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Shower Cubicles to Make Your Bathroom Safe & Functional

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Jan 13, 2022
Modern bathroom interior design with monochromatic colour palette - Beautiful Homes

Shower cubicles are an essential feature in a bathroom design that help separate wet and dry areas and if designed cleverly, it can enhance the bathroom interior. Here are some innovative shower cubicle designs for your bathroom

When building a dream home, people spend a lot of time and money to make their living spaces stylish and elegant. Earlier, the interior designing only extended to the living room and dining room, the spaces that visitors would normally be entertained in. But, these days, every room gets the attention it deserves, including the bathroom. People have come to realise that not only is the bathroom one of the spaces in which you start and end your day but that having a great bathroom design can greatly improve your lifestyle and your home’s overall design.


The bathroom is a frequently used space and needs to accommodate your everyday tasks and have all the necessary features and storage spaces. Very often, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, but with the right design, your bathroom can be designed to include all the essential features without feeling cramped.


Selecting the right bathroom fixtures is an important part of designing a bathroom. Being a wet space, the bathroom is prone to accidents as it is easy to slip and fall on a wet floor. Hence, some of the bathroom elements, like the shower cubicle and flooring material have to be chosen wisely as they should help make the bathroom safe and functional while enhancing the overall design of the space.

Shower Cubicle to Make your Bathroom Safe & Functional

People use different methods to separate the bathroom into wet and dry areas. One way is by building a half wall between the showering area and the rest of the bathroom, during construction. Sometimes, instead of investing in a walled shower cubicle, people install shower curtains which are much cheaper. But, the most popular partition is the shower cubicle amongst curtains or shower cubicles. These can be built in at any time and to fit any space and the shower cubicle price is not very expensive. They are usually made of prefabricated glass panels that are fixed to the walls. Adding a shower cubicle in your bathroom offers many benefits.

Shower enclosure with a bath tub in this bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Shower Enclosures are an Important Safety Feature

The shower cubicle helps separate the bathroom into dry and wet areas. This helps make the bathroom a safe space because the dry floors prevent slips and falls.


Shower Cubicle Makes it Easy to Maintain the Bathroom

Shower cubicles help keep the water restricted to inside the cubicle. Since there is no water spreading to the rest of the bathroom, it reduces time and effort when cleaning your bathroom.


Makes for a Hygienic Space

Since the bathroom is mostly a dry area because of the shower cubicle, it decreases the chance of bacterial growth on the bathroom walls or floor.


Shower Cabins Provide Space

A shower enclosure does not require much space. With some clever designing, shower cubicles can be made to fit into practically any corner of the bathroom.


Is Aesthetically Appealing

A stylish shower cubicle can become a decorative element by itself and can enhance the bathroom décor.


Innovative Shower Cabin Designs

Since the shower cabin is the largest feature in the bathroom and is one of the first things you notice when you step into the space, it needs to accentuate the bathroom design. These days, shower cubicles are designed using different kinds of materials and techniques and are a stylish addition to the bathroom interior. Here are some innovative shower cubicle ideas.


Unique Shower Enclosures for a Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, shower enclosures for a small bathroom can be slotted in easily. Quadrant slim panelled glass and chrome shower enclosures will fit perfectly into the corner of a small bathroom. The unusual shape of the shower enclosure gives the bathroom a wonderfully modern feel without taking up too much space.

Shower cubicle partitioned with glass in small bathroom - Beautiful Homes

Stylish Aluminium and Glass Shower Cubicle for Small Bathroom

A sleek shower cabinet with glass panels set into an aluminium frame can provide an eclectic feel to a small bathroom interior. It can be designed to copy the rectangular tile design on the walls and floors to add a stylish touch and make the space look larger.


Luxurious Brass and Glass Shower Cubicle

A luxurious marble bathroom can be made even more ornate with brass fittings. With a shower enclosure made of glass set into a brass frame and accented by brass shower fittings and visible plumbing gives the bathroom interior a rich and splendid feel.

Sleek Steel and Glass Cubicle for Bathroom

Using an aquamarine colour palette to highlight the powder coated–steel frame of the shower cabin can provide a cosy, coastal look to a bathroom design. Add seashells, pretty beach paintings and navy linen for a very nautical looking bathroom.


Gorgeous Glass Block Bathroom Cubicle

Textured glass blocks can be used to create beautiful shower cabinets. They grant privacy, have strong lines and give your bathroom a clean, cool look. Since glass blocks come in so many different block styles, thicknesses and colours, you can be imaginative with your shower enclosure.

Chic glass block shower cubicles for small bathrooms - Beautiful Homes

Space Saving Corner Shower Cubicle for Small Bathroom

Corner enclosures are the perfect space saver, fitting snugly into virtually any size bathroom. There’s a variety of corner enclosures available, in a number of different shapes and sizes, but if you’re really looking to maximise bathroom space a square enclosure is your best bet. If you have a bit more space and want something unique, you can go in for a hexagonal or pentagonal shower cabin.


Trendy Textured Glass Shower Cubicle

Textured glass provides privacy and looks amazing. Water running down the textured glass can give a surreal look and feel to the bathroom. Since textured glass comes in a wide variety of sizes and colours, it can be used to enhance and accent your bathroom décor.


Cool Frosted Glass Modern Shower Cubicle

A fully frosted surround can give the bathroom a very luxurious feel, and if it is paired with a light-coloured tile with a border, it can make the space seem bigger. It is a great choice for tall, narrow bathrooms. Another great idea is to add frosted glass to just the lower half of the shower or to some of the panels for a unique look.


Funky Tinted Bathroom Cubicle

If you want a unique and funky looking bathroom, make your shower enclosure out of a mix of frosted, plain and tinted glass. Your shower enclosure will become a decorative piece which will be the focal point of your bathroom and will look absolutely gorgeous


Sliding Shower Enclosures for a Small Bathroom

Do you have an unusually small bathroom space? Try a sliding glass door for your shower enclosure as it is a very practical space-saving option which also looks stylish. As the door slides into the walls, it opens up a lot of floor space for the other features of the bathroom.

A free standing glass shower enclosure for a small bathroom - Beautiful Homes

Stunning Free Standing Shower Cabin

An absolutely unique idea for a shower cubicle if you have a large enough bathroom is to make it free standing and place it right in the middle of the bathroom with all the other features of the bathroom around it.

Frameless Glass Modern Shower Cubicle

Last, but not the least, a frameless glass shower enclosure is the popular option right now. It works well because it is versatile, lends itself to any kind of bathroom décor, and can be simple and understated, or elegant and classic equally effectively.

A frameless glass shower cubicle for a simple bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you to Design Bedroom Interior?

At Beautiful Homes, we believe that your interiors should be defined by your character and personality. The professional effort and the intuitive eye of our design team will help your vision come to fruition. We strive to provide accessible design in a turn key manner for every space.  Our array of comprehensive interior design services is tailored to suit different spaces and different needs and ranges from full remodels and makeovers to new-builds and everything in between.


Our services include space-planning, material and finish selection, colour consultations, 3D design, and furniture and accessory selection. Whether you are looking for the perfect bed, trying to source the right flooring material or want to know a shower cubicle price, we will do all the groundwork and research to get you the best materials at the best prices.


Some people may know what they want when it comes to their bathroom and bedroom interior design, others may need help to create a vision and bring it to life. But the one thing everyone wants is a simple, stylish, functional and affordable interior. We specialize in well-appointed and enduring bathroom and bedroom interior design that are bespoke and stylish.

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