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Swing wardrobe or sliding door wardrobe design: Choosing the perfect fit

  • Wardrobe Design
Feb 25, 2023
Sliding wardrobes design to enhance your bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

While an efficient wardrobe design should provide space for all your clothes and accessories, it should not compromise your bedroom space. Here we take a look at the pros and cons of swing and slide wardrobes to help you find the best fit for your home

Your wardrobe should be an organized space that reduces stress and helps you find things when you need them. This is most important in the morning as you are getting ready for work. Your wardrobe should be designed to help organize your personal things efficiently while maximising every square inch of space.


While an efficient wardrobe design should provide space for all your clothes and accessories, it should not compromise your bedroom space. You need to figure out which wardrobe design works best for your needs and your bedroom dimensions. Here, we take a look at two types of wardrobes–swing wardrobes and hinged wardrobes–to assess the attributes of each to help you make the best decision for your interiors.

What is a Swing Wardrobe?

Swing door wardrobes or hinged wardrobes are the most popular wardrobe design, especially in traditional interiors. It consists of one or two doors that are attached to the jamb with the help of, generally, two or three hinges. They swing open and shut on the hinges. When it comes to swing wardrobe finishes and veneers, one is spoilt for choice. From expensive all-wood swing door wardrobes to colour blocked laminate, there are myriad design options.

Sliding wardrobes for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Double door wardrobe design ideas - Beautiful Homes

What is a Sliding Wardrobes Design?

A sliding door wardrobe design is a more contemporary storage solution, which is still versatile enough to be worked into any kind of interior design or décor styles. A sliding wardrobes design has rollers on the upper and lower edge of the door that glide horizontally on metal tracks attached to the top and bottom frames. A sliding door wardrobe has a minimal feel and gives a sleek finish to a room.

Benefits of a Swing Wardrobe

  • Swing wardrobe offers full visibility – Since these wardrobe doors swing open completely, they allow you to have a full view of the contents of the wardrobe.

  • Swing double door wardrobe design provides easy access – Clothes and accessories are easy to take out and put back, since the doors open wide.

  • Swing wardrobe designs are easy to use – The doors are easy to open and close and if they creak or get stiff, oil the hinges and they are good to go.
Swing wardrobe designs for a small bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
  • Swing double door wardrobe design provides extra space – Since the insides of the hinged doors are visible when it is open, you can install hooks, pockets or racks for accessories, such as ties, belts, scarves and stoles.

  • Swing wardrobe designs come in multiple designs – They are available in many designs, colours, materials and textures and can be as sleek or as decorative as you wish.
Swing wardrobe for your bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes
  • A swing wardrobe can fit most spaces – Since they are made up of many small units, swing doors can be accommodated in corners and L-shaped designs.

  • Swing wardrobe designs are easy to maintain - They are low-maintenance as hinges can be easily tightened or replaced in case of damage.

  • Swing wardrobe has a large price range – Swing door wardrobes are available in a wide price range, and you can easily find a wardrobe within your budget.

Disadvantages of a Swing Wardrobe

  • Swing wardrobe takes up space - Swing wardrobe doors take up more space as they swing outwards and open into the room. Swing wardrobes can make a small bedroom design feel cramped.
Swing Wardrobe Design Ideas for Master Bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Sliding door wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes

Benefits of a Sliding Wardrobes Design

  • Sliding cupboard design saves space - Since sliding wardrobes opens sideways, they don't block space outside the door, in the room. This allows them to work anywhere in the room, at the end of a bed, for example.

  • Bedroom sliding wardrobe offers smooth movement – They are easy to open and close. If there is any difficulty, a little DIY clean-up of the rollers and tracks is all that is needed.
  • Sliding wardrobes design provide large wardrobe space - Since they don’t protrude into the room, they tend to be larger and have more space for your belongings.

  • Modern sliding wardrobe design have a sleek and chic look - The straight lines of these sliding wardrobes look neat and impart a sleek, modern look to the bedroom design.


Disadvantages of Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

  • Bedroom sliding wardrobe has limited visibility – Since one side is always covered, one cannot see the entire contents of the wardrobe at the same time. But because it is easy to slide open and closed, it isn’t a big issue.

  • Sliding door wardrobe design needs gentle handling - Panels and alignment of the doors can be compromised by rough handling. Therefore, sliding wardrobes need to be handled with care.

  •  Modern sliding wardrobe design needs extra maintenance – A sliding wardrobe door has to be maintained regularly to ensure that the tracks are clean and the rollers need to be oiled once in a while.
Modern sliding wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes
  • Sliding wardrobes are more expensive – Sliding door wardrobes require a bit more craftsmanship and premium-quality hardware for long-term durability and as such can be more on the expensive side.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Sliding Wardrobes?

Beautiful Homes Service, by Asian Paints, offers customers personalised interior design service and hassle-free execution, all in one. Our expert design team can help you design a sliding cupboard design that suits your needs and your interior aesthetics. With a curation of products and solutions from a family of brands, the Asian Paints’ Beautiful Homes store is your one-stop shop for interior décor. Book a 3D consultation with us or walk into one of our stores in Amritsar, New Delhi, Raipur, Jaipur, Tumakuru, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Karur, Kochi, and Nashik.

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