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Space-saving and style-enhancing 1BHK design ideas

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Oct 31, 2022
Bright bold accent design ideas for your 1 BHK home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Clever and innovative 1BHK design ideas that enhance space—and style

On the face of it, a 1BHK flat may seem quite limiting in the kind of interior design and décor ideas that you could implement. The space is, after all, quite restrictive, so it would follow that a 1BHK flat design will have room for only the most basic and simple aesthetic. While it always is a good idea to keep things simple in compact homes, they can be as elegant and inviting as larger homes. The key is to make clever decisions when it comes to exploring possibilities on the 1BHK home front design wise.


A 1BHK house is typically in the range of 450 to 600 square feet. Granted, this certainly isn’t enough space to put in all those fine furniture pieces you browsed through online. But, if you plan well and put some innovative thought into your 1BHK flat design ideas, your space will look well-designed and elegant.



The Right Aesthetic for your 1BHK House Design

A compact space means you have to do more with less. And in such an instance, what could be more fitting than a ‘less is more’ aesthetic? Minimalism is a failsafe design style that works best when it comes to the most fitting 1BHK interior design ideas. However, minimalism doesn’t mean that you have to keep your space bare—though some homeowners do prefer the Spartan look. Within the minimalist framework, you can add accents of warmth and bright, bold colours through the décor accessories and soft furnishings you pick.

An Open Plan for your 1BHK Flat

In a small space, too many walls can be more hurdle than help. They eat up space that could be used and end up making the house look too cramped. That’s always a bad thing on the 1BHK home front design wise. An open plan on the other hand is space-optimising. Not only that, it allows your space to seem larger and uninterrupted. A living-cum-kitchen area in a one-bedroom space is among the best 1BHK interior design ideas you could implement. An open kitchen without a wall acting as an obstacle and taking up space also allows for an uninterrupted flow of light, which helps make the apartment look more spacious.

Open plan layout for your 1 bhk home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Choose wise colour palette in your 1 BHK interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

1BHK Flat Design Ideas for Colour

When in doubt, choose white. Or any shade of neutral that appeals to you. An obvious choice when it comes to the spectrum of colours for a small space is shades that can enhance the interiors and create an illusion of space. Nothing ensures this as well as a colour palette in the white, off-white, cream and pastel spectrum. As far as 1BHK flat colour ideas go, your interiors will only benefit if you stick within this range for your walls and any other larger surfaces.

Bright Bold Accents

However, that is not to say that you should avoid bright, vibrant and bold shades entirely. If you do want to use a traffic-stopping red or a bright blue or green, you can do so in the soft furnishings or in the accessories and artworks you choose when you implement your 1BHK decoration ideas. But for the larger surfaces, such as walls, flooring, and even the kitchen countertops, 1BHK flat colour ideas in the muted family will best serve the design of your home.

Bright bold accent design ideas for your 1 BHK home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Generous Daylight and Good Ventilation

As with everything, nature plays a significant role in your homes as well. A space that receives abundant daylight and has good ventilation by default is more welcoming than one that doesn’t. Of utmost importance in the 1BHK flat interior design ideas you deploy in your space is ensuring that the rooms receive natural light as much as possible. An added advantage is that it will make your space look bigger than it is, particularly if you have an open-plan layout.

Adding souvenirs & accessories around the house to make your 1 bhk cosy - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Isha Shah

1BHK Interior Design Ideas that Eliminate Clutter

Adding souvenirs and accessories around the house is often considered a must to create a cosy, warm and comfortable home. While such décor elements are a great way to personalise your house design, they can clutter up and overwhelm your 1BHK. Apart from that, they can make moving around the house problematic and if you have children or elder family members, clutter can also be a risk. So a clutter-free residence is one of the most important 1BHK interior design ideas you should implement. It is not only a wise decision from an aesthetic point of view, but it is also practical.

Storage should be a Priority

Finding space to store your things takes on considerable significance when you have limited space so a hefty chunk of your 1BHK flat interior design ideas should centre on solutions that are storage-intensive. This can be in the form of choosing multifunctional furniture pieces, such as a bed that comes with storage or a TV/ entertainment unit with drawers and shelves to hold your accessories, books etc.


The added advantage of multifunctional furniture is that it also saves space and can double up as something else, such as ottomans that can become extra seating when guests come over, or a sofa-cum-bed where visiting relatives can sleep.

Use multifunctional furniture pieces for your 1 bhk home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Vignesh Sivakumar

A Neat and Clean Layout is Among the Must-Do 1BHK Design Ideas

A neat layout is not only visually appealing, but it is also easy to navigate and prevents the space from looking cluttered. If you have browsed through 1BHK interior design images online, then you would have noticed that the visually appealing spaces pay close attention to the layout. This involves creating an arrangement that is easy to navigate and choosing furniture pieces that are the best suited for your flat.



Minimalist Furniture for a Spacious-Looking 1BHK Flat

Pick out pieces that are in a size that works with your space. For example, a bulky and big sofa in a 1BHK can make the space look heavy, as opposed to a clean-lined alternative with slim legs. The size of your furniture matters, too, so don’t pick pieces that may seem too big for your space. They will end up making your 1BHK look smaller than it is. A coffee table or side table with a glass tabletop is also a good idea. As far as 1BHK flat colour ideas go, avoid using darker-coloured furniture pieces (like dark wood).



Mirrored Surfaces are Clever 1BHK Decoration Ideas

Reflective surfaces are one of the more popular and widely used hacks when it comes to making your space look bigger. They make also lend seamlessness to the design. The easiest way to do so is by using mirrors, especially with minimalist frames. You can have them hanging on a living room wall and use a wardrobe with a full-length mirror for the bedroom.



Vertical 1BHK Interior Ideas

Lack of floor space shouldn’t deter you from incorporating innovative 1BHK interior design ideas. After all, what use are the walls in your house if not as a canvas for décor?Open and floating shelving units for a wall can double up as display spaces for your home accessories as well as storage space for your books and anything else you’d want to keep; they also make great spots to perch indoor plants—another easy way to add colour and visual appeal to your space. Open floating shelves save up on a lot of floor space, as do wall sconces for lights.



Finding the Right Kind of Help

You may have all these clever and useful 1BHK interior ideas all at hand, having collected and consolidated a cache of inspiring 1BHK interior design images as references and you’re all ready to get started. But if you’re wondering or stuck on how you can go about executing your plan without going overboard or doing too much, there’s always help at hand. Beautiful Homes Service is an end-to-end interior design and décor solutions provider who will not only look over your plans with you but help you realise your vision as well. A combination of expert designers and state-of-the-art technology (including a 3D visualiser) means that you can be assured of getting the best 1BHK interior design ideas that optimise the square footage available to work with. The other significant advantage that Beautiful Homes Service brings to the table is a plethora of décor elements, finishes and furniture varieties that you can choose from. Their experience centres in different cities across India will ensure you get a good idea about the look and feel of the products before you buy them


Your space is your haven, the place where you unwind and relax. All it takes is some clever design ideas to make your 1BHK look elegant and spacious.

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