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Small hallway ideas – 10 tips to make your entrance hall look bigger

  • Hallway Design
May 26, 2022
All-white small hallway ideas - Beautiful Homes

Your entrance hallway must be a clean, well designed and inviting space that gives a visitor to your house a great first impression. Even a small entrance hallway can be made to look larger and more spacious with these clever design tips

Introduction to Interior Design for your Home

Interior design is all about bringing together form and function to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. A conscious and considered interior space design can help better mood, facilitate ease of use, and improve quality of life. With endless design possibilities, interior design is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity.


A hallway entrance is like the cover of a book and hallway decorating ideas should tease, and entice you to peep inside. The hallway interior design should emanate a warm welcoming feeling and at the same time be a functional space that performs a number of functions, that include:

  • A separation between the outside world and the inside of your home.
  • A transitional area where visitors to the home are greeted and welcomed.
  • An optimal storage space.
  • A private area that avoids physical and visual access to the rest of the house.


The hallway entrance is the space where we make that all-important psychological switch from a bustling world outside to the calmness and warmth of our own personal space and it should help ease the transition.


Tips to Make your Entrance Hall Look Bigger

Many homes have small entry spaces and, oftentimes, these areas become a messy receptacle for footwear, toys and other junk. With creative hallway decor ideas and a good design, this space can be made functional and aesthetically appealing.


Here are 10 small hallway ideas to make your entrance hall look larger as well as gorgeous.


1. Use Colours- Make your Hallway Interior Design Look Larger

The colour palette that you choose for your entrance hall can help set the tone for the rest of your home.  Neutral shades, like whites, greys and beiges are popular for entrance halls as they will make the space seem larger. Add that extra pop with vibrant and vivid upholstery, and wall art to bring the room alive.


Contrary to popular belief, very dark colours won’t make your entrance hall feel smaller as it gives a room depth. Dark paint colours tend to recede providing the illusion that the wall is further away from you. A stunningly rich shade with green or red undertones can pack a punch without feeling too whimsical.

2. Declutter - Small Hallway Entrance Ideas that Feel Welcoming

Make a small entrance hall feel larger by cleaning up the clutter. For instance, get pretty bamboo baskets for odds and ends and line them up under a neat, steel and glass console table overhung with a large painting in abstract colours for a very contemporary entrance hall.


Another clever idea is to convert the space under the stairs into a closet for storage. Use wood panels that match the colour of the wall for a hidden niche or paint the closet in a deep contrast colour to stand out as a feature by itself.


3. Furniture to Enhance your Small Hallway Design

Furniture for a small entrance hall should be minimal and neat. It is better to have functional furniture that provides storage space as well as enhances your small hallway design.

Hallway décor with mirror & hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

Using tall, narrow pieces of furniture and tall décor items can make a space feel longer. For instance, a narrow, tall table in a bold colour against the wall with a high vase or a lamp, and cute bric-a brac can create a gorgeous entrance hall.


A statement piece like an antique hat rack is a lovely choice. Add a pair of elegant high-backed chairs, a bold, painted, odd stool in the corner and waist high wall moulding in a contrast colour for perfect balance.


4. Storage Ideas to Optimise Entrance Hall Designs

One of the most important design requirements of entrance hall designs is storage. Hallways are usually cluttered with shoes, bags, umbrellas, coats and other paraphernalia. Use storage solutions effectively to minimize clutter. 


Box seats with storage are very useful as hall design ideas for small hall. Keep it simple with striped cushions, a striped rug in the same colour and wall accents to complement the look.


If your entrance hall is very small and there is no floor space, useful small hallway decorating ideas include adding pretty and functional cupboard, with racks and hooks that will look decorative on your walls.

Small hallway design idea with pastel walls - Beautiful Homes

5. Keep it Minimal – Elegant Small Hallway Design Ideas

Use very few pieces for your entrance hall design as too much will make the space look small. Rugs can help a room feel finished and pulled together and having long, horizontal rugs running the length of the entrance hall can give the feeling of depth.


Brilliant small hallway design ideas include open glass shelves on the wall filled with plants. Interspersed it with bright and colourful boxes and painted dishes for keys and other odds and ends. This will leave the floor open and make the space seem larger.

6. Be original - Chic and Stylish Narrow Entrance Hallway Ideas

Use original woodwork effectively, for instance, make the door or window your centrepiece while keeping the rest of the space bare to make the space seem larger. For instance, a beautiful, carved temple door can be highlighted effectively with a red stone floor, an antique easy chair, vibrant dhurris and Indian art on the walls for an entrance hall with a very Indian vibe.


If you're looking for narrow entrance hallway ideas, a chic mirror can expand the space. Add an accent chair, an umbrella holder, and a couple of ethnic hooks on the wall to make a sculptural statement.

Narrow entrance hallway ideas with shoe cabinet - Beautiful Homes
Entrance hall designs with full size mirror & round rug - Beautiful Homes

7. Be bold - Hallway Decorating Ideas that are Unusual

Excellent small hallway decorating ideas include making the wall the statement piece by painting it a bold colour. Hang small paintings, photographs and mirrors in gilt, brass and wood frames haphazardly for a stunning visual as you enter the room.


Or, you can make the floor the object of attention in your entrance hall. Use monochromatic tiles to create a chequered, zig zag or chevron pattern and complement the pattern with wall prints and upholstery for a very unusual and edgy look.


8. Use Colours and Patterns - Make your Entry Hallway Design pop

Creating contrast is a great way to create depth and the illusion of a larger space and are useful hall design ideas for small hall. Contrast crisp whites or greys with dark blues or deep reds. Paint the trim or ceiling with the same colour to add height to the room as your eyes are immediately deceived into thinking the hallllway ceilings are taller!


Introduce texture in the shape of a rich and vibrant high curtain that adds a feeling of height to the room, making it feel larger. Use the same colours for an upholstered slim stool, carpet and wall accents.

9. Simplify - Décor for Entrance Hall Ideas

The décor of your entrance hall, as part of home interior design, should also help in making the space feel larger.  Pick a few choice items that will not overwhelm the space. Hanging mirrors allows you to bounce light from windows and creates the illusion of more square footage.


One of the best entrance hall ideas for wall décor is an antique mirrored shelf with hooks, inset with tiles or with an ornate border or detailing that will look great and can be functional. A wooden console with drawers under it and elegant armchairs will provide a stately rhythm to the space.


10. Narrow Hallway Ideas for Entrance Halls with Staircase

Some entrance halls have a stairway and this can make an already small entrance hall feel even tinier. One of the best narrow hallway ideas to embrace this architectural feature is by using it as part of the décor. Highlight the beauty of the staircase with an interesting banister or a stair runner in vibrant colours.


For a more ethnic vibe, use very Indian prints for a cosy seating arrangement under the stairs, add a colourful ikat print rug and traditional Indian lamps on the wall to complete the look.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Interior Design for your Home?

At Beautiful Homes your home interior design process begins with your vision, lifestyle, family, and what inspires you. We understand the importance of first impressions and we can help you create it. Our initial consultation with our clients helps us understand their personality and their tastes to create an optimized and dynamic space plan.


Once we have your approval, we will expand on these concepts to create small hallway ideas that will be a stunning part of your home. Our online store offers a curated collection of furniture, furnishings and accessories that can bring your entrance hall together in an amazing way We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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