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10 Simple bathroom design ideas

  • Bathroom Design
Oct 11, 2022
Simple small bathroom ideas with floating toilet - Beautiful Homes

Check out 10 stylish yet simple bathroom design ideas to make a stunning statement that helps you enjoy, relax, and have a spacious feel

We all spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms, so it’s only appropriate that we should make this space into a simply gorgeous place to be. An exceptional yet simple washbasin design, elegant vanity units and modern, simple toilet design come in all shapes and sizes, to suit large and small spaces and budgets. Apart from the basic amenities, a bathroom interior design can be done with stylish dispensers and intelligent storage. Flooring is also a critical piece of the puzzle when thinking about simple bathroom designs for Indian homes, as flooring can entirely change the mood of a space. To help inspire your next bathroom remodel, we’ve put together a collection of simple small bathroom ideas that feature stunning and simple bathroom interior design ideas, simple bathroom tiles design ideas, bathroom accessories and much more.



10 Simple Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Wall Mounted Toilets for a Simple Bathroom

When it comes to small bathroom ideas, there’s no need to compromise on function for form. With a simple toilet design, you can have a big and comfy area without taking up too much space on the bathroom floor. Moreover, wall-mounted toilets are excellent for people with finite mobility. You can install a wall-mounted toilet in a corner simple washroom design. Such a layout can give you additional storage space and form a cosy atmosphere. You can also use wall-mounted toilets to supplement your ​​simple bathroom designs for small spaces. This type of toilet can be easy to install and make your simple bathroom look more stylish and elegant.


2. Lighter Walls with Dark Colour Floors

Simple bathroom design ideas can be a bit problematic, but with slight creativity and a few fundamental principles, you can complete a look that is both practical and chic. One practical way to make the small space feel bigger is to incorporate dark floors with lighter walls. This will introduce depth and dimension to the space, while still keeping it soft and breezy. You can also use bright colours and patterns to bring life and excitement to the simple bathroom design.

3. Simple Small Bathroom Ideas with Small Sinks and Floating Vanities

A simple toilet and bathroom design can be tough to do, however, there are a bunch of small simple bathroom design ideas out there that will work flawlessly for your area. One excellent way to preserve space is to use smaller sinks and floating vanities. Not only does a simple washbasin design take up less room, but it also looks more modern and sleek than traditional sinks and vanity units. One can also use a sleek floating vanity for added storage.


4. Consider Vertical-Add Cabinets and Open Shelving on the Walls

If you have a small bathroom, vertical-add cabinets and open shelving on the walls can help to make it look more spacious. By using such simple bathroom ideas, you can maximize the portion of space available without having to remove any existing furniture or fixtures. Further, this sort of layout can be readily rearranged to adapt to your requirements and tastes.

Simple bathroom design with bathtub - Beautiful Homes
Simple bathroom mirror design with wash basin vanity design - Beautiful Homes

5. Create a Simple Bathroom Mirror Design

Having a mirror wall in a small bathroom can really help make the space feel spacious. Not only will it bring visual interest, but it can also help to make the space feel cosier. You can pick to install a classic mirror or go with something more contemporary and trendy.


6. Simple Small Bathroom Ideas: Let go of the Tub

One of the most pleasing things about small and simple Indian bathroom designs is that they often lead to more innovative ideas for redoing them. One route to make a small and simple bathroom interior design feel more spacious is to let go of the bathtub and substitute it with a shower or small simple bathroom tiles design. This will create more storage space, and you can also add a bench or shelving for your toiletries.

7. Frameless Glass Tub and Shower Panels

If you are looking for simple small bathroom ideas, consider installing frameless glass panels. Frameless glass tubs and shower panels are a fabulous way to save space in your bathroom while still offering the features and functions you require. They are also extremely efficient ways to use floor space, as frameless glass panels can be installed at a variety of heights to fit any bathroom design. 


Simple bathroom design with shower partitions - Beautiful Homes
Simple bathroom designs for small spaces - Beautiful Homes

8. Continuous Flooring and Curbless Showers as Simple Bathroom Ideas

One way to make the most of a small simple bathroom is to use continued flooring. This kind of flooring is generally made out of rubber, vinyl, or plastic, and it’s created to be cut to fit the precise dimensions of the space. It’s effortless to install, and it delivers a smooth texture that doesn’t need any upkeep. A simple washroom design with continuous flooring and a curbless shower can be cost-effective and attractive.

9. Add an Accent Wall for a Simple Bathroom Interior Design

Bringing in an accent wall to a simple toilet and bathroom design can make the room feel more spacious. There are a lot of options for accent walls and simple bathroom designs for small spaces, so deciding what is right for you is effortless.


A mirror wall can be a wonderful route to have additional storage and visual interest in your simple bathroom design. Not only a simple bathroom mirror design stylish and trendy, but it also makes a space look bigger. Another awesome option is a simple bathroom tiles design for walls. Pick a tile that has a pattern or colour that complements the décor of simple bathroom designs for Indian homes.

10. Pocket Doors for Low-cost Simple Bathroom Designs

Pocket doors are a terrific way to introduce class and functionality to a simple washroom design. Not only do they form a more spacious look, but they can also be utilised to close off the shower or bathtub area from the rest of the room. There is a huge variety of pocket door simple bathroom design ideas available, so you can find one that best suits your requirements. One can add additional storage space by installing a pocket door between the toilet and vanity. It opens up the space beneath the simple washbasin design with a pocket door.

Low-cost simple bathroom designs with wash basin vanity design - Beautiful Homes


Components of a Low Cost Simple Bathroom Design:

Simple bathroom tiles design with bidet & tub - Beautiful Homes

1. Small Simple Bathroom Tiles Design:

Picking the right tile is an art and an excellent way to transform the way our bathrooms look, and there are different bathroom tiles designs used for different sizes, and the right one can make your small bathroom look extremely spacious. Bathrooms may be big or small, and tiles help form a scenic effect when designed properly.

2. Simple Bathroom Wash Basin Design:

You can easily achieve simplicity of use and stunning beauty with a wash basin design. There are numerous options to decorate the bathroom with stylish wash basin designs tastefully. No matter the size or design of your bathroom, you can install various kinds of wash basins to enhance the bathroom décor.



3. Simple Bathroom Mirror Design:

The right mirror in your bathroom can contribute a sense of spaciousness, enhance natural light (or play the role of a window when there isn't one), and add a ton of design game to the walls. A good mirror is sure to elevate any space, no matter its size, shape, style, or budget you're working with.



Beautify your Bathroom Space with Asian Paints

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We even make it easier for you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles for simple Indian bathroom designs. So, if you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven, and live in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, now’s a good time to get in touch with our team.


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