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Stunning colour combinations for bathroom tiles

  • Bathroom Design
Sep 28, 2021
Luxurious bathroom design - monochrome colour palette & abstract tile designs - Beautiful Homes

There are several ways to reinvent the look and design of your bathroom. But a clever way to bring in colour, pattern and texture to liven up the space is with tiles. The right set of tiles can be paired together to create a chic blend of hues or even juxtaposed in opposing shades for the perfect colour-blocking effect. We’ve rounded up a mood board of images that are inspiring us for our next big bathroom makeover!

1. The Art Of Pairing Tiles

When planning a bathroom’s design, there are several things to consider. But when it comes to the space’s style, the best starting point would be choosing a bathroom colour palette that echoes your personal style. While you could choose just about any colour for your bathroom décor, the way you pair or layer it in the room is important. If you’re a minimalist and choose an all-white theme, it will make the space look more open and airy. However, without any visual accent points or hints of detailing, the entire room could feel bland. Similarly, too many loud colours and prints paired together can make the bathroom look busy and unplanned.

Bathroom interior design with white & turquoise bathroom tiles colour - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

STYLE TIP: In this space, we see multiple bathroom tiles colour & design. However, the entire room still looks tastefully put together. This is because of the way each tile is placed. The intricate pattern on the floor is juxtaposed with a turquoise accent wall against it. For balance, the rest of the walls have been styled with simple white subway tiles and black grouting.

Multi-coloured mosaic bathroom tiles colour for bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tessera India

2. Mosaic Floors Will Create A Stunning Multi-hued Bathroom Tiles Colour

Terrazzo or mosaic tiles always lend a tasteful and aesthetic charm to any room it’s in. But if you’d like something more stunning, try tiling the floor in the bathroom entirely in exaggerated or large pieces of mosaic. Not only will this be a unique play on a timeless design style but each piece will lend a colourful and whimsical twist to the space.


3. A Soothing Colour Palette To Combat Indian Summers

For a large part, most cities and states in India face hot summer months every year. To respond to its surrounding climatic conditions, it’s a clever idea to plan your house interior design around it. Using cooling materials like marble, lighter hues for your décor and diaphanous fabrics for your furnishings are an immediate quick-fix. Similarly, you could play around with earthen-toned tiles that will double as an homage to Indian style while also serving as a soothing colour scheme for your entire bathroom’s décor.

Bathroom design with beige stone tiles & white walls for bathroom tiles colour - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

INSIDER’S EYE: While at first glance, this bathroom tiles colour seems minimal with clean simple lines, we love the interplay of beige stone tiles against clean white walls. The interspersed height of the sink and the storage counter below (along with their mixed materials) adds to the visual appeal in the space.

Bathroom tiles colour with azure mosaic accent wall paired with white - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tessera India

4. Add An Accent Wall To Your Bathroom Decor With The Right Tiles

A single unique element or detail in the bathroom can immediately elevate the Bathroom Design. It could be something as small as a statement accessory or fitting, or a more elaborate detail like an accent wall. While you can play around in multiple ways with your bathroom tiles colour & design, trying something unconventional or eye-catching (like designing an accent wall) will immediately make a bigger style impact in the space. It can even dictate the theme or colour palette of the space, like in this bathroom where an azure mosaic accent wall brings in a jewelled elegance to the entire décor.

5. Create Abstract Art On Your Floors With Your Bathroom Tiles Design

An interplay of shades and shapes when pairing tiles can create a form of abstract art in your bathroom décor. While we’re used to seeing symmetry and a continuous pattern throughout our tiled layouts, a mix of styles brings in a fresh new look for an otherwise conventional space. This powder room has several things going on but ties together like an ultra glam maximalist room. While the overarching colour palette is monochrome, the mix of shapes and patterns paired with hints of gilding (and a monolith jade pedestal sink) make for an opulent and luxurious bathroom tiles colour design.

Luxurious bathroom design - monochrome colour palette & abstract tile designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Deconstruct

Bathroom design with all white walls & patterned floor tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tessera India

6. Let Your Stunning Bathroom Tile Design Speak For Itself

If you go the extra mile and create a stunning or elaborate bathroom tiles colour & design, don’t let the rest of your décor take away any attention from it. Clean white walls and minimal fittings and fixtures will not only show off this unique design element, but also leave the space looking uncluttered.

7. A Unique Tiling Pattern Can Enhance Your Bathroom Decor

Sometimes, a simple material used in an interesting and intriguing way can completely change the look of an ordinary space. Basic subway tiles lined up in an unusual pattern will inspire anyone visiting your bathroom with new ideas for their own. In this bathroom, we see ordinary tile slabs placed in a herringbone pattern on the flooring and lower half of the wall. Paired with plain white walls, the space gets a monochrome palette with a twist.

Grey bathroom tiles colour in herringbone pattern paired with white walls for bathroom decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

STYLE GUIDE: Looking to add bright pops of colour to any space in the home but can’t commit to a single hue? Try buying moveable accessories which can be swapped out whenever you tire of them.In the bathroom, pieces on your countertop such as the soap and lotion dispensers, trays and any decorative knick knacks should do the trick. We don’t recommend over-cluttering the space though.

All white bathroom tiles colour paired with accent wall with leafy tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple backyard

8. Bring In Elements Of Nature Through Your Bathroom Tiles Colour

There’s no greater luxury in home design than easy access to the outdoors and a good view from each window. However, if your bathroom doesn’t have a large enough window or the view outside isn’t appealing, there are other ways you could bring in elements of nature in the space. When choosing your bathroom tiles colour, you could either pick a verdant shade for an accent wall or choose a pattern that has motifs of flora or fauna. While this bathroom has only one small window in a corner, the entire room looks bright, airy and fresh. This can be attributed to the all-white palette that’s been married with an accent wall with leafy tiles.


9. Pair Your Bathroom Tiles Colour Design With Wallpaper

While it may seem like the most unlikely room for it, you can line a wall in the bathroom with wallpaper. There are some tips to keep in mind before trying this style. Select a wall that doesn’t get any backsplashes or water drippings. This also includes any leakages or mould that could accumulate over time through the walls. The shower area is a definite no-no, but the entrance wall next to the door or a nook with no water fittings would be the perfect space for a panel of wallpaper.


INSIDER’S TIP: Looking for the perfect wallpaper for your bathroom? We love Asian Paints’ range of chic and timeless wall coverings that span from a range by designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee to décor label Good Earth. There’s even a collection of decal stickers by Disney for the little ones.

Black bathroom tiles colour paired with blue bathroom wallpaper - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tessera India

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