintage aesthetic home.


What is a Vintage Aesthetic?

Vintage design takes décor aesthetic, elements and styling cues from the past, often in styles that were popular in the 18th, late 19th, or middle of the 20th century. Typically, a piece of furniture is only deemed vintage if it’s at least 20 years old. As a key benefit to choosing this as your design aesthetic – vintage style means that you can easily achieve a cohesive décor theme, whether it's the instantly recognisable hues and patterns of the 1960s and 1970s, a Gatby-esque 1920s glitz, or the intricate architectural details of an Indian palace.



Key to the Retro Vintage Aesthetic

Remember that because natural materials are a staple of a true vintage aesthetic, décor or furniture pieces should boast wear, patina, and other signs of a history and a life lived.



Achieving the Vintage Aesthetic in your Home

  • Vintage Aesthetic Home Tip #1: Determine your Area

    Choosing which rooms and to what extent you will be decorating is the first step. One way to achieve a vintage aesthetic in the living room design is to incorporate décor elements such as antique furnishings, vintage artwork, and period-specific plaster or wallpaper accents. If you're not prepared to undertake actual architectural remodelling in order to fit the desired aesthetic, vintage décor elements such as accents made of plaster, wallpaper, antique furnishings and artwork can give your space a vintage appearance with minimal trouble.

  • Vintage Aesthetic Home Tip #2: Pick your Era

    While the online portrayal of vintage concepts tend to be quite Euro-centric, remember that design is far broader in scope. When picking an era, make sure to broaden your horizons and consider vintage aesthetic décor from different parts of the world and periods of history. Don't be afraid to layer vintage items from various eras, places, and styles.
  • Vintage Aesthetic Home Tip #3: Choose a Colour Palette

    Select an appropriate colour scheme, because depending on your era of décor, vintage colour combinations will vary greatly.  An Indo-Saracenic theme, for instance, might use vibrant turquoise blue, crimson, and gold accents. Whereas wood tones, bright pop colours and bold geometric patterns might bring the 1960’s to mind.
Vintage aesthetic home décor for living room - Beautiful Homes
Retro vintage aesthetic decoration for rooms - Beautiful Homes
  • Vintage Aesthetic Home Tip #4: Identify Key Lighting

    Any room is instantly given an old-world appeal by the addition of the perfect lighting. Choose from opulent chandeliers, printed lampshades, stained glass table lamps, rustic sconces or antique brass. Avoid buying generic lighting and instead look for pieces that match your desired décor aesthetic, whether it be 50’s nostalgia or cottage core. 
  • Vintage Aesthetic Home Tip #5 : Select Appropriate Décor

    An essential component of vintage design is choosing your furniture and décor. Even in a modern apartment with basic contemporary architecture, the perfect retro home furnishings, lighting choices, wall art and vintage aesthetic decoration pieces will transform your space. To enhance the vintage vibe, look for stunning conversation starters that help unify your theme.
Vintage aesthetic décor with mirrors & carpets - Beautiful Homes
Aesthetic vintage style for a large living room with fireplace - Beautiful Homes
  • Vintage Aesthetic Home Tip #6:  Remember Texture and Pattern

    The retro feel can be enhanced by incorporating a variety of textures, tactile materials into your design, such as terracotta tiles, macramé, shag rugs, and mosaic designs. Recycle old materials to make distinctive and practical furniture or décor. With furnishings made from fine natural materials and maybe even cornicing in the rooms, you could give your home an aesthetic vintage style that epitomises romance, elegance, and grace.

For more inspiration, visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, explore our expertly curated magazine, or look through our completed projects. Our team of skilled professionals at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes are available to assist you with everything from choosing exquisitely aesthetic vintage décor, to other interior design or home improvement needs. To learn more about our services or products, why not book a 3D consultation call, or just walk into any of our stores across India!

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