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Modern small walk-in closet ideas to make the most of your limited space

  • Bedroom Design
Jan 27, 2023
Small walk-in closet designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

Have you always wanted a stylish walk-in wardrobe but have never felt you had the space? With smart storage and organisation solutions as a key aspect of these design ideas you can have a tiny walk-in closet that looks great, but doesn’t lose out on functionality

Walk-in closets are often considered the ultimate luxury in wardrobe design, and we usually imagine them as massive rooms with plenty of seating, sparkly lighting and enough storage to please even the most ardent fashionista. Nowadays, going big isn’t the only option and there are many great walk-in wardrobe ideas for small rooms. Our top eight favourite creative hacks, layout plans and smart storage solutions show you that with these small walk-in wardrobe designs it’s possible to have your own stylish space even when square footage is tight.


8 Great Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

1. The Organised Wardrobe : Ideas for Smart Storage

The easiest trick to having a functional small walk-in closet is to ensure you’re keeping things neat, tidy and well organised. Try simple small walk-in wardrobe ideas that make your closet feel more spacious; add more hanging rails with thinner hangers, or DIY storage solutions like cute baskets and plastic boxes. Additionally, cubbies for folded clothing and shoes, modular shelving and even furniture with in-built storage are excellent solutions for a modern small walk-in closet.


Organized walk-in closet design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Neutral small walk-in closet for your small space in bedroom - Beautiful Homes

2. Wardrobe Design Hack : Create an Illusion of Space

For a chic and practical walk-in wardrobe, small should never mean that the space feels claustrophobic and cramped. Lighting and ventilation are key parts of good small walk-in closet design. If you don’t have a window, try to maximise lighting with LED strips in cubbies and shelves, but remember to keep it at a comfortable brightness. With a small space, small walk-in closet layouts that use open shelves, do away with doors or have mirrored surfaces on visible wall areas can create an illusion of ample room.

3. Minimise the Footprint : Small Space, Small Walk-in Closet

When the amount of floor space you’re working with is particularly small, walk-in closet ideas need to be more restrained, yet creative. Stick with a single walled closet that faces an open access area that is narrow; small walk-in closet ideas like this let you amplify usable space in your bedroom. Add floating shelves, wall-mounted rails, and other storage solutions that are ideal walk-in closet designs for small spaces.

Blue & white walk-in closet for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Small luxurious walk-in closet for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

4. Keep it Personal : A Creative Small Walk-in Closet

If built-in small walk-in wardrobe designs aren’t for you, create one that reflects your own personal style. Add freestanding units or an assortment of clever and colourful closet organising ideas that are perfect for a modern small walk-in closet, and can be added to as and when you want. And, if you really don’t have the space, you can even construct a fake walk-in wardrobe; small and large smart storage solutions can turn a blank wall into a walk-in closet, add wall-to-wall curtains in front to keep things hidden.


5. Plan your Layout : A Zonal Small Walk-in Closet Design

Creating specific zones within your small walk-in closet is a highly functional way to expand available space. For an organised wardrobe, ideas that allow you to divide the area according to frequency of use, utility or garment type can up practicality and usability. With tried and tested small walk-in closet ideas, like partitioning the space using freestanding shelves or a mirror, you can even create an independent dressing area or makeup station.

6. Not Thinking Narrow : Small Walk-in Closet Ideas to Customise

Bespoke walk-in closet designs for small spaces make the most of the available area. Plus, with a custom-built small walk-in closet design, your closet will be planned according to your personal preferences. Many unique small walk-in wardrobe ideas – such as pull-out shoes drawers, trouser rails, adjustable shelving and hanging spaces of non-standard heights – can be added in the best ways to suit how, and how often, you use various items, ensuring both style and practicality.


7. Use What’s There : A Small Walk-in Closet to Fit Any Space

While there are many great small walk-in wardrobe ideas that are perfect for a tiny room or existing closet spaces, there are times where all you’ve got to work with is an awkward, and oddly shaped corner. Here, your walk-in wardrobe design will need to plan around existing features – railings at differing heights, floatings shelves and built-in drawers that sit at the lowest point of a sloped roof are key ways to make your small walk-in closet design highly functional in a seemingly unusable space.


8. The Vertical Walk-in Wardrobe : Small Yet Spacious

One of the easiest to implement walk-in wardrobe ideas for small rooms is to make height and not width the hero. If your available floor space is relatively narrow, small walk-in closet ideas that are built from floor to ceiling are a good bet. In a tall yet small space, small walk-in closet organisation is key – arrange items according to frequency of use, with less used / seasonal clothing on higher shelves and daily-use ones in easier to access spaces. Maximise usable storage with floor-level drawers or racks for shoes and other accessories.



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