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Smart ways to optimize kitchen corners

  • Kitchen Design
Oct 10, 2022
Kitchen corner design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Careful planning is required to ensure a kitchen that's both beautiful and highly functional. Here are some smart ways to optimize your kitchen corners

Our life surrounds around the kitchen. From early morning breakfasts, before you rush out the door to family dining to sharing a cup of coffee with friends, the kitchen is the activity hub of any house. It has to be functional and look aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're cooking, cleaning, eating, or entertaining, the kitchen should be a space you enjoy being in, and a thoughtful kitchen design can make a huge difference. If you have been planning a kitchen redo or designing a new one, here are some smart ways to optimize your kitchen corner that will help you create a space you will love. Follow the below kitchen corner idea on how to optimize your magic corner kitchen with tips on planning, organization, and must-have features for a kitchen space that looks stunning and functions efficiently for all your needs.



Smart Ways to Optimize Kitchen Corners

1. Kitchen Corner Cabinet

Kitchen corner cabinets can be the answer to every designer's agony.


Kitchen corners can be extremely difficult if the space is in a property where wonky walls and floors can be plentiful. Corner cabinets are the ideal space saving solution when it comes to kitchen corner design.


Kitchen corner cabinets are a mode to fight the awkwardness of these spots. Some may need to be bespoke kitchen corner ideas as that can often be the only solution, but it's attainable to make fitted kitchen ideas work for you too. You can create modern and tasteful bespoke corner cabinet storage and corner drawers kitchen that can secretly accommodate the items you use, leaving you with neat, streamlined surfaces.

2. Kitchen Corner Shelf Unit

Sometimes corner cabinets are so uncomfortable that the most suitable solution is to create a kitchen corner shelf unit. For a kitchen corner, it is safe to opt for open shelving or a swinging pull-out kitchen corner shelf.


Whether it’s corner cabinets with open shelves or floating shelves, these work excellent with leftover wall space and can let you bring in unique accessories that bring some extra personality to the kitchen space.


Sometimes a kitchen corner cabinet is difficult, you know the feeling of basically climbing into your corner kitchen pantry unit to find something you just know is there. 

Kitchen corner shelf unit design ideas for your kitchen - Beautiful Homes

With the kitchen corner design of swinging pull-out shelves, you won’t ever have to do that again. Get shelves that swing around the corner to pull out from the cabinet, and you will always be able to locate exactly what you are looking for. It can be expensive, but this is one of our favoured kitchen corner cabinet solutions when you are looking for a beautiful and functional kitchen corner design.

Kitchen corner sink ideas for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

3. A Corner Kitchen Sink Design

How about having a window with a view over the kitchen sink? This one is a popular design move and helps scatter the struggle of doing the dishes. Get twice as much view by planning a kitchen corner sink that lets you relish the sights out of two sides of your house.


4. Kitchen Corner Units

Kitchen corner units are created wherever two runs of kitchen units meet at 90 degrees. The hard-to-reach corner cupboard designs can be made more accessible with the right kitchen corner cabinet solutions. In base corner cupboard designs, drawers can be easily pulled out, allowing for items stored at the back of the cupboard to be brought forward easily, without having to first remove everything that has been stacked in front of them. Drawers can be placed obliquely into the corner of the cupboard and made to the depth that suits the items they would store.

5. Corner Crockery Unit and Kitchen Pantry Unit

Think you can’t discover a role for that empty corner in your kitchen space? Think again. A custom corner crockery unit or a corner pantry unit can make use of the apparently meaningless, dead space in a corner. It’s the perfect spot for a functional kitchen corner design.


6. Corner Dining Table

This kitchen corner design is for those who love cosy seating! A comfortable corner can be created by placing dining furniture in one of the corners.Trust us this is a kitchen décor that never goes out of fashion and it helps in optimizing the seating potential in a small and closer-knit kitchen for meals. A corner dining table and chairs is perfect to turn the magic corner kitchen into a classic eating nook.

Corner crockery & pantry ideas for your kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes
Sitting area design for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

7. A Sitting Area

While it is not always recommended to break up a flow of kitchen corner cabinets or use up the corner cabinet storage, sometimes a corner kitchen sitting area just works well -- particularly if you have beautiful windows and picturesque views to cherish with a book or a cup of tea.


8. Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

If you’re renovating your kitchen, you might want to look for blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas. Blind corners are those cabinet areas where one cabinet becomes hard to reach due to another cabinet that abuts it.  

The blind corner can be filled by a blind cabinet. This is considered as a common and standard solution to such corners. They are completely economic vis-à-vis Lazy Susans and swinging pull-out corner drawers in the kitchen.


A lazy susan is a turntable shelf that can be used to hold spices, dry ingredients, or smaller appliances you use often. Because of its circular shape, you'll optimize both space and functionality as storing items on regular shelves inside blind cabinets can often be hard to reach.


9. Kitchen Corner Rack or a Kitchen Corner Stand

Hanging Kitchen corner racks are a wonderful approach to utilising upper corner space. Leave your kitchen corner units exposed and apply racks to hold pots, wine glasses, or mugs. A rack or a kitchen corner basket ties in perfectly with industrial-style kitchens.


There are multiple factors to consider while designing your kitchen and optimising it for better storage and aesthetics. While the kitchen has to be able to help you during those morning hours of rush, they have to be spacious too, even in the corners. It can have a kitchen corner stand, a kitchen corner basket, a kitchen corner sink or even a kitchen corner rack.With Asian Paints Beautiful Homes services and expert help, you will find it very effortless to design a kitchen and find every design solution be it corner cupboard designs or a corner kitchen sink design. We have solutions that check all the above boxes, perfectly.

Kitchen interior design ideas & services - Beautiful Homes

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