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Scandinavian bedroom design tips

  • Bedroom Interiors
Mar 28, 2023
Wooden Tone Scandinavian Bedroom Designs - Beautiful Homes

For the perfect blend of comfortable textures, simple but effective design, and neutral tones, the Scandinavian design trend is an ideal choice! Here, we explore how you can use this style in your bedroom décor

When it comes to modern bedroom design, the Scandinavian bedroom design trend appears to be here to stay! Indeed, a Scandinavian style bedroom can be the best blend of uncomplicated design and casual comfort. This is partly because Scandinavian bedroom design can suit any room size – for a large room, it adds the cosiness of soft textures and materials, and in a tighter space the simplicity of Scandinavian bedroom décor creates a light airiness. Well considered Scandinavian bedroom spaces are the perfect blend of cool but cosy, showcasing your personality while embracing minimalism.


Here are a few basics of Scandinavian interior design, bedroom furnishing ideas, and décor tips to give your home a little hygge!


10 Scandinavian Bedroom Design Tips


1. Space is Essential in Your Scandinavian Bedroom

The core ethos behind a Scandinavian style bedroom is simplicity, so avoid crowding your space with large pieces of furniture or a host of mementos and tchotchke. If you are trying for a truly minimalist Scandinavian bedroom, consider removing a bulky headboard or painting it to match your walls. You could also look for airy rattan or cane work furniture that fit your Scandinavian bedroom design aesthetic.


2. Wood Tones for Your Scandinavian Bedroom

Natural wood tones are an ideal fit for Scandinavian interior design; bedroom furniture of lighter wood in clean lines is the more common choice, but deeper wood in classic shapes can often elevate your Scandinavian bedroom décor. If you want to avoid the flat-pack furniture that is almost ubiquitous in Scandinavian interior design today, look for well-crafted vintage pieces in practical designs. Pick your Scandinavian bedroom furniture with your overall colour scheme and square footage in mind, to avoid overwhelming the space.

3. Keep Your Scandinavian Bedroom Natural

Add vital charm and hominess to your Scandinavian bedroom interior scheme with indoor plants that enhance the connection to the natural world. Try a larger master bedroom design that embodies the Nordic, Scandinavian bedroom aesthetic, think simple, organic shapes, clean lines and a tall Ficus or a striped Philodendron to add leafy freshness. Remember that while lush greenery will elevate your Scandinavian interior design, bedroom plants need to be pollen free and easy to care for, so choose wisely.

Natural Tone Scandinavian Bedroom Designs - Beautiful Homes
White Tone Scandinavian Bedroom Designs - Beautiful Homes

4. Your Scandinavian Bedroom can Embrace Colour

If stark white and cool tones are not to your taste, add warmth to your Scandinavian bedroom design by choosing off-white and earthy nature-inspired tones. Create a calm and welcoming space with Scandinavian bedroom décor that layers ivory, cream, and softer hues with beiges and brown tints for visual interest. For a room that skews more warmly female, Scandinavian bedroom designs might even incorporate hues of subdued peach, pink, or soft sepia.


5. Your Scandinavian Bedroom Need Not be Masculine

When discussing styles that look younger or more female, Scandinavian bedroom designs that embrace the ‘Danish Pastel’ micro trend are perhaps the simplest to recreate. Unlike the sleek monochrome of traditional Scandinavian room design, this trend marries the simplicity of white with fresh sorbet colours for a bright feminine feel. Fluffy pastel-coloured rugs, soft-hued duvet covers and an abundance of mirrors help this take on the Scandi bedroom personify youthful lightness.

6. Consider Wallpaper in Your Scandinavian Bedroom

Another unique way to elevate your Scandinavian bedroom is by the thoughtful choice of wallpaper. Pairing graphic black-and-white patterned wallpaper and black painted light fixtures with neutral bed linens and drapes will lend your Scandinavian bedroom interior a sophisticated clean look. Meanwhile a rustic-style wallpaper with nature inspired designs in muted hues can offer a traditional Nordic, Scandinavian bedroom delicacy and a homey touch.

Wallpaper Scandinavian Bedroom Designs - Beautiful Homes
Light Tone Scandinavian Bedroom Designs - Beautiful Homes

7. Add Light to Your Scandinavian Bedroom

Sheer curtains and the clever use of transparent and mirrored surfaces will maximise the flow of natural light within your Scandinavian themed bedroom. In addition to boosting natural light, increase the hygge factor in your Scandinavian room by choosing soft, low lighting and warm light bulbs. Add a beautiful pendant light to your Scandinavian bedroom design, and enhance this with smaller lights throughout the space for balanced illumination.

8 Choosing Cosy Elements that Suit Your Scandinavian Bedroom

When it comes to planning a Scandinavian interior, bedroom designs that embrace cosy fabrics and handcrafted textures are the way to go. Handwoven rugs, knitted throws and snug bedding will add welcoming comfort to your otherwise minimalist Scandinavian bedroom. By layering similar coloured items that have different textures, you create visual depth without the feeling of clutter making this one of most achievable Scandinavian bedroom ideas.

Grey Tone Scandinavian Bedroom Designs - Beautiful Homes

9. Accessorise Your Scandinavian Bedroom Practically

Decluttering is key in Scandinavian bedroom design which makes storing bedroom necessities in a practical way crucial! Choose nightstands with drawers for bedside items and look for storage pieces with simple, streamlined lines that augment your Scandinavian room design. Supplement closet space in your Scandinavian style bedroom, with a simple clothes rail or ladder, and wicker baskets are a great way to store extras like blankets or throws.


10 Highlight Originality in Your Scandinavian Bedroom

With Scandinavian interior design, bedroom elements with interesting architecture such as a brick wall or a large bay window can be played up for effect. Because this flexible aesthetic allows you to highlight the personality of your individual space, a Scandinavian bedroom retains originality. Exposed beams or painted floorboards might be the element that tips your Scandinavian bedroom design from dull to delightful!



At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, helping to craft the home of your dreams is where we shine! From creating that perfect Scandinavian bedroom to any other home design or renovation needs, we are here for you. To source the latest décor styles, newest trends in bedroom interior design and more, why not explore our curated collection? To know more, book a 3D consultation call today or walk into one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.

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