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Wash basin table top design ideas

  • Bathroom Design
Nov 20, 2022
Wash basin table top design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Aesthetically pleasing and durable, table top wash basins come in many types and designs that are sure to add a hint of sophistication to your washroom interiors. Find the style that’s the best fit for your home with this handy guide!

While there are many different wash basin design styles available these days, when looking for an attractive and long-wearing sink that’s sure to add a contemporary touch to your interiors, you can’t go wrong with a table top basin design. Not only are they relatively easy to install, but they also work well to prevent water splashes; these are just some of the reasons why countertop or table top wash basin designs are a popular option for all types of bathrooms and powder-rooms.


In fact, depending on the style of sink or counter that you choose, your tabletop washbasin design can convey an elegant minimalism or eye-catching, yet refined appeal – we go into more detail below!



Types of Table Top Wash Basin Designs


1. Top-Mount Wash Basin Table Top Design

Excellent for minimalist designs and elegant bathrooms, a top mount sink, often known as a "drop-in sink," sits above the basin table top and is likely the most frequently used basin table top design style. Typically, only the basin's rim is visible above the bench top while the majority of the basin rests below it. Depending on the table top basin design, you could select either a very thin or a broader style rim.

2. Vessel Sink Wash Basin Table Top Design

A great choice for ensuite bathrooms, powder-rooms and dining room washbasins, vessel sinks create a statement and are a table top basin design that is both practical and elegant. A vessel-style table top basin design is one that either sits completely on top of your wash basin table top counter or is only partially sunk into it, and – as suggested by its name – most often looks like a large bowl, although shallow options are also available.

Wash basin table top design for bathrooms - Beautiful Homes
Table top wash basin design for bathroom - Beautiful Homes

Our Top 5 Wash Basin Table Top Design Ideas


1. Wash Basin Table Top Design – Natural Appeal

Why not opt for a wash basin design crafted from natural stone materials like quartz, granite, or marble for the table top style, considering the shift in design trends towards sustainable raw materials and biophilic styles? With unique finishes and patterns, an unpolished stone basin table top gives your décor scheme texture and personality. These sinks are expertly carved from material of the highest quality, bestowing organic elegance to your bathroom table top basin design. To further enhance the look of a stone wash basin, table top counters can be honed to a glossy finish for an opulent sheen, reflecting a whole new level of grandeur.

2. Wash Basin Table Top Design – Spa Styling

Many hotels, spas, and resorts use platter-style table top wash basin designs, making these shallow glass basins a swanky choice. Despite the perceived delicacy of a glass basin, table top design solutions today are surprisingly durable with minimal risks of chipping and breaking. The clean lines and clarity of glass gives this table top wash basin design unprecedented grace and elegance. Be it transparent, coloured, or textured glass, the sink can make a big visual impact on a room. This is particularly true for a space restricted table top wash basin; small size models will still enhance reflected light, giving your space dimension.


3. Wash Basin Table Top Design – Boho Prints

With decorative motifs and patterns that are painted or printed on the porcelain surface of the basin, table top sinks of this type give off the aura of a designer table top wash basin. With its chic appearance, you could even place such a basin in visible areas, like an alcove besides the dining room. Plus, by picking a narrow counter for your table top wash basin, small size alcoves will still seem like ample space. The attractive appearance of these designer table top wash basin styles means that they can even be used as the focus of your bathroom, with countertops, tiling and other fittings chosen to match.

4. Wash Basin Table Top Design – Chunky Charm

A simple, white porcelain bathroom table top basin might seem fairly common and you may be wondering why it’s on our list. Well, the unique point that makes this top-mount sink stand out among other table top wash basin designs, is its distinctive chunky rim! In a plump oval shape that’s reminiscent of a donut, this partially sunken basin table top design has smooth curves that please. For this style of basin, table top counters in pale wood or stone would be a good fit.

White wash basin table top design ideas - Beautiful Homes
Designer table top wash basin for bathroom - Beautiful Homes

5. Wash Basin Table Top Design – Glitzy Elegance

With old-world glamor and visual appeal, a metallic finish table top wash basin design can add impeccable style to your space. This type of metallic sink has all the appeal of a bespoke, designer table top wash basin but is easily available in a myriad of ready-made patterns. Similar to a glass sink, with this table top wash basin, small size bathrooms can be made to look larger as light reflects off its surface. When adding luxury to any bathroom, table top basin designs that feature a beaten copper, polished gold or pebbled silver surface are the perfect finishing touch.


Want more ideas or help with a bathroom design that’s perfect for your home? Our team of experienced professionals at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes are here for all your interior design or home renovation needs. You could also check out the Beautiful Homes website, browse our expertly curated magazine or explore our previous projects for further inspiration. To learn more about our services or products, book a 3D consultation call, or walk into any of our stores across India!

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