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Standard wardrobe dimensions: Everything you need to know about wardrobe design dimensions

  • Wardrobe Design
Oct 19, 2022
Walk-in closet dimensions for best wardrobe design for your home - Beautiful Homes

This quick guide on standard wardrobe sizes will help you design one that meets all your requirements and is super chic

An ideal wardrobe is one that fits into your space perfectly and fulfills all your requirements. The issue of limited storage generally occurs when either the wardrobe size is off, or the organization is. With this quick guide to standard wardrobe sizes, you will be able to make the right choice. To make it easier, we've provided the standard size of wardrobe in feet and inches.

1. Standard Wardrobe Dimensions: Swing Wardrobe

A swing or a hinged wardrobe is a staple in home interiors. The reason is the basic design can be tailored to fit all styles and requirements. You can add on a loft, and divide it into drawers, shelves and hanging space. You also get a ton of creative license in designing the shutters. The swing closet standard size is 7 feet high and has a wardrobe depth of 2 feet. The number and size of the door(s) vary based on the width of the closet.


2. Sliding Wardrobe Dimensions

The standard sliding wardrobe dimensions are the same as a swing wardrobe, 7 feet high, a wardrobe depth of 2 feet, and a variable width. Similar to swing wardrobes, the number of sliders depends on the width of the closet— it generally varies between 2 to 4 shutters.

Standard wardrobe size dimensions for the hinged or swing wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes
Walk-in wardrobe dimensions for creating the perfect walk-in closet for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. Walk-in Wardrobe Dimensions

With walk-in closets, you have more freedom than ever to design them precisely per your requirements. Usually, it will have a combination of hanging areas, drawers, shelves and lofts. What matters the most in the case of walk-in wardrobe dimensions is the depth.


 In the case of hanging space, the wardrobe depth should ideally be 2 feet or 24 inches. In the case of drawers and shelves, you can reduce it by a few inches. Whether you have an island layout or a galley-like one with storage on either side, the clearance should be a minimum of 36 inches or 3 feet. If the walk-in closet has awkward spots or is narrow, opt war sliding doors instead of hinged ones.

4. Standard Wardrobe Dimensions: Loft

Lofts are great storage options for items that see only seasonal use, for example, extra linens, winter wear, rain gear, etc. In cases of both built-in closets of standard wardrobe size or standard walk-in closet dimensions, it makes sense to extend the height to the ceiling and use up the additional space. While the standard depth remains the same at 2 feet, the height depends on the dimensions of the ceiling. 


5. Standard Wardrobe Dimensions: Wardrobe Drawers

With drawers, the depth matters more so than other wardrobe design dimensions. Keep it at 8 inches for clothes and other garments and about 4 to six inches for accessories.


6. Standard Wardrobe Dimensions: Shoe Racks

With shoe racks, height is super important. Opt for a 7 to 8 inches height for shelves or drawers to comfortably store your shoes. You can customize wardrobe design dimensions in some instances, such as knee-high or thigh-high boots.


7. Standard Almirah Size in Feet

The regular double-door almirah is 6.5 feet high and 4 feet wide, and in terms of depth, it is 1.83 to 2 feet deep. If it is a vintage design, these dimensions may vary.

Standard almirah size dimensions to create the perfect almirah design - Beautiful Homes

8. What are the Standard Hinged Wardrobe Dimensions?

All of these wardrobe inside designs with measurements can be applied to other kinds of closets as well— walk-in closets, sliding door wardrobes, built-ins, standalone, etc.

Standard wardrobe drawer dimensions for a well designed wardrobe - Beautiful Homes

1) The Standard Wardrobe Depth

The standard wardrobe depth is 24 inches or 2 feet, whether it is a built-in or a standalone wardrobe design. For a compact alternative, you may opt for a wardrobe with a depth of 18 to 22 inches. But keep in mind this would significantly reduce the depth of drawers. Many hangers may not fit in this wardrobe's internal design dimension either. 


2) The Standard Wardrobe Height

The standard wardrobe height is 7 feet, making them accessible to most people. But it is customizable, much like other wardrobe design measurements. You can, of course, go shorter up till 6 feet is required. Although if you wish to increase storage space, you can extend the height of the wardrobe up to the ceiling with lofts.


3) Wardrobe Design Measurements: Width

While the overall wardrobe could have a customized width, the shutters or hinged doors have a maximum width of 24 inches. Anything wider and the door could get too heavy for the hinges. The standard shelf width is between 18 to 24 inches.

4) Standard Wardrobe Dimensions for Drawers

For a spacious wardrobe, you can go up to 8 inches of depth for drawers. But for smaller items such as accessories, socks, ties, etc., 4 to 6 inches of depth is sufficient in a closet of standard size.


5) Closet Shelving Measurements

The standard shelf width varies between 18 to 24 inches. The depth can be 12, 14 or 16 inches based on what you're going to store on them. The distance between each shelf should be at least 12 inches. Still, for a spacious look and better accessibility, you can increase it up to 18 inches.

Standard wardrobe size dimensions for a bedroom wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes

9. Men's Wardrobe Specifics

A hanging shelf for shirts and trousers must be a minimum of 40 inches and 50 to 60 inches for coats. The hanging space would need to be at least 28 to 30 inches wide for coats and blazers. The other wardrobe design dimensions can be changed if need be. These measurements would fit for most walk-in wardrobe sizes.

Wardrobe design dimensions for a wooden wardrobe - Beautiful Homes

10. Women's Wardrobe Specifics

If you hang your kurtas and dresses, you want a minimum height of 66-72 inches to keep them wrinkle-free. This standard size of wardrobe in feet would be 5.5 to 6 feet. For sarees, shirts and tops, 40 inches in height is enough. You can maintain this even in various walk-in wardrobe sizes.


Keep the closet shelving measurements around 12 to 15 inches to maintain neat piles. Any bigger and clothes may easily topple over. The dimensions mentioned earlier for the shoe rack work well with these standard sizes and can comfortably house bags.


11. Children's Room Wardrobe Specifics

For younger children's room wardrobe inside design with measurements, 28 inches in height is standard for hanging sections. To make it accessible to children, consider a wardrobe depth of 22 inches instead of the usual 24 inches. For toys, shoes and folded garments, you require the shelves or drawers to be 12 inches in height.



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