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Small bedroom ideas for your home

  • Interior Design
Mar 28, 2023
Small monochrome bedroom décor with matching curtains - Beautiful Homes

Make the most of your small bedroom with our simple decorating tips

The secret to small-space living is knowing exactly what you need. Avoiding over-hoarding and, in turn, downsizing, leaves you with room to play around with storage and decorating your space with elements of your own personal style. Moreover, if you’re looking for small room décor ideas, here is where to begin.


First off, before we get into our list, it’s important to agree on the use in the bedroom of technology - such as TVs, computers and internet routers - as a disruption of a good sleep/wake cycle. The focus of all small bedroom ideas should be creating a haven that’s peaceful and functional. From the barren area under your bed to the unclaimed breadths of the walls, installing multipurpose furniture to make use of every inch of space available for storage will go a long way.


Now, without further ado, here are our ​​small bedroom ideas.

Pare Down to the Essentials for Small Bedroom Design

To create more openness and leave your room as minimal (and thereby peaceful) as possible, stick to only the essentials required in all small bedroom ideas. The main focus should always be the bed, of course, with side tables to keep things you regularly need right where you need them: at your bedside. A simple white or cream wall, with similar-toned linens, will leave the tiniest of spaces looking airy and brighter. From this list of ​​​​​​​​small room décor ideas, this is one of the easiest to incorporate.


Make the Most of the Space by Measuring Up your Small Bedroom

In this room, the bed and its side tables are a perfect fit, using up the entire breadth of the wall. To make the most of your space in your small bedroom interior design, start by measuring the furniture before buying it and, by keeping your floor plan in mind along with the measurements of the walls, create a rough blueprint of what your room would look like once everything is placed. These small bedroom decorating ideas will instantly enhance the interiors of your home!

Customisable Small Bedroom Design Ideas With Chest Of Drawers, Floor Mattress And Standing Mirror – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Urban Outfitters

Small bedroom décor with wooden interiors & ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Make Every Inch Count - Walls Included: Small Bedroom Interior Design

You need to be creative when looking for space to store or display your belongings. While clothes, bags, sports equipment and knick-knacks should have a designated space to be stored in; books, art, photographs and plants are better kept displayed and within reach. Floating shelves, like the ones above this bed, are wonderful small bedroom ideas that put your personal interests on display, while also utilising the often-wasted space on a bare wall. These small room décor ideas are highly practical! 

Change Up your Small Bedroom Interior as your Mood Changes

​​If you can’t commit to a single layout and like to rearrange your furniture often, a clever small bedroom hack would be to invest in furniture pieces that can be moved around as per your changing preferences. In this bedroom design, a chest of drawers instead of a closet, a thick floor mattress in place of a bed and a free-standing mirror are innovative elements for an unrestricted small bedroom. We love these small bedroom decorating ideas.

Creative Small Bedroom Design Ideas With Floating Shelves And Minimal Décor – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IKEA

Small bedroom décor with indoor plants, rug & soft furnishings - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Gopal Rao Kadam

A Wallpaper Against All Odds for a Wow-factor in Small Bedrooms

Wallpaper gets a bad rap, with many thinking a rich pattern can make a room look smaller, busier or cluttered. However, if your furniture is minimal and all in the same colour or shade of wood, an aesthetically pleasing wallpaper on one side of a room can lend a dash of drama, while also nodding to your personal style. This curation of small room décor ideas is aesthetically pleasing!

A Multipurpose Nook to Work or Relax in your Small Bedroom Interior Design

While not all small bedroom ideas may allow for a home office corner or even a tiny desk, a versatile area to read by the window or sit comfortably and work on a laptop might still be possible by choosing a comfy armchair. Not only will this piece be functional, but it can also add colour or pattern to a minimally toned room.


Don't be Shy with your Built-in: Use Every Inch of Small Bedroom Space

The smartest way to maximise storage in any small space is by creating built-in closets with additional area to stow away items you don’t necessarily need every day or on a regular basis, but still can’t do away with. Make sure your built-in covers the entire available area on the wall, right up to the ceiling. Craft a tranquil retreat with these ​​small room décor ideas.

Stretch your Legs and Leave your Bed Against the Wall for a Small Bedroom

Most bedroom layouts feature the bed placed at the centre of the wall. However, when remodelling very small bedroom ideas, you can make the most of the space by placing your bed against the wall. This will leave more empty space to stand around and create the illusion of a wider room. Elevate the interiors of your home with these small room décor ideas!

Small monochrome bedroom décor with matching curtains - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

The bed design should be placed in such a way that is isnt the first thing you see - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Debenhams

Small Room Décor Ideas: Creating Big Space for Small Kids

As all parents know that children might be small in size but require a big amount of things while growing up, thus making finding space to accommodate their belongings a tough call. Often relegated to the smallest room in the house, a child needs a bedroom that can house a bed, a desk, a closet and storage for their school, hobby and sport supplies. Sure, bunk beds can be a temporary solution while the child is younger, but once you have a teenager under your roof, why not create a small bedroom design for them? This could include a single bed placed in the corner of the bedroom, with a multipurpose in-built unit on the next spare wall.


Movable Furniture Make for a More Versatile Small Bedroom Design

While the king-size bed in this room undoubtedly occupies most of the space as its central piece, the rest of the small bedroom is left bare apart for a small detail. The freestanding moveable table with drawers, styled as a bar-cart, is not only chic and offers an easy-to-go solution for storage, but allows for freedom of movement thanks to the wheels at its feet. 

Small Bedroom Design Ideas: Ever Considered a Daybed?

If you live by yourself in a studio apartment, a probably well-known but still clever alternative to a single or double bed is a daybed, as shown in this photo. This can double as a plush seating area during the day for yourself only, or also your friends when entertaining, while still serving you as a comfortable bed to sleep on at night.


Small Bedroom Design Ideas: Let There be Light! But Not on the Side Tables

Have we mentioned “making the most of all available space”? The bedside tables are no exception. Many nightstands have side lamps propped on them, but these can be bulky and take up space which could be better used to store other items. Installing lights for the bedroom wall above your bed is a crafty way to utilise an often-unused space, while also doing away with as much clutter as possible.

Small Bedroom: Thick Headboard? Free Storage Space!

As we have already discussed, making the most of the available space is a must in small bedroom ideas. If your bed’s headboard has a thick frame, you can use the added flat space on the top to prop up items—such as family photographs, books to read, a bedside clock or even reading lights.

Small bedroom with bookshelves as headboard & décor pieces - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Small White Bedroom Design With Bar-Cart Styled Table With Drawers – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ceylon Sliders

Small Bedroom Design Ideas: Work a Single Colour in your Small Bedroom

Do not be afraid to work several shades of it. This makes it appear like a single continuous space, with the different shades providing some visual relief. A single hued bedroom is visually appealing and creates a relaxing environment, perfect for a cosy bedroom space. If you want to add pops of colour, introduce vibrantly hued soft furnishings such as drapes, cushion covers and even a headboard. Moreover, a single-coloured bedroom does not have to be bland and boring. Choose statement artworks, bold wallpapers or bright curtains that can be focal points of the bedroom. These distract the eye from a lack of excess space.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas: Mirrors for the Illusion of a Larger Space to Design Small Bedroom

Place them such that it reflects the entire width of the room. The reflective properties of a mirror reflect light around and mirrors the room. The natural light it bounces tricks the eye to make the room seem larger. Here, the cupboard doors have been covered in mirrors. This serves the two-fold purpose of making the cupboard design as well as making it look like a wider space. This bedroom also features large windows with plenty of natural light and is brightly lit. This makes the space feel light and airy. Every small room will look larger when it's well lit, whether naturally or artificially.


Small Bedroom Design Ideas: Add a Feature/Accent Wall for Small Bedroom Décor

You could use vibrant wallpaper, textured materials or paints to create your statement wall. A feature wall is eye-catching and helps create a depth of field making a small bedroom seem larger. A floral printed wallpaper in dark hues can add depth and drama. If you are looking for a more simple small bedroom design, try a vintage wall mural in a neutral hue. Also, like in this bedroom, add a gallery wall.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas: Use Muted Colour Palette for Small Bedroom Décor

While a dark feature wall works for small bedrooms, a light colour palette makes a small bedroom appear larger. In this bedroom, a light pink and white colour palette makes the room visually bigger. Subdued colours and patterns are often more effective in making a small room feel larger. Start with a neutral foundation, and bring in soft shades through throw pillows, curtains and other accessories.

Small bedroom décor with wall mounted lights, bedside tables & diwan - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Daybed Design Ideas For Small Bedroom Design In Studio Apartment– Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom in a Rental?

When thinking of small bedroom decorating ideas, another problem that crops up is fitting your décor ambitions into an existing layout, especially when living in a rental. The idea we’d like to propose here is to work around a small bedroom design’s apparent problem like a real-life game of Tetris. Observe what already exists and cannot be removed or modified, measure the area you can play with, and then plan which pieces of furniture or elements of style you can add within that space.

Design expert Kayzad Shroff, co-founder of space planning service Wall Up and ShroffLeon, gives easy small bedroom decorating ideas. He outlines the key things you should keep in mind when you’re going DIY small bedroom design:


Space Planning

Space planning: Furniture Layout

  • If you have a long narrow bedroom, resembling a rectangle, place the furniture along the shorter side. This helps in balancing the skewed proportion and maximising efficiency.

  • For a square shaped bedroom, don’t place the bed right opposite the door, so it’s not in plain sight as soon as you walk in. For better space utilisation, place the furniture on parallel walls.

  • A room that is too narrow or too square will result in wasted space. The ratio of the sides in the room should be 1:1.6, which results in optimum usage of space.
Small White Bedroom Design With Double Bed Thick Headboard – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

  • For smooth movement in and around the room, a minimum of 30 inches as passage area between furniture pieces is needed.


Space planning: Furniture Size

  • The size of your bed will depend on the space you have in your room. Typically, for the small bedroom a queen-sized bed measuring 60 inches x 80 inches is ideal.

  • The size of your night stand should range between 18 to 24 inches. If you don’t have enough width, explore an option which has a narrow body but more depth.


Space planning: Dos and Don’ts for Small Bedroom Ideas


  1. Place the bed in a way that it’s not the first thing you see when you walk in.
  2. The TV should be exactly in front of the bed and not to a side.
  3. Keep enough space for free movement around furniture.



  1. Don’t place your bed against a window.
  2. Don’t build your storage where it’s visible.
  3. Don’t crowd the bedroom with things you don’t need.
Small bedroom décor with wicker pendant light, indoor plants & botanical wall art - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pinterest

FAQs for Small Bedroom Ideas

1. What can I do with very small bedrooms?

Choose a minimalistic interior design plan for very small bedrooms that will keep the space clutter-free with essential commodities. Users can also aim to make the most out of your space by selecting smart design ideas for the multi-functionality of your décor. These small bedroom decorating ideas are easy to incorporate.


2. How do I plan a layout for a small bedroom?

Choose the option of a custom-made bed and furniture to utilise the space correctly for a small bedroom. Plan the storage keeping your bed as the centre point while using symmetry to build your bedroom around it.


3. How do you make a small room look nice?

Choosing the right interior design & décor that complements the colour of your walls can make a small room look nice. You can use mirrors in the right direction to make your room look more spacious and open.


4.  How do you lay out a small square bedroom?

Plan a small square bedroom by keeping the concept of symmetry in mind. You can place the bedroom décor in a symmetrical manner to complement the square shape of the bedroom.

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