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Stone fireplace ideas for your home

  • Living Room Design
Mar 05, 2022
Stone fire place designs in a furnished living room - Beautiful Homes

Stone fireplaces make for stunning additions to any home design. Use this guide to pick the right one for you

Living room designs are generally quite welcoming, and many try to make the space cosy. And in regions with harsh winters, fireplaces help you create that ambience. They make for great additions both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


Stone fireplaces are an excellent way to make a statement. With numerous designs and types of stones, the options are endless. You can go the rustic route with a traditional stone fireplace or choose a luxurious marble for a sleek, contemporary look.


Types of Stones you can Use for Fireplaces

Here are some commonly used stones for fireplaces:


1. Marble:

Marble is a popular choice for interiors due to its classic beauty. It has been associated with luxury and quality for ages, and with good reason. While on the more expensive end, it is truly elegant and a value add.


2. Granite:

Granite provides innumerable options in terms of colours and patterns. Additionally, it is highly durable. It requires regular sealing, but the chances of scratches, cracks and chips are marginal when cared for properly.

Luxury fireplace in house designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, pics721/ shutterstock

3. Limestone:

Limestone has been in use for centuries for its timeless grace and durability. It is a softer stone and, therefore, can be carved easily. Limestone is the way to go if you wish to add architectural or ornate elements to your fireplace surround.


4. Slate:

The colour options range from dark to black, but its unique grain and texture make it an attractive option for minimal and rustic styles. Like limestone, it is highly affordable but cannot withstand the extreme temperatures of a wood fireplace. It works better with a gas and electric fireplace.


5. Quartzite:

Like marble and granite, quartzite boasts an impressive range of colours and patterns. It has the same luxury aesthetic as marble and is a good option for fireplaces due to its durability.


6. Flagstone:

When you think of a fireplace in house, chances are you're thinking of a flagstone fireplace. These are flat cut pieces of other quarried stones such as quartzite, slate, etc., and therefore available in several hues and tones. It is a classic rustic aesthetic. You can easily paint it to change the look and make it more modern.


7. River rocks:

Another classic fireplace look is one with river rocks. Each river rock fireplace is unique due to the massive variety in shapes and textures. Depending on its construction, you can achieve a rustic and more refined mosaic-like facing.


8. Faux stone:

You can find a faux counterpart to almost all types of natural stone. These are highly durable, and the chances of other cosmetic damage are low. But they cannot withstand high temperatures of wood fires. The USP of faux stone is that you get the same aesthetics and functionality at a fraction of the cost of natural stones.

Stone Fireplace Ideas for your Home

With so many options, you're sure to find a stone that fits perfectly with any interior design style of your preference.

Fireplace ideas in a stone wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Artazum/ shutterstock

1. Stone Fireplace Design Ideas for Contemporary Interiors

Clutter-free spaces, clean lines, smooth and lustrous materials are some of the hallmarks of contemporary designs. Slabs of polished natural stone with little to no gaps provide the sleek look so typical of this style.


Monotone interiors are popular in contemporary designs. This year, a trend set to take the interior world by storm is an all-black room. A black or dark grey stone fireplace would perfectly complement such a living room design. Marble, slate and limestone are great options.

Marbles such as Marquina Black, Black Dune and Blue Violet have white veins that will bring subtle contrast to the room. Potoro and Saint Laurent have beautiful gold veins that can reflect the metallic accents in the room's design. Black Mirage marble has coppery, amber and white striations that are almost perfectly straight lines. The colour and geometric base would make for a stunning statement fireplace in the house.

2. Rustic Living Room Fireplace Ideas

River rocks, flagstones, fieldstones, and slate lend to a rustic aesthetic. These check all the fundamentals of rustic living room style: natural materials that are aged, textured and/or textured. You may keep the fireplace surround limited by having the stacks only up to the mantle height. Or you may opt for a floor to ceiling surround for a centrepiece fireplace for home.


You can emphasise the ruggedness of the fireplace design by opting for a stone facing that showcases the stones' natural curves and complements them with dark contrasting grout. Or you may opt for a facing where certain rocks jut out to break up the lines.


Stacked stone fireplaces are an excellent choice for rustic style interiors. A great way to break up lines in a stacked stone fireplace is to include vertical placement of the stones in strategic places.


You can incorporate these stone fireplace ideas for farmhouse and coastal style interiors as they both have rustic elements. To make the fireplace design more at home, consider a coat of sheer chalk paint for farmhouse style. It will lighten the overall effect of the stones while still keeping hints of the original colour. You may opt for whitewashing the fireplace surround to fit the primarily white and blue palette for the coastal style.


3. Mid-Century Modern Living Room Design with Fireplace

The mid-century modern style is making a comeback. A natural stone fireplace fits right into this style with its characteristic preference for natural materials and prioritising function over form.


Since it is known for its futuristic elements, an electric fireplace with a seamless marble or granite surround would work well in mid-century modern designs for living rooms. In lighter interiors, white or cream limestone such as the  Bianco Perlino would work well. Just ensure that the lines of the stone fireplace design are clean.


Beige and brown stone fireplace designs would also work well due to their earthy tones and chromatic warmth. Some options include Pangea Beige limestone, Moscato Beige marble, Boticcino marble, Jerusalem Gold Limestone, Sequoia Brown marble, Tan Brown granite, Baltic Brown granite, etc.


4. Stone Fireplace Ideas for Bohemian Style Interiors

The free-flowing nature of this style means that you will have to choose fireplace ideas based on your brand of boho. Since the emphasis on texture, colour and pattern is high, you may opt for more out-there types of stones.


If you wish to make the fireplace the focal point of the room, consider colourful options such as Mint green or Indian green marble, Blue sodalite marble, light blue quartzite, Macaubas Blue quartzite, Botanic Green quartzite, etc. These will highlight the nature-inspired elements of this style.


If you'd like to blend in the fireplace to enhance other décor elements, opt for fireplace ideas with more neutral colours such as white, beige, grey and black with minimal to no patterns on the stone.

5. Fireplace Ideas for the Glam Aesthetic

Glam style interiors are all about indulging in everything luxurious. Plush fabrics, metal accents, statement furniture and lustrous materials are the backbone of this style. The finishes are mostly clean and refined. Due to their timeless aesthetic, slabs of marble, limestone, granite or quartzite would work well as fireplace surrounds and mantels.


Some options include Taj Mahal Sensa quartzite, Gris Alborán limestone, Twilight Grey limestone, black limestone, Calcatta white and gold marbles, Thassos White marble, Fior di Bosco marble, Potoro and Black Mirage marbles, and so many more. Choose something that complements the colour palette of the space.

Modern living room fireplace ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Artazum/ shutterstock

Open floor cabin stone fireplace design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Digital Storm/ shutterstock

6. Stone Fireplace Ideas for Scandinavian Designs

Fireplaces are the perfect addition to the warm and cosy Scandinavian interiors. Here are some stone fireplace ideas you can incorporate into this style.


Modern fireplace ideas for minimal Scandinavian home décor can include a freestanding, chimney style fireplace. Complement it with subtle and earthy hues by adding a stone wall for the background. Limestones and marbles are good options in this case. Choose faux stone alternatives for budget-friendly modern fireplace ideas.

Tabletop or in-wall mount fire place designs are also great options for this style. To add some depth to the room, opt for dark walls. This will contrast nicely with the lighter-hued stone hearth and mantle. 


7. Minimalist Stone Fireplace Design

To keep things simple and clean in a minimalist room, ensure that the colour palette is limited and the fireplace design is well integrated. Opt for an electric fireplace for a more sleek look or a gas or wood one to add traditional touches.


To make it the focal point of the room, keep the fireplace design centred with a seamless, floor to ceiling stone surround. Avoid flagstone or river rocks facing if there are other eye-catching elements in the room. Keep the structure on either side of the fireplace symmetrical for a clean look.


Other fire place designs would include putting it in a plain wall without any ornamentation. In these cases, choose stones such as marble, limestone or slate for a clean and continuous look. Alternatively, opt for a smaller hearth with only stone trims to frame it. This will take away the focus from the fireplace and allow you to shift it elsewhere in the room.



Why Opt for a Stone Fireplace in Indian Homes?

Natural stones can add to the overall value of your house both in terms of aesthetics and longevity. Natural stones provide immense variety in terms of texture, pattern and colour. You can always find a stone that will complement the interior design style of the room.


Besides the visual appeal, natural stones are favoured due to their durability. All stones can withstand the heat of gas and electric fireplaces, While marble and granite work just as well with wood fireplaces. When cared for well and sealed regularly, these stones can last a lifetime.



How Can Beautiful Homes Help you Create the Perfect Stone Fireplace for your Home?

At Beautiful Homes, we offer a wide range of products and services to make it easier for you. Visit our online shop to check out our selection of furniture and décor. With our various interior design services, you are sure to get a personalised experience. Our professionals will ensure that your home interior design and each element are best suited to your style and needs.


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