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Guide to building a pooja mandir design

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 28, 2022
Home temple design made of marble & wooden materials at home - Beautiful Homes

Know more about Modern home temple designs and create your own modern Pooja Mandir design with these simple stepwise guides

Pooja Room is indeed one of the first spaces people tend to think about while moving into another home or constructing a new one. Pooja Mandir design having its vastu aligned and appropriate space allocation is undeniably a priority during the home designing process. From housing all the deities and idols of Gods, the Pooja room is built with a provision to carry out prayers. So while building a Pooja room its best to keep certain pointers in mind and unlock each aspect one at a time, this will definitely be of help to your Puja Ghar design and the whole execution process.


From deciding on the dimensions to the orientation of the Pooja Mandir design, and selection of appropriate colours and textures, we are here to help you out. Continue reading the blog to know how to build a pooja room at home right from the very first step.

Stepwise Guide on How to Make a Pooja Room

A Pooja Mandir is a place with added warmth with well-lit lights and provisions for sun rays to pass through and thereby elevating the whole interior space of the home. Be it for a small Pooja room design with simple temple architectural aspects or a stylish modern design, there are certain unavoidable factors to be considered and followed to create and ideate a Vastu-aligned Pooja Room at your home space. Below listed are the points to remember while designing a Pooja Room at your residence. Focussing on one thing at a time has always found its way to fruitful achievement of targets and so is the case here. We would highly recommend you to take one thing at a time for the added perfection of your Ghar ki Pooja Room design.

Make a home temple design at home - Beautiful Homes


The first and foremost thing to consider while finding a space for a Pooja Mandir at your home is the orientation. As per the Vedic science, it is ideal to keep the deities and idols of Gods anywhere between the North and East sides so that direct sunshine rises along as you pray in the morning.



Coming to the second most important point to consider while finding a space for your Pooja Mandir at home or apartment is the location. There are some major NOs to consider while finding the ideal location for your Pooja Room and tackling the same will help you cross half of the major hurdles in this. According to Vastu shastra it indeed plays a big role while designing a Pooja Mandir as creating a balance between the different elements is mandatory for the ideal Pooja Room design. A simple magnetic compass on your phone along with a Vastu reference drawing will help you sort out this with ease.


To begin with the pointers, Pooja Room should be in a space where the walls are not shared with duct pipes or bathroom walls as it is important to keep unclean elements away from the Pooja room. Further, it is equally vital to not place Pooja Room in any of the busy passages. Lastly, it is very much recommended and suggested  that Pooja Mandirs are kept away from bedrooms and main doors so as to not obstruct the direct sun rays. Once the location you found satisfies the above-mentioned criteria, now you are all set to go and check out for the next.


Praying Habits

Isn't it a little surprising for you to note that your praying habits have a say on the amount of space required for your Pooja Room? Yes, if your family has a habit of praying together and spending a considerable good amount of time in the Pooja Room, then your Pooja Mandir design should be of a  bigger space. As you might prefer to sit while praying which calls for more space and the placement of the deity on the walls that will be at a height comfortable for your eye vision. Likewise, the space and placement can be different if you and your family spend only less amount of time inside the Pooja room. In short, the size of the Pooja Room mainly depends on the amount of time spent and number of people living inside the home. However, having big space calls for bigger Pooja Mandirs for its cosy and bright ambiance.

Build a small wooden mandir design at home - Beautiful Homes


A well-lighted prayer space always adds up to some warmness and plays a significant role in escalating the mood of the interior. The effective flow of light rays and the soothing ambiance is undeniably a calming experience for the tenants and also for the visitors. Lights focused on the deities will ensure an enhanced effect on the overall Pooja Mandir.



The storage in a Pooja Mandir space mainly refers to the number of mats and cushions required inside the room along with certain others. Again this element in designing totally depends on prayer habits as mats and cushions are not required if you do not really spend a good amount of time inside the Pooja Room. Prayer books, Vedic texts, Kumkum boxes, trays and other utensils required to carry out Pooja are the other articles included in storage. However, it is important to note that the height given to your storage space shouldn't exceed one-third of the Mandir's height for a balanced design of the Ghar ki Puja Mandir.

The Look

The outlook of your Pooja Room is completely a personal touch and preference. Be it a traditional Pooja Mandir, post-modern, or even a stylish modern temple design. The core concept behind a Pooja Room is to keep it clean and fresh with elements lifting the cosy tone of the interior . Well, the ultimate outlook of your Pooja Mandir design is your choice of preference.


Designing your own Pooja Mandir at home and executing everything to perfection is indeed a satisfying experience. From choosing the colour of your choice to setting a cabinet of your convenience, there are even more factors worth considering while planning and making your Pooja Room apart from the ones mentioned above.Though they are basic, these can have a prominent say on the final setting of your Pooja Room. 


The home temple design for your Pooja room is inclusive of multiple aspects. The preferred colours of the wall, the given traditional look of the mandir, shelves, inclusion of foldable cabinets, wallpapers, surface textures like the marble surfaces, choosing the appropriate carpets for the interior space of the Pooja Mandir designs are an integral part of the planning and execution process. After the selection of the right Pooja Room space, the second major task is to fix on the right type of material to build the same suit for your home.

Make a beautiful marble design of mandir from scratch at home - Beautiful Homes

Wooden Pooja Rooms is one among the most popular types of modern home temple design for its sleek and clean outlook. Pooja room marble designs are also equally in use as the marble surfaces are promising of astounding perfection. Depending on the size and dimensions, high pedestals can be included to place the deities and pictures and thereby creating a warm Pooja Room niche for your separate Pooja Room space at home. With pleasant colours and Pooja room design of varying provisions ranging from modern home temple design, stylish modem mandir design, small Pooja room designs in apartments and more, you are left with numerous options to explore and create a customised Pooja Mandir design of your signature.



Things not to Keep in Pooja Room

Pooja Room is considered a sacred place and for the same reason it is suggested to be kept clean all the time. There are certain materials that are recommended for keeping away from the Pooja room and below listed are they:

  • Footwears
  • Articles made of leather (animal skin in general)
  • Shivalinga that are bigger than the size of a thumb
  • Stale flowers (anything other than fresh flowers are strictly prohibited)
  • Photographs of the deceased ancestors and other people
  • Broken mirrors and idols



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Creating Perfect Pooja Room Designs?

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced designers and professionals who understand what you want and provide personalised interior design solutions. They will help you choose the best home temple design that will work for your home. Our service includes furnishing, lighting, modular furniture, décor and more. Additionally, with our extensive wall treatment options, you will surely find the perfect colours for your home. Visit our website to check the various options we offer and projects executed by us so far. Book a 3D consultation call or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.

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