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Small bathroom vanity ideas to elevate your space

  • Bathroom Design
Dec 10, 2022
Get inspired by this small modern bathroom vanity design for your space - Beautiful Homes

From modern to vintage, you can choose any vanity style for your small bathroom. Read on to find the best fit for you

Bathrooms, particularly the small ones, are often the smallest or awkwardly shaped spaces in the home and also one of the most functional. These factors combined make bathroom design a challenging task, especially when the space is limited. While you may have to edit out a lot of things, something that is an essential is the small bathroom vanity. Here are some small bathroom vanity ideas that can be a gamechanger.


Small Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs

1. Floating Vanity

In the context of bathroom design, floating vanity is an excellent choice for a small bathroom vanity since it makes the bathroom appear spacious by providing an uninterrupted view of the floors. It can house a sink and some storage fulfilling dual functions. Combining it with a large mirror will help trick the eye and make the bathroom look larger than it is.

2. Open Towel Shelf as Vanity 

For a small modern bathroom vanity, complement a wall-mounted sink with open shelving below it to house essentials such as towels, soap refills and such. The open shelf will leave the floor space open and also provide an uninterrupted line of vision. To keep things tidy and organized, use wicker or jute baskets with labels.


3. Repurposed Furniture as Vanity

One of the more thrifty small bathroom vanity ideas is to repurpose your bedside tables, old kitchen cabinets and TV consoles into a bathroom vanity. Either mount it on the wall or add in legs to install it at the right height. You can repaint the piece or wallpaper it to better match the bathroom design. Check the integrity of the furniture’s material before you install the sink and the faucet to avoid any mishaps.

Perfect small bathroom vanity ideas for your space- Beautiful Homes
Chic pink small bathroom vanity designs for your space - Beautiful Homes

4. Built-In Lighting in Vanity

If you want to maximize the size of the vanity mirror, consider one with built-in lighting for small bathroom vanity ideas. You won’t need an additional lighting fixture for the vanity and it will also create a sense of depth. Choose lighting where you can adjust the lumens and the temperature for extended functionality.


5. Freestanding Small Vanity Design

When it comes to small bathroom vanity ideas for ample storage, a freestanding vanity is a great choice. Outfit it with a vessel sink to leave enough counter space for toiletries and store all the linens in the drawers or cabinets below.

6. Vintage-Style Small Vanity

For small bathroom vanity ideas full of character, choose a vintage wood vanity with curved legs, some carved details along the counter and metal pulls or knobs to match the aesthetic. You can paint the vanity for a modern touch or to better fit the style in the bathroom.

Sleek small modern bathroom vanity for chic space - Beautiful Homes
Simple & classy small modern bathroom vanity for your space - Beautiful Homes

7. Open Storage Vanity Ideas

When it comes to a small modern bathroom vanity, follow the less is more philosophy. An undermount sink with a sleek stand design and a towel rail is all you need. Choose the classic combination of marble counter and wood bottom for a timeless look.


8. Round Vanity Ideas

Avoid the harsh lines of rectangular small bathroom vanity by choosing a rounded shape. Curvilinear forms break the harsh lines in any room creating a more seamless visual and making the space more inviting. Opt for a mirror in a similar shape to create a cohesive look.

9. Pedestal Sink for Small Bathroom Vanity

If there isn’t enough room for a full vanity in your bathroom, go for a simple small bathroom vanity with a pedestal sink and a mirror cabinet to make up for the lack of storage.


10. A Mirrored Vanity

Mirrors are a great way to trick the eye into believing that a space is larger than it really is. Use this tip for your small bathroom bathroom vanity ideas and add mirrors to the cabinet doors to enhance the space. Keep the color palette for the bathroom light and choose lighting that imitates natural light for best results. 

Stylish & luxury small bathroom vanity design - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Small Bathroom Vanity?

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