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Sliding door designs

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Aug 08, 2022
Sliding door design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Whether you are redesigning your home or changing a few things, sliding doors are functional interior design pieces. Here is your complete guide for sliding door designs

The entrance into your house or to your rooms is a significant element of the house design ethos. Bid adieu to standard rigid, plywood, grilled or PVC doors as this “trivial” detail goes a long way in making a big impression. Take a look at 28 beautiful and creative sliding door design ideas from the best of the design world. Whether your house is spacious or small, these modern sliding door design ideas will mesmerise any threshold.


What is a Sliding Door?

A sliding door design is a widespread solution for entrance doors when you enjoy stylish and practical doors that don’t take up room. When two spaces want to be made into one and then separated into two rooms, sliding doors are the easiest solution. Compared to a hinged door, sliding doors save floor space, hence they are well suited for room dividers in flats and apartments.


A sliding door design consists of one fixed panel affixed to two hangers on rollers which slide along a track. The panel slides back and forth to form a door opening. Sliding doors can come in single or double types, depending on need, space and your own preferences.


Another style of sliding door design for home is the pocket door; in these doors, the panel slides back into a recess in the wall so as to be completely concealed from view when opened. A pocket door is favoured for hallways and interior rooms.


Sliding Door Designs

1. A Double Sliding Door

Double sliding doors consist of two doors that open at their centrefold to the sides. This sort of sliding door design forms a broad opening, making it fit for the front door and the entrance to the living room. Using a wooden sliding door or a framed glass, a double sliding door design will introduce a royal visual aesthetic to your space.


2. A Patio Door

A patio door is used for linking our living space with the patio in the house. A patio door is possibly the most widely known type of sliding partition. It has at least two broad sliding glass doors which open on top of each other. This sliding door structure links indoor-outdoor living in our home and lets natural sunlight fill up the space.

Double sliding door design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

3. A Pocket Door

Installing a pocket door is a practical solution if you want a semi-permanent partition in the open area of your living space. A pocket door is organised to have a space inside the wall where the door disappears when opened. This type of sliding door design is very relaxed as we can adjust to open or close the door as per necessity, providing privacy while dodging a cramped feel.


4. A Barn Door

If you’re desiring a standard look for your house, a barn door might be an ideal option for you. To install a barn door, you need to mount a track on the top of the door opening where the door will slide open or close. A barn door is generally made of wood, making its build fit for modern yet traditional house style. This sliding door design is effortless to install and adaptable for many purposes, either a sliding door for bedroom or just all-around room dividers.

Frameless sliding glass door design for our home interiors - Beautiful Homes

5. Frameless Glass Door

A frameless glass door as your selection of sliding door design is a convenient choice if you desire a contemporary touch in your house. It will separate rooms distinctly and give a feel of spaciousness as the partition is made of glass. The frameless sliding glass door gives a neat look to the space and enriches the aesthetic look by allowing better light flow into the space.

Benefits of a Sliding Door Design for Home:

The usefulness of a sliding door design in a house is huge and considerable. Apart from utilising the room space effectively, without compromising on the overall look, Sliding doors offer the following benefits:

  • Room Ventilation: Yes! sliding doors permit adequate air and sunlight in the space, especially if it is a sliding glass door.

  • Energy Saving: Having a sliding partition can trim down your electricity bills, as they can keep your place warm and cosy in winters and cool during summers.

  • Security: With technology-powered safe locks, a modern sliding door design is the best way to secure your house, without having to shut down the lights.

  • Ease of Use: Unlike normal hinged doors, Sliding doors effortlessly glide through with just a mild push.

  • Style and aesthetics: Give your house a stylish facelift with a Sliding door design for home.


Different Types of Sliding Door Material

1. Aluminium sliding doors

If you are in search of a sliding door design that is strong and very durable, opt for aluminium sliding doors or the ones made of iron/steel. These sliding door designs also are excellent for garage doors as they present additional protection and high-tech safety. You can also opt for an automatic sliding door to save time and for convenient accessibility. 

2. Wooden sliding door designs

A wooden sliding door material is certain to brighten up any space. If you like to invest in a sliding door and enjoy one that is basic and modern – go for a wooden sliding door. There are numerous options and textures to select from ranging from entryway doors to 2 door sliding wardrobe designs. A glass sliding door design with wooden accents goes perfectly in any room. It would look outstanding on the patio or balcony, bedroom or even the living room. They are effortlessly cleanable and offer easy upkeep.


3. Sliding glass door design

A glass sliding door design for the living room may not be such a good idea if you have kids or pets at home. Fibreglass is a better alternative here. It is safe and provides clear views of the outside. 

Wooden sliding door design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

The balcony glass sliding door design, if set properly, can be one of the most gorgeous corners of your house. It also works well as a room partition. 


Sliding Door for Each Room

1. Sliding main gate design

Sliding door designs for the main entrance should be uncomplicated but also spirited and cheerful. You could go for a wooden sliding door to make your doorway stand out. This option for a sliding main gate design will not only be very space efficient but is a securer alternative to the traditionally hinged style doors. To guarantee better security, you can have a self-locking sliding door at the entrance.

Sliding door design for your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

2. Sliding doors for living room

Sliding doors work as amazing partitions. Additionally, sliding doors for the living room also work fantastically to add visual appeal to your living space. If you have a spacious living room and want to have separate sets of spaces, multiple sliding door designs are available in the market. Also, they work as great partitions for open kitchens as well.

3. Sliding door for kitchen

Most modern homes have open kitchen designs. There are multiple design ideas for a sliding door for the kitchen, however, your best option would be to go for a glass one. These kitchen sliding door designs work pleasingly in a patio-kitchen scene as well making the scene more interactive.


4. Sliding door for bedroom

bedroom is the most personal space in the house and requires the best interiors. A suitable choice would be a glass sliding door for bedroom. It is minimalistic but brings a lot of character to a space. Another suitable option would be a wooden sliding wardrobe design. Most useful at saving space, it adds to the enigmatic appeal of a room.

Sliding door design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

5. Balcony sliding door

A balcony sliding door design is a must to have at any house. It offers you an excellent view of the exterior, in the comfort of your solitude. Such locking sliding door designs are also applicable on patios. It is advisable for have some mesh for your doors, so you can enjoy the fresh air without insects and mosquitoes entering your room.


6. Sliding door for bathroom

Pocket door designs and their unique features make them an excellent alternative for bathrooms. This pocket sliding door for bathroom permits you to save floor space, allowing more room for other useful elements, as they do not swing open but instead slide into the wall pocket when opened. Mirrored sliding doors are also a great option for bathrooms.



Sliding doors are a great addition to your house. They separate two rooms or two areas of the house. It is a stylish, modern and very space-saving element of house décor, especially if you have a small home. Add these functional interior design pieces to your house with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes. From an automatic sliding door to mirrored sliding doors for your wardrobe, our experts have got it all straight for you.


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