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The most unique ways to tile your kitchen

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Jan 30, 2020
Colourful Kitchen Tile Design On A Small Kitchen Wall Area - Beautiful Homes

Kitchen tiling 101—the tips you can use and the rules you can break for any kitchen tile design

There are several reasons we tile our kitchens from our floors to the walls—to blend with the existing décor, to add a dash of colour to the space, and to save the walls from backsplashes and spillages. Thus, having unique kitchen tile ideas is important to make your kitchen the centre of your home. Kitchen wall tiles design is easier for cleanups last longer and stains lesser than painted walls.

We all know our modular kitchen to be the warmest space in most Indian homes. This is where we spend most of our time cooking & entertaining. Thus, It is important to have a unique kitchen design, with a blend of good kitchen tile ideas, good cabinet ideas, wallpapers, & ideally designed countertops for storage. This makes implementing kitchen tiles design in Indian style warmer & more welcoming with a perfect balance of style.


However, we all have different requirements, space constraints and budgets when it comes to designing the heart of our homes. If you’re caught wondering if you should stick to a minimal palette to stay safe in the long run or break the rules and bring out your personal style, we have eight unique ways to inspire the perfect kitchen tile design for you.

On a Budget? You Don’t Have to Tile all your Walls

The main purpose of kitchen wall tiles is to protect the wall from splashes. While you may think you need to have a kitchen tile design for all four walls, if you’re on a budget, you could work with creating a backsplash only around the area prone to splatters and spillages on the wall.


Easy Hack: In this small-space minimalist kitchen, only the wall adjacent to the stove, counter and sink has been tiled for easy cleanups.

The Most Unique Ways To Tile Your Kitchen Interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IKEA

Kitchen Wall Tile Design With Complementing Wallpaper For A More Cost- And Time-Efficient Makeover - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IKEA

Add an Interesting Play with Texture by Pairing your Tiles with Wallpaper

If you can’t commit to a particular modern kitchen tile design, consider tiling half your wall in a standard colour and shape for uniformity, and pairing it with a complementing patterned wallpaper. Or you can always go for a kitchen tile design Indian style to get a premium look and feel for your kitchen.


Pro Tip: Being easier and more cost-efficient to change (along with being less time-consuming), you can give your kitchen a quick makeover once you tire of a print.

Tiles aren’t Only Meant for your Walls; They can add Visual Appeal to the Floors, too!

If you have busy countertops and walls in your kitchen, and would love to have a play of patterned kitchen wall tiles but feel it will leave the space looking too cluttered, look no further than your floors. We love how this kitchen has paired the earthy toned kitchen tile design with the exposed brick walls to create a warm and rustic modern Indian kitchen.


Pro Tip: When playing with multiple textures and colours, make sure the rest of your kitchen has a neutral or simple colour palette to avoid looking too busy, letting the uniqueness of the rest of the design speak for itself.

The Most Unique Ways To Tile Your Kitchen Design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Rajiv Majumdar for Praxis

Two Different Modern Kitchen Tile Design In The Same Kitchen, One Muted And The Other One Bolder - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ira Gosalia @ ira_phxindia for We Design Studio

If you’re Pairing Two Geometric Patterns, Keep One Bold and One Minimal

When selecting tiles for the kitchen, if you’d prefer to choose two different colours or prints for the walls and the floor, keep one muted and preferably in a solid colour that will pair well with the pattern and shades on the other. While one will add visual appeal, the other will balance out the space leaving it looking less cluttered.


Break The Rules: Choose simpler, brighter kitchen wall tiles to create more openness and space on the countertop and leave the patterns and colours for the tiles for the floor. While designing you small modular kitchen, pair geometric patterns with a mix of bold and minimal colour to give an aesthetic touch to the décor.

Spaces that Don’t Need Kitchen Wall Tiles can be Painted in Colour-blocking Shades

One of the biggest home décor trends for 2020 is colour blocking, and the simplest way to try this would be on a wall that can create a visual aesthetic. In the coffee station in this kitchen, we love how the walls behind the exposed shelves have been painted in a deep olive green, which pairs well with the white, simple square kitchen tile design and similar toned accessories.

The Most Unique Ways To Tile Your Kitchen Interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, NEXT

Matching Kitchen Wall Interior Design For Both The Walls And The Floor, Cabinetry In Light Brown - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ira Gosalia for Studio Node

Your Walls can Match the Floor

For many of us, pairing prints can play an integral role in our personal style. And, often, our personal style spills into our home decor. The best space to experiment with this is in the kitchen, where you have to worry less about designing a space for guests, but focus more on creating a place to call your own. And, when working with any kitchen tile design, don’t be afraid to break the conventional rules. In this kitchen, contrary to popular opinion, the kitchen wall tiles match the floor tiles.

Pro Tip: If you’re wondering if things could start to look too busy, take inspiration from the cabinetry that’s in a complimentary solid colour. This will add balance to any space that’s high on visual appeal.

Love Prints, But can’t Commit to an Entire Wall of it? Look No Further than the Humble Backsplash

The kitchen tile design on the floor in this Indian kitchen plays it safe with muted tones that match the shades in the woodwork. What’s interesting, however, is the decal-styled backsplash created with tiles for the kitchen that add an instant pop of colour and an intricate pattern in an otherwise muted space.


The Most Unique Ways To Tile Your Home Kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Kitchen Interior Design With White Kitchen Wall Tiles And Black Grouting Between Them And Cabinets In Dark Turquoise Colour - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MuseLab

The Right Grouting can Change the Most Humble Kitchen Wall Tile Idea

Plain white square tiles can either make or break the design of the room. Pairing them with dull fittings that haven’t been updated in a while, could create a space that’s screaming for an update. However, in this kitchen, the symmetric black grouting between each square tile lends a unique geometric appeal to the countertop.


Easy Hack: Your existing tiles can be given a new look without retiling by updating and changing the colour of its grouting.

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