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Jul 09, 2022
Main entrance modern door design - Beautiful Homes

Your front entryway is your first impression. This one is a very critical touchpoint in interior design. But aren’t you tired of the same old boring main door designs?

Front doors are like your visiting card - the first impression. They don’t need to be too ornate but they do need to be beautiful. A bleak front door design isn’t inviting and who would wanna go in, when even the front door is sad and lifeless? Get away from the boring old choice of main entrance modern door design and step into the future using these latest and catchy designs for your entryway  main door design for home.


Usually, front doors and entryways are made from wood, fiberglass, or steel. Front doors come in a plethora of options according to the latest designs of main doors types to match your home’s vibe and feel. Every material also has its own benefits and can help you in its own ways. Each material allows you to achieve a certain level of aesthetic and privacy in your home. As we go ahead, we will also talk about various considerations while choosing a front door for your home - like cost and maintenance requirements.


Which materials to use?

One of the most important things is to decide whether you want your front door to have some see-through material like glass or you’d want your front door to be a fully solid panel. Another important thing to settle on is whether your front door should have a single solid door or a double door style. Double door designs for main door are very popular these days. Something like glass on your house main door design would allow the passage of light and let natural light flood in. On the other hand, according to house front door design, a solid door panel made of wood or metal would allow you to have the maximum amount of privacy when it comes to house main door design. When it comes to double door designs for main door, the idea of frosted glass also holds good. Usually, front door Indian main door designs do not exhibit a lot of glass due to privacy reasons.


Moreover, materials like fiberglass and metal (like steel) are pretty sturdy and robust and do not require high levels of maintenance. In modern main door design, wood, as a material, usually requires a bit more maintenance than other materials. If you choose wood as your material of choice for your front door, you may have to repaint and refinish or glaze a wooden door according to house front door design.


Whether you’re looking for a newly constructed front door or for a replacement to your current front door, when it comes to main door design for home there is a wide array of front door panel designs made from these three main materials - steel, fiberglass, and wood. Each material type has its own set of advantages which complement the vibes in your home, and considerations for your pocket and look and feel. Front door Indian main door designs allow for any kind of material to be used for construction.

Wood for Front Doors

The most important advantage of having a wood front door is that it is highly energy-efficient. A wood door can fit in almost every style of interior design there is - from traditionally designed homes to modern interior design. A wooden front door is usually on the pricier side, with the price going up as much as your design incorporates ornate decorations.


However, nothing comes close to the beauty and craftsmanship of real and solid wood. A wooden front door is a classic feel added to your home. You can choose the wood for your front door depending on the color and textures available that fit your current aesthetic and interior design style. A wooden front door (or double door) material can range from the elegance of Mahogany to the rustic feel of an Oak or Walnut. According to front door modern double door design, you can always customize your facade with the use of decorative grilles, glass inlays, prefinish stains, and many more such modes.


Wooden front door design exhibits doors built with glass, and these serve a great two-way purpose - a solid door with some inlet to natural light. Wooden front door design follows the “if you can visualize it, you can get it made” approach as they allow for extremely high levels of customization and personalization options.

Wooden front door design - Beautiful Homes



Front door modern double door design - Beautiful Homes

Fiberglass for Front Doors

According to the latest designs of main doors, the most important advantage of using fiberglass as the material of choice for your front door is that it is incredibly durable. One of the most common styles of interior design where a fiberglass front door makes the most sense is the transitional interior design style. Fiberglass as a material is dent-resistant and doesn’t corrode or rust at all, hence a great choice for front door design for home. The price point ranges from moderate to high depending on your choice of fiberglass type. You can choose from a Mahogany-grain or an Oak-grain to a Fir-grain or smooth fiberglass panel. Grained fiberglass is usually used as it is a budget-friendly option. It also has the warmth and the rich feel of wood sans the maintenance demands, and hence makes using it a great idea for front door design for home. A fiberglass front door defends your home from drafts and leaks while being highly energy-efficient as well. With fiberglass, you can create an aesthetically appealing look for your home.


Metal for Front Doors

The most important advantage of using metals such as steel as the material of choice for your front door is that it is naturally strong, and would make for a very robust and solid front door. The most common interior design styles that align with having a steel door are the modern and contemporary home interior design styles. 

According to main gate steel door design, steel as a material also has a price point varying from moderate to high depending on the quality and width used to make the front door. Steel front doors are naturally robust and durable according to main gate steel door design. A steel paneled door is probably the least maintenance item there is. You can paint over the door to make it look and feel like anything within your vibe. A steel front door adds some intrigue and depth to your home. Stainless steel is naturally resistant to rust and rot and hence makes for an exceptionally low-performance material.


No matter what material, when it comes to modern main door design, one of the most sought-after brands for customized or readymade front doors is the Pella front door. One of the best options also is to combine wood and fiberglass and create a glass-paneled front door that imbues a sense of drama to the home while also adding a floodgate for natural light to the home. You can customize the glass to be as obscure as you want, thus creating appeal while maintaining privacy. In order to achieve thermal protection, Low-E insulating glass comes standard on all glass-paneled Pella entry doors.


Fiberglass vs. Wood vs. Steel

In order for you to ascertain which front door material is the best choice for you, you should determine which factors and features are the most important to your home design psychology, and then compare how each material pans out on those criteria. Front doors made up of Fiberglass and Steel require the least amount of maintenance, whereas Wood front doors will require regular maintenance. Each material and its frame system have been optimized to serve a variety of purposes as mentioned above. Wood front doors offer the most options for customization and personalization, while steel front doors are the least preferred options for personalization.


No matter what material you choose, you can always customize it according to your vision. Here are a few examples.


Bold and Colorful

A front door in color that contrasts well with your color scheme is one of the rare but amazing choices for front door designs. Doors painted with primaries like red or blue stand out and give your home a vibe of adventure and panache.


Rustic and Country-like

If you have a villa or a private house and not a bungalow or a mansion, then you need a door that does not box the space but instead blends in. This would require a good amount of fiberglass set in wood as the ideal case design for your front door. It has a rustic country vibe, which may be perfect for your vacation homes or your farmhouse. If safety is a top priority for you, you can always add a metal grille here.


Eclectic and Innovative

You can always use a bunch of both - clever patterns on the door and appealing colors on the door. You can also deploy your creativity to reduce waste by designing your front door with leftover materials from your house construction or renovation. Using a mosaic of glass pieces for front door window glass design is also a great idea.

Front door Indian main door designs - Beautiful Homes



Main gate steel door design - Beautiful Homes

Glossy and Chic

This one can be a wood door glazed to perfection, or a stainless steel door painted to perfection. Either way, it looks really cool and elegant. A glossy door would usually go extremely well with marble flooring. The front door window glass design on the door can be as minimal as you like because the sheen on the door does most of the job to add appeal. 



Decorative and eye-catching

There are a bunch of decorative laminates available in the market today that you can further customize and add intricacy to. You can either buy one or carve up your current main entrance door design for an adventurous ride.

Unique double door designs for main door - Beautiful Homes


At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we understand how significant it is to build each corner of your home. You simply need to let us know about the sort of interior design you are looking for, and we will assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want to create more aesthetic appeal or align the vibe of your space with existing structures or play with front door color combinations - we will be able to meet your needs well. We also help with specific furnishings such as traditional kitchen design and can guide you through the whole process of selecting or renewing one. We happen to be experts in entrance door design styles and have designed scores of customized interiors.


Our approaches to modern interior design ideas come in a wide range. At Beautiful Homes, we provide a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design and décor needs. We've got it all, from furniture to wall treatments, lighting to wood solutions. Our design professionals are well-versed in all styles of interior design and hallway décor ideas. Our designs are splendid yet functional enough to create an elegant environment and make your experience memorable. From the right furnishings and materials in diverse colors to a variety of options and accessories for your home—find what you’re looking for, and get your house design just right.


Our Beautiful Homes Service Advantage includes:

  1. Interior design experts
  2. Personalised service
  3. State-of-the-art 3D visualisation
  4. End-to-end service
  5. Project management
  6. Signature walls
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Our current home décor & furnishing stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several more cities in India. Visit our website to check out the various options we offer. You can also have a look at the projects executed by us so far - what you see is what you get in terms of quality and value. You may book a 3D consultation call with us to understand the project's process, design, and execution, or walk into our stores across India to know more about our offerings. With our interior design services, you will get custom solutions and an experience that is tailored to your specific needs.

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