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Modern round ceiling designs

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Jan 18, 2023
Round pop design for living room - Beautiful Homes

Usually, the first thing people would tend to notice in your home is the living room, right? False! The first thing that people would notice in your house, in the ideal circumstances, is the false ceiling. A false ceiling greatly contributes to the overall visual appeal of the home

When it comes to false ceilings, there are numerous designs available in the market. However, a round false ceiling design is one of the most popular ones out there. Having a circle-shaped roof design, in a square or even a rectangle shaped room, creates a very strong geometric match. Round ceilings can leave a stunning (and pretty long-lasting, if you ask us) impact on your home interiors because of their nonlinear sprawl. False ceiling round design ideas tend to stand out as compared to the conventional flat and angular roofs.


Round false ceiling design ideas also bring about a certain depth to the spatial vibe of your house and lend a new dimension to your interior planning. Unfortunately, due to the constraints of space and design in regular homes, they are fairly uncommon. Which is exactly the reason why, when these false ceiling round designs are installed in a house, they are no less than a treat for the eyes.  Round ceilings are excellent options for ambient and diffused lighting. If you are struggling with the decision of setting up a round ceiling for your house, your search and worry ends here.

1. Circular Ceiling with Wooden Finish

A wooden finish has always been a style statement, maybe even since time immemorial. A false ceiling design round shape with a wooden finish is well worth a shot while considering round ceiling designs, if you intend to bring some semblance of authority and casual grace to your living room. Circular false ceiling circle design ideas go exceptionally well with wooden roofs and also with interiors which have stones, wood or tiled décor. Round ceiling designs make the living space feel very warm and inviting. False ceiling round design ideas are a great (and proven) way to liven up your room.

Round ceiling design for a drawing room - Beautiful Homes
Round false ceiling design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

2. Round Ceiling with Lights

This is a spectacular circular false ceiling circle design that is inspired by the beauty of a full moon night. The ceiling pattern has a centerpiece in a circular shape, but is pretty basic apart from that. Two round drops made up of glass and POP are arranged to create this pattern and LED bulbs are fixed inside them in this circular false ceiling circle design. So, when you switch on the light, you can get a feeling resembling a heaven full of stars without even stepping out of your comfort zone.

3. POP Round Ceiling Design

This one refers to a pretty futuristic false ceiling design made with items like gypsum boards. A magnificent pattern can be made with the main circle that pops out of the ceiling and is surrounded with an artistic pattern. Dim lights should be added at strategic positions to highlight the entire round shaped false ceiling design, without making it look too bright or over the top. You can also go for a fan or a round-ish chandelier at the center of this round shape round ceiling design.


Suspended ceilings tend to bring spatial relief to the human senses and enhance the visual appeal of your interior décor. These false ceiling designs, combined with some natural and some indoor lighting, bring a great sense of depth to your living space. Such suspended round ceiling designs that pop out are very versatile and go well with a majority of the décor styles such as modern, neon, casual and even formal. Such round shaped false ceiling designs are, however, seem to be ill-advised for interiors that rely heavily on the traditional style of architecture due to the fact that such contrasting architectural and interior décor styles do not blend well.


4. Gypsum Round Ceiling Designs

You can easily transform the entire look of your house’s interior with this amazing round ceiling design made from gypsum. This gypsum ceiling can be divided into sections using circular drops and lights (maybe green lights) could be added to give an effect that may imitate a swirling galaxy. You can even go a step further ahead and opt for round pendant lights around the main piece to imitate the stars as a part of the galaxy.


5. Round Ceiling with Natural Lighting

Imagine having a round ceiling which lets natural light in, resulting in a fountain of natural light for you to bathe yourself in, every day! Nothing on the planet can beat the charm of natural lighting. The rays of the sun skimming and lightly playing with the interiors of your living room would bring about a softness and joy that artificial lighting cannot even hope to match. If you have the space for it, and the floor-to-roof height ratio in your house is a minimum of 9 feet, we suggest that you should go for a round ceiling design with glass partitions in it. These glass partitions will allow natural light to flow in and make anyone basking in it feel warm and of course, one with nature. This is also a great simple ceiling design for bedroom idea. There is a side-benefit as well - the savings on your power bills every month!


6. Round Tray Ceiling for Chandeliers

If you are planning to have chandeliers as a part of the list of items that adorn your living room décor, it would be a great idea to opt for circle ceiling designs. Chandeliers with hanging crystals have proven to be one of the most stunningly attractive interior décor items. These amazing, shiny glass (or crystal) pieces of art can leave a lasting first impression and light up the whole space in what can only be described as a celebratory glow. Since they exude such a regal vibe, round shape round ceiling designs complement these chandeliers very well and accentuate their effect on the senses. Combined with this innovative inverted tray design, you can simultaneously consider the scope for introducing some diffused lighting to the space.

7. Round Ceilings that look like a Masterpiece!

When it comes to ceiling designs, decorative ceilings have been in vogue since ancient times. The Sistine Chapel situated in the Vatican City is one of the finest examples of mind-blowing frescos that come alive in the lights, even to this day. You can also go for a hand-painted or sculpted round ceiling design. These round ceiling designs can thoroughly impress your guests or visitors with the raw artistic appeal they exude. The art created by human hand flowing in a seamless canvas of concrete, metal and plaster has an enigmatic sheen of its own. The new modern POP plus minus design with decorative round ceilings exudes a high level of appeal and attractiveness. However, such round or circular designs for false ceilings need a lot of care and maintenance.

Round shape with abstract round ceiling design - Beautiful Homes
Modern round false ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

8. Abstract Round Ceilings for Modern Décor

Abstract décor styles have been trending recently for their bohemian looks which exude a free-flowing and artistic vibe. Round ceiling design for bedroom ideas have also been recently tweaked to accommodate for a more modern impersonation of the conventional circular style. One of the most popular variants of this circle ceiling design includes oval-shaped ceilings that exhibit a strong association with the modern while conveying the characteristics of a geometrically aesthetic design. Encouraging casual conversations and adding a warm and informal touch to your living space, hallway POP designs with round false ceilings are an excellent choice.

9. Coffered Ceilings in a Circular Design

When it comes to coffered ceilings, the conventional design patterns follow a square or angular design language. Doing so lends them a look that is akin to waffles. These round false ceiling designs look like an integrated grid of interconnected trays, if you may. A false ceiling design round shape for a coffered ceiling is very different from the usual coffered ceiling designs. It introduces a sense of space and brings intense depth to the coffered segments in the ceiling. Add in some diffused lighting and it also enhances the beauty of these unique round ceiling designs.

False ceiling round design with lights - Beautiful Homes
Round shaped false ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

10. Light and Colours in Ceilings with Glass Etchings

If you love yourself some natural light streaming into the living room of your abode, an all-glass ceiling would make for a great investment. You can even go one step further by making a reliable and (pretty smart, might we add) choice in modern round false ceiling designs which have some etchings. These colourful glass etchings will certainly transform your living room into an artistic masterpiece. This is due to the light reflected off the etchings and it is poised to leave both you and your guests and visitors stunned. These ceiling designs serve as an intersection between modern realism and traditional architecture.

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