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Standard modular kitchen design dimensions & measurements

  • Kitchen Design
Dec 19, 2021
Spacious modular kitchen design with standard kitchen dimensions & measurements - Beautiful Homes

Let’s take a look at why measurements and dimensions are an important part of a kitchen design and the ten standard kitchen measurements that you must know when designing your dream kitchen

With the kitchen being one of the most used spaces of the house, everyone deserves a glamorous modular kitchen design with innovative solutions, which lets them enjoy spending time in. Modular kitchens stand out compared to traditional ones because they are ergonomic, maximise storage, and are convenient.


Apart from compact placement of appliances, giving more workspace, what's also essential is the standard kitchen dimensions of your modern kitchen design. Measurements play a significant role in the smooth functioning of a kitchen. Of course, an array of dimensions are at play in a kitchen, but to relieve you of all the chaos, the following are the ten standard kitchen size measurements that you must know when designing your dream kitchen.


Key Factors to Consider in the Standard Kitchen Measurements and Dimensions

Countertop Height: Standard size for kitchen countertop height is typically 36 inches off the floor. This can be adjusted based on the heights of the homeowners for comfort.


  • Countertop Depth: A standard size for kitchen countertop depth is about 24 to 25 inches. It's important to consider appliance sizes when planning this measurement.
  • Upper Cabinet Height: The height between the countertop and the bottom of the upper cabinets is usually around 18 inches. This can vary based on personal preference and the size of any appliances that will be placed underneath.
  • Upper Cabinet Depth: The standard size for kitchen upper cabinets is typically 12 inches deep, though it can be extended to 15 inches for extra storage.
  • Lower Cabinet Depth: Standard size for kitchen lower cabinets, including the door, is generally around 24 inches deep.
  • Walkway Space: For a one-cook kitchen, the standard size of kitchen walkway space of 42 inches is recommended. For kitchens where multiple people will be cooking simultaneously, a walkway space of 48 inches is ideal.
  • Island Size: If your kitchen layout includes an island, a standard size for kitchen island is about 2 by 3 feet, though it can be larger depending on the size of the kitchen. There should be at least 42 inches of clearance around the island for easy movement.
  • Appliance Clearance: Consider the swing of refrigerator or oven doors and ensure there is enough space for them to open fully without hitting anything.
  • Sink Placement: Ideally, the sink should be placed near the stove and refrigerator to create an efficient work triangle.


These measurements are general guidelines and may need to be adjusted based on individual needs and kitchen layout.


Kitchen Standard Size Dimensions and Measurements

Choosing the right kitchen design can also play a vital role in making the most of the standard kitchen dimensions, allowing you to optimise the space and create a functional and beautiful kitchen. The kitchen standard size represents the comfort with which two people can stand and work comfortably. There are several kitchen sizes and dimensions that influence our decision while rebuilding a kitchen or when buying a new home. While you may have a minimum kitchen size or a big kitchen, on an average, the standard kitchen dimensions are around 8 feet wide X 10 feet long. It takes into consideration the total size of the kitchen, the kitchen platform size, and clearance to move around without any hindrance.

Let us take a quick look at the different elements that complete a standard size of kitchen design.

1. Modular Kitchen Countertop

Choosing the material for the kitchen countertop is as vital as buying the other accessories. For example, if you enjoy cooking but want a low-maintenance kitchen countertop, you may choose from these kitchen countertops.

  • Granite is one of the most popular types of countertops nationwide. It is a recommended option for busy homes as they are 100% natural and extremely durable for kitchens that see a lot of activity.


  • After granite, marble countertops are another favourite with an exciting range of textures and colours.
Wooden modular kitchen dimensions with kitchen counter & island - Beautiful Homes
  • Quartz countertops are a close third but need maintenance, especially if you place very hot utensils on the kitchen countertop.


  • Wooden countertops are ideal for households that do not have heavy cooking. You can choose from teak, mahogany, cedar, yellow cedar and cherry countertop. 


The ideal Indian kitchen counter dimensions are around 34 inches. As a rule of thumb, it is better to have a 4-inch gap between the elbow when you are standing and the countertop. An Indian home with standard modular kitchen measurements has a standard platform size of 2 feet or 24 inches, giving ample space to cook.

Luxurious integrated kitchen sink size in a white modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

2. Modular Kitchen Sink

From single basin sink to double bowl sinks, top-mount kitchen sink to under-mount kitchen sink, farmhouse kitchen sink to the luxurious integrated sink, there are several designs you can choose from.


The standard kitchen sink size and dimensions lie between 22 inches to 24 inches in length and around 30 to 34 inches in width with approximately 10 inches in depth. Whether it's a large kitchen or a compact one, the options are varied and you are sure to find a type to suit your kitchen and personality.

3. Modular Kitchen Overhead Cabinets

One of the most valuable accessories of your kitchen, the overhead cabinets come in different shapes, sizes and styles. During the planning and drawing stage, it is advisable to keep your kitchen cabinet dimensions in mind before allocating space for overhead cabinets. The preferred kitchen cabinet dimensions are 24 inches in length and width, with a depth of 14 inches to 18 inches in most cases. On average, 14 inches is the preferred depth as anything beyond that may break the design and style of the overhead cabinets.


However, the widths can run anywhere between 9 inches to 48 inches depending on how you want to design it, how many doors you want, the space utility and the type of things you wish to store.

Modular kitchen cabinet dimensions for a standard kitchen size - Beautiful Homes
Modern modular kitchen dimensions for base cabinets - Beautiful Homes

4. Modular Kitchen Base Cabinets

Your modular kitchen is incomplete without suitable cabinets, especially your base cabinets. We recommend studying the standard kitchen size before proceeding with any remodeling to ensure the space comes to life the way you want it. The right size, shape and style of a base kitchen cabinet can serve several purposes. The ideal height of your base cabinet from the ground to the kitchen countertop is nearly 33 inches. The preferred depth of the kitchen slab width is around 24 inches. The idea is to make your base cabinets accessible with easy storage options.

5. Modular Kitchen Storage Units

Whether you have a small modular kitchen or a large one, standard the modular kitchen dimensions and standard kitchen size will change as per the space. All your kitchen storage units are ideally designed, considering the accessibility, height and utility.


The ideal height of the base cabinet from the countertop is nearly 32 inches to 33 inches. The overhead cabinets are around 24 inches in size with a distance of at least 25 inches from the gas stove.


Tall kitchen cabinets are anywhere around 83 inches to 85 inches in height with a minimum width of about 24 inches and depth of nearly 21 inches to 22 inches.

U shaped modular kitchen dimensions for storage units - Beautiful Homes

Here we would recommend keeping the standard size fridge in purview while designing your kitchen storage units because we can construct a small storage unit right above the fridge, if needed.

Modular kitchen island dimensions & measurements for large kitchen size - Beautiful Homes

6. Modular Kitchen Island

If you have a large kitchen, you may opt for a kitchen island open from all sides. The average kitchen island dimensions range from around 60 x 30 inches to 80 x 40 inches, with nearly 36 inches to 42 inches of clearance all around. If you have a small standard kitchen design, the minimum recommended dimension is around 40 inches x 40 inches that allow you to move around your island kitchen comfortably.

7. Modular Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplashes are the kitchen wall material . They are either the entire wall, behind the range, or can cover the area between the countertops and cabinets. With quirky interior designs and colour options, the kitchen backsplash is a fun element while doing the kitchen.

  • Glass is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and available in different colours and patterns; glass backsplash is a preferred kitchen accessory today.


  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles- Another exciting option, porcelain tiles come in various colours, designs and patterns. From mosaic finish to plain tiles, backsplash adds pop to your kitchen aesthetics.
Modular kitchen dimensions for the brick pattern kitchen backsplash - Beautiful Homes

The standard size of a kitchen backsplash is around 24 inches and is directly proportional to the height and width of your overhead cabinets.

Standard kitchen dimensions & size for installing kitchen windows - Beautiful Homes

8. Modular Kitchen Window

A well-lit kitchen allows you to work better and that is why kitchen windows play a vital role. The standard kitchen windows dimensions range from 24 inches to 90 inches in height and around 24 to 48 inches in width. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can opt for full-length kitchen windows or double-hung windows or vintage windows. Ideally, people prefer sliding windows in their kitchen as they are easy to maintain and use.

9. Modular Kitchen Breakfast Counter

Creating a gathering spot to have your memorable meals or grabbing a quick bite. Having a breakfast kitchen counter is a hot trend in the world of modular kitchens. The breakfast counter is similar to an island which adds counter space in the kitchen. It can be made to any modular kitchen dimension. The kitchen breakfast counter is around 20 to 30 cm raised and blocks the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen dimensions & measurements for kitchen breakfast counter - Beautiful Homes
Monochromatic kitchen design & dimensions for the kitchen chimney - Beautiful Homes

10.  Modular Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimneys are a great addition, it ventilates the entire kitchen by sucking out smoke and greasy oil splutters that occur as a result of cooking, leaving the indoor air breathable. The chimneys' standard size is between 60 cm to 90 cm. There are a variety of kitchen chimneys to choose from, making your kitchen stylish and safe.

 11. Dimensions for Refrigerator

The size of your refrigerator can greatly impact the overall layout and functionality of your kitchen. Standard refrigerator widths range from 28 to 36 inches, depths from 28 to 34 inches, and heights from 61 to 71 inches. Counter-depth refrigerators offer a sleek look, as they don't protrude past the edge of the countertops, typically measuring 23 to 27 inches deep. Side-by-side models may require more width but less door clearance. Remember to account for door swing in your measurements.


12. Kitchen Dimensions: Aisle Width

The aisle width is crucial for maintaining an efficient and comfortable kitchen space. For a one-cook kitchen, a walkway space of 42 inches is recommended. For kitchens where multiple people will be cooking simultaneously, a walkway space of 48 inches is ideal. It's important to ensure that the kitchen aisles are wide enough to accommodate appliance doors when they're fully open.


13. Golden Triangle Rule

The Golden Triangle rule is a time-tested guideline for efficient kitchen design. It suggests that the three most used areas in the kitchen - the sink, stove, and refrigerator - should be positioned to form a triangle. The sum of all three sides of this triangle should be between 13 and 26 feet. This allows for easy movement between these key areas, improving efficiency and workflow in the kitchen. The Golden Triangle rule can be adapted based on individual kitchen layouts and personal preferences.



 1. What is a good size for a kitchen?

A good size for a kitchen can vary greatly depending on the layout of your home and your personal needs. However, a medium-sized kitchen typically ranges from 100 to 200 square feet. This size allows for ample storage, countertop space, and room for appliances. If you're designing a kitchen from scratch, consider how many people will typically be cooking and eating in the space, as well as your storage needs.


2. What is kitchen size width?

The width of a kitchen is determined by the layout of the room. For a galley kitchen, the ideal width is at least 8 feet. For a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, the width can vary but should ideally allow for an aisle of at least 42 inches for a single-cook kitchen and 48 inches for a multi-cook kitchen. Remember, these are general guidelines and the actual measurements can vary based on your specific needs and space constraints.


3. What is the best size room for a kitchen?

The best size for a kitchen room largely depends on the homeowner's preferences, the number of people using the kitchen, and the overall style and layout of the house. However, the National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends at least 70 square feet for a kitchen, with a more comfortable size being about 100 to 200 square feet. In terms of layout, it's important to consider the Golden Triangle rule for efficient placement of the sink, stove, and refrigerator.

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