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Oct 22, 2022
Visual Textured Wallpaper for Walls - Beautiful Homes

Textured wallpaper is available in beautiful colours and textures and can make any room look elegant and chic. Here we take a look at different types of textured wallpapers and offer inspiring ideas to choose the perfect one for your space

Textured wallpapers are one of the easiest ways to instil life into a dull wall. Wallpaper texture design comes in interesting patterns and colours that add dimension to a space and create a sense of drama.  Subtle effects are deployed in clever ways in textured wallpaper to create intrigue and character to your walls.


Types of Textured Wallpaper for Walls

Interior wallpaper texture comes in myriad colours and textures that make any room look elegant and chic. Colour, shadows, highlights, weaves and materials add subtle nuances that creates the look and feel of textured wallpaper. Types of textured wallpaper include:

  • Visual Textured Wallpaper

    Non-woven and vinyl with trendy wall paper texture seamless visual patterns, like brick, wood, and concrete.
  • Light Textured Wallpaper

    Features a raised surface that has a distinct or defined tactile finish, like grasscloth, cork, textile, silk, sisal and flock wallpaper.

  • Highly Textured Wallpaper

    Pronounced textured surface with a heftier tactile look and feel, like textured grasscloth, linen, jute, damask, and glass bead wallpaper.

  • Heavy Layered Textured Wallpaper

    Highly dense, textured finish with a shiny surface, like mica chip wallpaper.
Light Textured Wallpaper living room - Beautiful Homes

Some grasscloth and bamboo wallpapers use thin strips of wood, which not only contributes to the thickness, but also elevates the textured elements even further.


Textured Wallpaper for Walls for Every Room

Every room in a house has a different vibe and textured wallpapers can help in deepening the ambiance and atmosphere of each room in subtle ways.

Living Room Modern Textured Wallpaper - Beautiful Homes

1. Glamorous Wallpaper for Living Room Texture

Using shiny mica black textured wallpaper as an accent wall, with subtle raised detail to add intrigue, makes for a stylish living room backdrop that will make a space stand out without being overwhelming. For a more elegant look, make heads turn with a mother of pearl wallpaper for living room texture that can create a dazzling visual. For a more sophisticated vibe, choose a gorgeous damask ceiling wallpaper texture to give the living room all the glamour it needs.

2. Modern Textured Wallpaper for Dining Room

Modern textured wallpaper in bold colours and modern swirls and splashes can look fabulous as an accent wall in a large room, while smaller dining rooms can be made more elegant with pastel modern wallpaper texture seamless patterns that can add subtle interest.

Modern Textured Wallpaper for dining room- Beautiful Homes
Textured Wallpaper For Office Wall - Beautiful Homes

3. Subtle Linen Texture Wallpaper for Office Wall

Using a texture wallpaper for office wall is a confident décor move that can add colour, pattern, texture, and excitement to drab office walls. For a serene and calming workspace, shades of blue, green or grey textured wallpaper can create a soothing backdrop. For a more energetic and creative workspace, go for richer and bolder colours like deep red or mustard that can spice up the space. Deep forest greens or navy blues toned down with white textured wallpaper are great for austere and formal work spaces.

4. Wood Texture Wallpaper for Study

Wood texture wallpaper is a great choice for contained spaces, like the study and library as it can give an air of elegance and formality to a space. Pair it with rustic furniture and woollen or linen weaves for a cottagey feel, or use silk upholstery and antique furniture for a more traditional vibe. 


5. 3d Textured Wallpaper for Kids’ Rooms

Always a fun way to cover the wall, a 3d textured wallpaper is popular for nurseries and kids’ rooms. A nursery in pale pink or blue textured wallpaper in linen or grasscloth will look absolutely charming. For older kids, create fantastical walls of fairies and magic, underwater kingdoms or a Jurassic world that they will love. 


6. Divine Pooja Room Wallpaper Texture

To add a dignified and reverent air to the puja room, nothing evokes the sense of the divine more than silk pooja room wallpaper texture. A golden yellow silky wallpaper will provide the most divine backdrop for a traditional wooden puja mandir. Add silk ceiling wallpaper texture, gold flecked marble flooring, gold bells and brass and crystal fixtures to make your puja room an ode to God.

7. Silky Sisal Textured Wallpaper for Walls of Bedrooms

Sisal wallpapers tend to have a fine weave giving an almost silk effect and it can add a sexy vibe as bedroom wallpaper texture. Choose rich, deep colours of this natural grasscloth as bedroom wallpaper texture and pair it with a vintage metal bedstead, metal and glass side tables, heavy silk drapes and soft pile carpeting for a decadent and luxurious bedroom.


8. Floral Damask Embossed Wallpaper for the Foyer

Damask wallpapers are a classic and timeless design choice for your foyer that will stun your guests the moment they step into your home. Damask wallpapers give off an elegant, opulent, and grand feel that can be combined with traditional accents to create a glamorous aura.

Textured Wallpaper For Bedrooms - Beautiful Homes
White Textured Wallpaper For Kitchen - Beautiful Homes

9. Brick Finish Wallpaper Texture Design for Kitchen

There are no rooms in a house where wallpaper cannot be used. Moisture resistant, vinyl white textured wallpaper in an exposed brick pattern will give your kitchen a rustic vibe. A butcher block countertop, wood-paneled island, exposed wood beams, and wood cabinets are all additions that will add to the farmhouse feel of this rustic kitchen.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wallpaper Texture Design for your Interiors?

Textured wallpapers can give a room that little extra push that it needs to make it stand out. At Beautiful Homes, we know what to tweak to give that extra edge to your home design. We have a beautifully curated collection of home furniture, wallpapers and home décor that can completely transform your home. We offer our design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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