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Study table design ideas for your bedroom

  • Study Room Design
Nov 03, 2021
Rustic study table design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Are you looking for ways to create a functionally effective, yet cohesive and comfortable working environment within your home? The simple addition of a well-designed study table could be all you need to form the perfect home office

Over the last two years, we’ve all had to get used to a remote schedule; our living spaces often doubling as workspace or classroom. Even pre-pandemic, with global studies showing better sustainability and increased productivity in offices that promote a flexible work-space, there has been a shift towards the efficiency of a work-from-home culture. The probability of this becoming the new normal is getting higher. As such, creating an effective and comfortable working environment within your home is becoming more and more of a necessity.


Whether you live alone, or with your family, many of us don’t have the luxury of extra room to set up a dedicated home office area. If you have no other option, a bedroom can be the perfect space – with sufficient peace and privacy – to squeeze in an office. Often, the best choice would be to consider the quick fix of adding to your bedroom design with a study table and a basic office set-up with some additional storage. But, in considering the convenience of your home office, you also need to take into account how it complements your home interiors. When setting up a workspace in your bedroom modern study table design ideas come in a variety of looks and functionality that can easily blend into your existing lifestyle.


Let’s look at some smart ways to incorporate study table ideas in bedroom spaces.

How to Fit a Small Bedroom with Study Table Solutions

If you’re the type with a “space for everything and everything in its place” your bedroom design probably reflects that. You just can’t see how you could shift things around to add in an extra zone for your work. But spending a long time on your laptop while sitting on your bed or in any available chair, can easily lead to back issues or other aches and pains. For you, a bedroom wall mounted study table or fold-up wall hung table could be the perfect option.


Wall mounted study tables do not take up floor space. This is particularly useful in small bedroom ideas as they give you more options as to where they can be placed, while fold-up study tables have the added convenience of simply being tucked away when they’re not needed. You could think about going with these styles for work areas that don’t see a lot of use as well. For example, if you’re setting up a work space for visitors within your guest bedroom, to be used on those occasions when family and friends come to stay.

Small bedroom wooden study table design - Beautiful Homes

If you have a real space crunch, consider doing away with the nightstand by your bedside and replacing it with a study table area. Add in an ergonomic office chair that can easily be moved around, to keep you comfortable during those long online meetings.


Corner study table design & a floor lamp for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Maintaining Aesthetics in Study Table Design for Bedroom Decor

If you’re retrofitting a study area into an already set-up and in use bedroom space, making sure it harmonises with the existing design aesthetic is important. For a cosy or bohemian style bedroom modern study table designs might not fit, while a heavy, antique wooden desk would be equally out of place in a bedroom that’s filled with sleek lines, cool colours and metal accents. With a modern bedroom design, modern study table design choices are your best bet; be sure to pick office furniture and accessories that match with the pieces you already own.

While your bedroom and workspace furniture don’t need to be a perfect match, sticking with a single design style, helps reduce visual clutter. Making sure that your finishes, accents and soft-furnishings complement each other, creates a more comfortable and usable space. Maybe you’re just setting up your bedroom and want to include a workspace, right from the start. Well, the above rules still hold true. Buying matched sets in bedroom and study room furniture lets you create a coordinated look in an effortless manner.

Separate Work and Rest Areas with a Small Study Table for Bedroom Layout

Switching off at the end of your work or school day is very important! If you’re lucky enough to have a guest bedroom, consider setting up your workspace there, rather than in the master bedroom. Alternatively, making sure you have distinct spaces within your bedroom for work and rest can help cut down on a lot of potential anxiety – for those that can manage with a smaller study table, marking out these separate zones could be easier.


Create a visual separation by adding a screen, bookshelf or plants between your bed and work area, or go for a corner bedroom interior design with study table that don’t have a lot of extra room. By designating a corner as your work zone, and further increasing space efficiency with a small study table, you can set up the area to have no distractions, while also decorating it to switch you into work mode – add a corkboard, sticky notes, a calendar or anything else that helps you stay focused and organised.

Wooden corner study table design & a floor lamp for a small bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Adding Storage to Your Study Table for Bedroom Spaces

One of the bigger challenges to setting up an efficient and usable work space within your home, is making sure you have sufficient storage for your paperwork, office supplies and other sundries. A bedroom study table with bookshelf design or in-built drawers can help solve this dilemma. Balancing easy access to all your work paraphernalia while maintaining the comfort of your room, can be solved by finding the right study table design and giving your room better storage organisation.


You might not have the floor space to accommodate a desk with built-in storage, in which case, wall-mounted shelving is a smart, potential solution. Don’t get bogged down by the idea that your study table and work storage spaces need to be physically connected. A well-planned  bedroom study table with bookshelf design can keep your office necessities in convenient reach of each other; maintaining efficiency without compromising on space-saving solutions.

Small white study table idea for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Setting Up a Kid-Friendly Study Table for Bedroom Functionality

While many of the above tips are equally important whether setting up a work space for adults or children, creating a study area that can keep a young mind engaged, focused and inspired, requires a little extra thought and effort.


Since most children use their bedrooms for rest, play and homework, getting into study mode is often an uphill battle. You might prefer to choose a corner study table design for bedroom spaces that have a lot of potential for distraction; the two walls creating a cubby-like space helps to cut out visual interference. 

An added advantage is how easily you can decorate the space to create the perfect homework nook. By crafting a space that’s unique to them, you give your child an area that they feel ownership of and will enjoy spending time in. Ensure adequate lighting, add in cheerful colours and customise the space to stimulate your child’s mind and increase their ability to concentrate.

Curated and Unusual Study Table Design Ideas

Every solution won’t necessarily work for everyone when setting up a home office. Each of us has our own specific physical and mental requirements that need to be met for us to be at our best. Knowing what you’re looking for and what is the ideal match for you, is a big help in setting up a work-from-home environment that caters to your comfort.


Being confined to a single area or having to sit for a long time might not suit your work style. If you’re the type who just can’t seem to sit still, a standing desk or one with an attached elliptical or exercise cycle might be the perfect choice for you.

Small study table design for bedroom with storage - Beautiful Homes

Some people find that they can’t concentrate when they feel tied to their desk; it restricts their creativity and thinking. Others even find that they function better when surrounded by hustle and bustle, or that an occasional change in environment is necessary to jump-start a stalled ideation process. Having a portable work station might be exactly what’s needed – compact, lightweight and convenient, foldable study tables give you the freedom to set up in any place that suits you. Before you start to make changes to your home, spend some time planning your workspace and looking for all the options in study table design for bedroom layouts that are available to you.

Finding a study table that perfectly suits your needs can be a difficult task, but with our curated collection, and advice from our expert team, success is a little closer at hand. Reach out to us today, to partner with Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints and create the perfect study area in your bedroom.

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