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Nov 09, 2022
Home maintenance tips for living room - Beautiful Homes

Keep your home looking picture-perfect at all times with these quick maintenance and styling tips

While designing your home may be challenging, maintaining it need not be. We've compiled a list of some home maintenance and styling tips to make it easier for you. Read on to find out more.



How to Take Care of Different Rooms?


1. How to Maintain your Home- Living Room:

Atmosphere: Welcoming

The living room design serves as the first impression of your house and sets the tone for the rest of it. It may also be the space where you and your family spend a lot of time. What you then want is a warm and welcoming living room. Start with decluttering so that it is easier to enjoy the ambience of the room.


Make the seating extra comfortable for you and your guests by adding sufficient pillows and throw blankets for a welcoming living room. For something a little more fun, change up the décor seasonally and for festive occasions.

2. How to Maintain your Home- Bedrooms:

Warm and soothing

The bedroom design is where you wind down after a long day of work. To create a warm cozy bedroom environment, ensure that all your belongings have a dedicated space so that the surfaces remain clean and clutter-free. One of the best ways to do it is by using clever storage solutions that allow you to make the most of your space.


You may also want to avoid harsh lighting. Instead, opt for a warm natural light with dimmers or yellow-hued lights for a warm cozy bedroom. Keep bright and bold elements to a minimum, and pick solid colors over patterns as accents where possible.

How to maintain your home - Beautiful Homes
House repair hacks for balcony - Beautiful Homes

3. Home Maintenance Tips- Outdoor:


Keep your outdoor spaces lively and laid-back by choosing visually light furniture and vibrant colors. While outdoor spaces are notoriously difficult to keep clean, you can make it easier for yourself by fixing a periodic schedule to do it. This will allow you to enjoy these pockets of nature at leisure whenever you wish.


If you want to use the outdoor spaces for entertaining, create a fun vibe by incorporating ample seating, and a balanced combination of colors and prints. Ensure that there is enough lighting as well— lamps, overhead lights, sconces, and string lights are all great options. 

4. Home Maintenance Tips- Kitchen:


For most families, the modular kitchen is the home's heart. The energy levels are also equally high in the dining room area. Design a lively kitchen by opting for coloured cabinets, metallic accents, and an open floor plan. To maintain this vibe, pick designs that make the appliances invisible. You also need ample storage so that your counters remain free and ready to be used whenever you're in the mood to cook. Maintain a full pantry and ensure all the hardware functions smoothly for a seamless experience.

Home maintenance for kitchen - Beautiful Homes


Enhance the Beauty of your House with these 10 Perfect Tips

Decluttering, regular organization and keeping up to date with repairs are a part of regular house maintenance. But here are a few tips to ensure that your home is almost always picture-perfect.


1. Add Greenery

Incorporating a slice of nature into your home can provide ample benefits. Plants liven the space, but they also help with temperature regulation, provide psychological benefits, etc. Plants are also a great way to add pops of colors to an otherwise neutral or minimal décor. If you do not have any outdoor spaces, try indoor gardens in the form of green walls, vertical gardens, window sill gardens, etc. Don't forget to schedule time for the greenery as you would for house maintenance.


2. Home Maintenance is Important

Not all homes need a complete makeover; sometimes, it's about simple house maintenance. Cleaning regularly and decluttering every few months is a great way to start. Along the way, develop an organization system so that your surfaces remain free and everything in the house has a parking spot. And don't forget to survey the home periodically for any house repairs.


3. Follow a Theme and Keep it Simple

Themes help to create cohesive spaces. You can interpret it as color-based themes, something more conceptual or even functional. Following a theme will help you design streamlined spaces without any kitsch.


4. Floor Matters

The kind of flooring you choose affects the room's aesthetic and functionality. Opt for hardwood floors or Portuguese-style printed tiles if you want them to stand out. Opt for a neutral-toned floor if you want to add rugs to your décor. If you have children, older people or pets in your family, choose anti-skid flooring that also allows for thermal regulation.

Useful tips for maintenance for home - Beautiful Homes

5. Maintain your Home by Updating your Bathrooms

Outside of regular maintenance of the house, you can elevate your bathrooms by following these simple style tips. Paint the cabinets to add a pop of color. Change the hardware to metallic finishes like gold or brass for a luxurious look or black for a minimal contemporary vibe. Choose wallpaper instead of regular paint to add visual interest. Ensure that there is sufficient lighting, both natural and artificial and that the bathroom is well-ventilated.


6. Organize and Fix your Kitchen

Kitchens see a lot of action and can become difficult to clean and maintain if not done regularly. Ensure that all the dishes, counters and appliances are cleaned right after use. Use organization systems such as dish racks, labeled clear containers, tension rods for hanging, etc. Ensure that there's enough lighting for a lively kitchen.

7. Maintain your Home by Painting your Walls

A fresh coat of paint can bring new life to any space. Choose colors based on the kind of ambience you're looking to create. If you want a soothing space, choose neutrals like beige, taupe, grays and off-whites. For an energetic mood, opt for vibrant colors such as tangerine yellow and Fuschia. For something a little moody, pick jewel tones like ruby, navy, emerald, etc. Lighter hues make a room appear spacious, while darker tones make it feel cozier. You can also pick decals, wallpaper or even murals to make a statement.

House repair for welcoming living room - Beautiful Homes
Home maintenance for warm cozy bedroom - Beautiful Homes

8. Personalize your Room

Let your personality shine through in your home interiors, whether it is through the use of color, patterns, texture, or something else entirely. Pick a design style that suits your lifestyle and your taste. For someone artistic, eclectic, bohemian or industrial style might fit better. If you prefer something laidback, consider Scandinavian or coastal styles.



9. Accessorize it Correctly

A few details, too, can make a world of difference when it comes to home décor— be mindful of the artwork, the hardware and the textiles you choose. To create continuity, repeat certain elements across the space, like floral or geometric motifs. Opt for accessories that are also functional to avoid clutter.



10. Personal Touch

Don't forget to add mementoes, heirlooms, photographs and such to your house to make it a home. 


Beautiful Homes Design & Décor Magazine for Maintaining your Home

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