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Chic wall design for bathroom

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Dec 09, 2022
Simple bathroom wall décor ideas for your house - Beautiful Homes

Clever and creative bathroom wall décor can transform a boring bathroom into a stunning space. Here are lovely bathroom wall décor ideas to inspire you and elevate the look of your bathroom

Introduction to Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are one of the hardest working rooms in the house, packing a whole lot of functionality into a small space. The compactness of the space can make bathroom design challenging, but with a little imagination and creativity, it can easily become one of your most well-designed spaces.


Redoing your bathroom to meet your interior design goals doesn’t always mean expensive changes. Sometimes, something as simple as wall art bathroom wall décor ideas can add personality and breathe new life into a drab bathroom. There are many creative bathroom wall art ideas to add style and elegance to your bathroom design.


Stunning Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

Homeowners spend countless hours deliberating over the living room décor but rarely put the same thought into decorating the bathroom. If your bathroom décor has been an afterthought up to this point, it's time to give it the consideration it deserves.


Homeowners spend countless hours deliberating over the living room décor but rarely put the same thought into decorating the bathroom. If your bathroom décor has been an afterthought up to this point, it's time to give it the consideration it deserves.


Here are some gorgeous ideas that can help inspire your bathroom design and bathroom décor wall art.


1. Make a Startling Statement with Wallpaper for Bathroom

Wallpaper can give your bathroom a stylish look full of colour and pattern. A bold, abstract, black-and-white wallpaper in a contemporary bathroom is a stunning choice. Add intrigue with a gold mirror and vintage light fixtures.

2. Chic Panelling Wall Design for Bathroom

Say hello to a chic country style look with half wall panelling in a deep navy shade! Pair it with crisp white walls and pretty floral artwork. Or go traditional with full wood finish panelling and a large landscape for a more extravagant vibe.


3. Make Fixtures Part of your Bathroom Wall Ideas

Who says that bathroom plumbing needs to be hidden? Make them the statement wall décor in an industrial style bathroom with metal fittings, from pipes, faucet and shower head, to lighting and cabinets. Add extra sophistication with gold flecked wallpaper.

Stylish & wooden bathroom wall design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Simple & stylish bathroom wall mirror ideas for your space - Beautiful Homes

3. A Touch of Elegance with Gold Bathroom Wall Mirror

The right mirror can add a ton of design game to the walls. A gold edged bathroom round mirror with graceful curves can bring a touch of elegance to a drab bathroom setup. Add a collection of framed silhouettes to provide the perfect blend of elegant and on-trend.

4. Stunning Mix and Match Bathroom Wall Design Ideas

Sometimes, two totally different patterns can complement each other when used correctly. Even the plainest bathroom can look more daring with bathroom wall ideas using a stylish Chevron tile wall on one side and flecked wallpaper on the other. Add checkerboard floor tiles in complementing colours to bring this bold look together.


5. Whimsical Nautical Paintings for Bathroom Walls

Bring a nautical vibe into your bathroom with a trio of seascapes on a powder blue wall. A long oval mirror edged with sea shells, and navy-blue cabinetry, will give this bathroom a lovely finish.

Floral wallpapers for bathroom for your house - Beautiful Homes

6. Bathroom Wall Ideas with Shelves

Shelves are a functional and beautiful addition to a bathroom wall. An open shelf to showcase a collection can provide a decorative look to your bathroom. Even a tiny shelf for towels, some potted plants or flowers can transform a blank wall into a decorative element.


7. Creative Painted Bathroom Walls Ideas

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest bathroom wall design ideas. A timeless neutral can make a small bathroom feel bigger, and classic hues, like black, burgundy and navy, are brilliant for creating a moody feel. Hang or lean a few favourite prints against the wall or behind your toilet to instantly upgrade your bathroom.

Classy & sleek bathroom design ideas for your house - Beautiful Homes

8. Modern Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

Calm, pale grey walls, with polished gold fixtures and accents can give a modern bathroom a sleek look. An eye-catching gallery wall, with vibrant, abstract art prints, will create a buzz and add some edginess to this sophisticated space.


9. Functional and Gorgeous Bathroom Décor Wall Art

Décor that is functional is perfect for small bathroom spaces. A rustic wooden wall board with inset tiles and decorative knobs for hooks, combines form and function, and is a perfect décor solution if you're short on wall space.

10. Living Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

There's nothing lovelier than a room filled with rich greenery, and bathrooms are no exception. Create a lush living wall of bathroom-friendly plants, like ferns or pothos. Another enchanting way to decorate the wall with foliage is with plants in macrame bathroom wall hangings in different colours, and accented with wooden beads, for an elegant and classic touch.


11. Bathroom Wall Ideas – Stunning Statement Fifth Wall

Give your bathroom a completely new look with this one change – a bewitching fifth wall or ceiling décor. A bold contrast colour, floral wallpaper or an enchanting cove ceiling with recessed lights can elevate the look of a bathroom and become the focal point that brings the space together.


12. Bathroom Wall Decorating Ideas Small Bathrooms

Neutral colours, plain walls and minimal décor is the norm in small bathrooms. But it doesn’t have to be! Cover bathroom walls in floor-to-ceiling deep hued tiling that draws the eye upward, adding height to the space. A few pieces of wall décor, like a leafy watercolour or a stunning landscape, can add more depth and warmth.

13. Simple and Sweet Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas DIY

Bathroom wall design ideas don’t always have to be on the wall. A rustic leaning shelf adds useful storage space and fills up an empty wall at the same time. Alternatively, layer and lean artwork on the floor against your bathroom walls and on the counter, window ledge and toilet to add endless personality to this perky room.


14. Bathroom Wall Art Ideas – Unique Photo Wall

Gallery walls shouldn't be reserved for living rooms. Take this lovely concept to the bathroom with unique pieces that you love. Use funny bathroom humour, favourite quotes or cartoons, quirky photo collections or even empty, but elegant frames, for an unusual look.


15. Cute and Quirky Bathroom Wall Stickers for a Kid’s Bathroom

Children’s bathrooms can be fun and imaginative. Waterproof wall stickers for bathroom tiles can be used to create a theme wall, from a fairy wonderland, or a Jurassic world, to an underwater marine kingdom.


16. Patterned Tiles Wall Art Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

Art comes in many forms; pretty patterned tiles can become a show stopping work of art on a bathroom wall. Give this a contrast border to frame it and balance this dramatic floor-to-ceiling tile work with a stylish pendant lamp.

Modern & stylish waterproof wall stickers for bathroom tiles for your house - Beautiful Homes

FAQs on Modern Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

1. What Kind of Bathroom Wall Art Should I Hang on my Bathroom Walls?

One of the most important points to remember when choosing bathroom wall art and décor is that this is a high moisture area. It may not be a great idea to hang paintings on the wall as it could get damaged. Prints of paintings, photographs and other durable art and craft pieces are a better option.


2. What Wall Design for Bathroom Will Make it More Attractive?

From accent walls, to wallpaper, designer tiles to statement artwork, there are a number of ways to make your bathroom walls look exquisite. Even architectural details and pre-existing windows in the bathroom can be used as wall design for bathroom inspiration, and as a starting point for your wall décor.


3. What Kind of Bathroom Wall Décor Looks Good in a Bathroom?

Pick wall art that flows with the style and theme of your bathroom design. Pretty floral prints are enchanting in a vintage bathroom design, while large abstract artwork can make a bold statement in a modern bathroom. Make sure that it is balanced and doesn’t overwhelm the space.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas?

At Beautiful Homes, we share your passion when it comes to design, graphics, textures, patterns, and colour choices for your home. Whether it’s a bathroom remodel, or a home renovation, we provide excellent professional service combined with exceptional personal experience. Check out the exquisite bathroom wall décor and accessories at our online store. Contact us for home design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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