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5 space saving furniture pieces for small homes

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Jan 15, 2021
Create a wardrobe space in a small home design with drawers & storage boxes - Beautiful Homes

Whether you’re living by yourself in a single-room apartment or sharing an entire house with your family—if you’re living in urban India, you’re probably grappling with the idea of space in your home and how to utilise or make the most of it wisely. But if planned well, and by using cleverly designed pieces of furniture, you can make the most out of the smallest, compact floor plans. We’ve rounded up five types of furniture pieces to help you plan your home furniture design for a small-space house.

A Coffee Table That Makes A Case For Multipurpose Home Furniture Design
In a studio apartment or small home design, the pieces you furnish and style it with should serve the purpose of both form and function. To do away with the space looking too cramped and tightly packed, pick furniture that serves a multipurpose role while making use of every inch of space it takes up. Since you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the things you have in your home and your living habits, these multipurpose pieces will give you a range of options in a limited space. With this coffee table, not only do you get an entire table piece for your couch set, but you also get additional seating that’s cleverly nestled underneath. Similarly, tables with storage underneath, such as trunks, are great options for stowing away things you occasionally need in the living room, which you’d like to keep close at hand.

Coffee table furniture design for home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dash Square

Style Hack: Looking for extra table-top space for gatherings or when hosting guests, but don’t want to waste the additional space of having too many side tables? Consider nesting tables, which stack up to three (or, sometimes, even more) tables under one.

Interior design ideas for a shoe rack with small house entrance - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IKEA

A Shoe Rack That Clears Up A Small House Design’s Entrance
Shoe storage is a problem that always vexes us, and, in most Indian homes, our footwear is found strewn across the space next to the front door. While this is an unsightly problem to have, especially at the entrance of a home, there are several ways to resolve it. Installing a bench with storage concealed under it or a chest of drawers close to the house door will allow you to neatly tuck away your shoes when not in use.


Style Tip: The top of the chest can be used as a table or mantlepiece to place fresh flowers, candles or potpourri to spruce up the space and make it more inviting.

A Small Home Design Needs A Dining Table With Adjustable Sizing
When it’s just you eating at the dining table every day, or with a couple of family members, you may not need the space of an entire, full-space dining setting. However, when hosting sit-down dinners or large food spreads, you will require a full table top. When planning the dining area in a small home design, a clever idea would be to consider a dining table with an adjustable length. When not in used, the added space is folded over or tucked within the smaller tabletop; and when you need more room, it opens up into a full-sized furniture piece.

Dining table furniture design for small home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dash Square

Children bed design for a small home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cuckooland

Children’s Beds Can Be Customized According To A Small Home’s Design
Kids, while diminutive in size, come with a lot of belongings—school supplies, clothes, toys, books, hobby equipment…the list goes on and continuously changes. And, unfortunately, they’re usually relegated to the smaller (if not smallest) rooms in a home. So, when planning your home furniture design for their rooms, work with furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes or functions. The best place to start is with the bed—a simple bed can waste a lot of space underneath, which has the potential to serve several other purposes. 

If your child has a lot of sleepovers with cousins or friends, a pullout or trundle bed (such as this one here) will add additional bedding when needed. Similarly, a bunk bed works well for sleeping two siblings; while a smart bed with bedding on top and a desk, drawers and cupboard at the bottom will help clear out more space in the room for your child to play around.

How To Create Wardrobe Space In A Small Home Design
Haven’t we heard the term dream closet many times, and probably browsed through several images for inspiration online, on Pinterest, and in magazines and catalogues. The perfect example of a dream closet comprises ample racks, shelves and drawers to house all your clothes and valuables where you can retrieve them with ease. While our first thought goes to large walk-in closets when we think of this, that’s definitely not the most feasible option in a small house design. But you still can have sizeable storage in a compact space. 

Create a wardrobe space in a small home design with drawers & storage boxes - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

If you have an uneven wall with a nook created by a pillar or beam, consider making your closet space here to create uniformity and also utilise an area that would otherwise go to waste. And, when building your closet, make sure to use the entire height of the wall from the floor to the ceiling. By creating storage above your cupboard, which can extend till the ceiling, can can stow away items which are necessities but aren’t used regularly such as suitcases, winter wear, and more. Still have more to store and not enough closet space? Don’t forget the barren area under your bed which is often overlooked. Having drawers or storage boxes under your bed frame can give you additional space for all your belongings.

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