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Sunmica design and its uses for your home

  • Interior Design
Oct 06, 2022
Wood finish sunmica designs for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Versatile and highly practical, sunmica will instantly elevate your interiors!

If you are currently renovating your home or have done so in the past you must have definitely come across the term sunmica and laminates. Sunmica is the most popular brand of laminates. It is affordable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, sunmica is available in a number of finishes and hues. ​​​​Printed sunmica designs are striking and add personality to any space. Due to its numerous advantages, interior designers, architects and homeowners often choose sunmica over other materials such as wood for home interiors.


While you may have heard the term sunmica, you may not know all the features and application of this laminate. For this reason, we have compiled this guide to take you through all the features and benefits of sunmica. This article will help you choose the right sunmica design for your home. These sunmica designing tips will guide you to conceptualise the home of your dreams. Read on to discover the best sunmica design ideas.


What is Sunmica?

Sunmica is used abundantly in residential and commercial interiors. It is the preferred laminate due to its quality, robustness, pricing, and other features. The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation and Formica International established a joint venture in the 1960s, and Formica India Limited began distributing laminates. The company released sunmica in 1998. The firm was renamed AICA Sunmica in 2011.


Over the last few decades, sunmica became the preferred brand for laminates in Indian homes. Just like Xerox became associated with photocopying, sunmica has become so well-known that it came to be used to refer to all laminates. Presently, as there are a wide range of sunmica finishes, it is important to choose the right sunmica design for your home. ​​​​Printed sunmica designs will help you add character to your residence. Here are the latest sunmica designs for you to pick from. These are the best sunmica designs for modern houses.


What are the Most Popular Sunmica Finishes?

A modern home does not have to be plain and boring. Present day residences are paired down rooms that are calming and relaxing spaces to be in. Make your home perfect with the very best furniture, accessories and materials. ​​Browse through the gallery below for inspiration on creating your dream home using the most popular sunmica finishes. Create a tranquil retreat with opulent materials, which reflect your personal taste. These sunmica finishes are easy to incorporate in any kind of home. ​​

High Gloss Sunmica Sheet

Typically available in solid hues, this sunmica is a highly reflective, mirror-like surface. This finish works well in contemporary homes and it is a very popular choice for wardrobe sunmica designs. A high gloss sunmica sheet adds a touch of glamour and instantly elevates the interiors of any space. Glossy sunmica colours add a chic and luxurious feel to any room.

High gloss sunica for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Matte fininsh sunmica for your bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Matte Finish Sunmica

This finish of sunmica is subtle and non-reflective. It is often used for furniture sunmica designs to make the furniture pieces visually striking without going overboard. Matte finished laminates are the preferred choice for ​​kitchen sunmica. These designer sunmica sheet designs will help you make a statement with your friends and family. Pick your matte finish sunmica colour based on your tastes and functionality of the space. There are a wide selection of sunmica colour combinations to choose from.

Everything you need to know about Sunmica!

Textured Sunmica

This sunmica finish features a texture, which is grainy, embossed, striped, or feels like leather. Texture sunmica designs are a great option if you are looking to add some drama and intrigue to your spaces. Texture sunmica designs can be striking or subtle depending on the sunmica sheet colours you pick. These designer sunmica sheet designs are versatile and adaptable.

Textured sunmica designs for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Metallic sunmica for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, House of AC

Metallic Sunmica

Laminates are also available in gold, copper, silver, steel and other metallic sunmica sheet colours. Metallic sunmica complements contemporary furniture and decor pieces the best. This finish is often incorporated in wardrobe sunmica designs. Metallic glossy sunmica colours are especially well-liked in modern homes of young people. From the latest sunmica designs, this finish is one of the most renowned ones.

Solid Colours

Solid hued sunmica is the most well-loved kind of laminate, especially for modern sunmica door designs and furniture sunmica design. They come in a wide range of awe-inspiring shades and hues. This variety of laminates is the perfect ​​kitchen sunmica. Select your sunmica colour keeping in mind the design aesthetic and colour palette of your home. The sunmica colour combination you select plays an important role in the final outcome of your residence.

Solid coloured sunmica design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beautiful Homes Services

Main door sunmica design ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nayan Soni

Wood Finish Sunmica

Evocative of real wood, wood finish sunmica is used when you do not want to use wood for any reason. While wood finish sunmica resembles wood, it sometimes lacks the warmth of real wood. However, wood finish sunmica is typically less expensive than wood, and is also available in a number of wooden sunmica colours. This finish is often used for modern sunmica door designs. Sunmica doors with this finish are elegant and practical. Wooden sunmica colours are a varied bunch, ideal for all kinds of homes. Main door sunmica designs primarily feature this wood finish laminate.

Significant Features of Sunmica

  • Architects, interior designers and homeowners use sunmica abundantly in home interiors.
  • Sunmica sheet design is unique, giving spaces a one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • It typically comes with an 11-year guarantee against colour fading.
  • Sunmica sheets are resistant to the elements and harsh temperatures.
  • It is antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Sunmica sheets have uniform thickness.
  • It is resistant to scratches and cracking.
  • Sunmica sheets are stain and steam resistant, making it perfect for use in house design.
  • Carpenters in India are well-versed in its application.


Advantages of Sunmica

  1. Sunmica designing is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional at the same time.
  2. Sunmica sheet design is available in a number of diverse finishes and has versatile uses.
  3. Sunmica is crack-resistant and durable.
  4. It can endure a certain amount of wear and tear, heat and dampness.
  5. Sunmica is less expensive than acrylic or membrane finishes.
  6. It is easy to maintain. All it takes is regular dusting and wiping with a damp soft cloth to keep sunmica looking new.


FAQs on Sunmica

1. What is Sunmica Made of?

Sunmica is crafted using phenolic materials. It is made with an amalgamation of plastic resins, aesthete brown, and translucent paper.

2. Is Sunmica Waterproof?

Sunmica is durable and can survive heat, wear and tear, and moisture to a specific limit. However, if it is kept in the proximity of water for a prolonged time, it may warp. Thus, it is important to keep these factors in mind before installing sunmica anywhere in your house.


3. How can I Check my Sunmica Quality?

It is advisable to purchase sunmica, which has been certified. In India, laminates have to conform in accordance with IS 2046 for High Pressure Decorative Laminates (also called HPDL). This certification is provided after checking the material’s hardiness, resistance to scratches and dust, adverse climatic conditions and related environmental factors. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy sunmica with proper certification only.

Wood finish sunmica designs for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, House of AC

4. Which is The Best Sunmica?

​​Latest sunmica designs for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms feature a large variety of finishes. There is no one sunmica, which is best. The best sunmica for your home is based on your tastes and preferences, the design aesthetic of the room and its functionality. From high gloss sunmica and metallic sunmica to solid colours and wood finish sunmica, all the finishes of sunmica offer something special and unique.


5. Uses of Sunmica

Sunmica can be incorporated in all the rooms of your home, be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom. It is often used on furniture, wall panels, tabletops, ceilings, and floors. Latest sunmica designs for bedrooms include high gloss sunmica and solid colours. 


​​Sunmica will help you design a warm and inviting home. If you still need additional ​​​​sunmica design ideas and did not find your answer in this guide, it is a good idea to consult a professional. Along with providing trending sunmica designing tips, an expert can also guide you on which ​​sunmica to choose and how to arrange the furniture and decor pieces in your home.


Are you looking for interior design expertise for the best sunmica design ideas? The task of designing your dream home can seem like a daunting one. We can help with more ​​sunmica sheet design ideas. Beautiful Homes Services by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. For everything you need to create your home, the knowledgeable team at Beautiful Homes Services is here to support you every step of the way. Let our expert consultants help you out! We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream home. We create spaces tailored to your tastes and lifestyle, combine visual appeal with functional ease, optimise available space—and we keep it all within your budget. For a home consultation, click here.


Alternatively, you could visit our store for further guidance on ​​sunmica colours. With a curation of products and solutions from a family of brands, the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes store is your one-stop shop to create a home or space that tells your unique story. Whether you are looking to quickly spruce up your home with a few decor updates or undertake an entire renovation, this store houses everything from furniture and furnishings to fixtures and home automation solutions. Currently, our stores are present across the country in cities such as Amritsar, New Delhi, Raipur, Jaipur, Tumakuru, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Karur, Kochi, and Nashik, we are in the process of branching out in other states and cities as well.

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