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Tips to buy TV units for your abode

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Dec 08, 2021
Tv unit designs for your abode - Beautiful Homes

Looking for a TV unit for your home! These are the 5... Let's look at the few factors that you need to consider before buying a TV unit

Trying to find that one TV unit to fit into your entertainment zone? Well, the wait stops right here, as we guide you to make your decision process a smooth one. A TV unit or TV stand is a versatile piece of furniture that smartly hides tons of wires, a set-up box, a pile of DVDs and other TV equipment, along with being an aesthetic fit to your room.  A TV Unit for living room has become a focal point for social activity closely rivalling break time spent around the dining table.You must consider several things while picking this functional piece for your home. We have prepared a few tips for finding the perfect TV unit for your abode!


Time to Buy a TV Unit. Is it Better to Get One Online or from an Actual Store?

It's hard to beat the comfort of buying a TV online. A few clicks to buy TV cabinet and it is delivered  at your door but there is some room for error, purchasing it online. On the other hand if you believe only in what you see then buying a TV unit at a store is a befitting option as you can examine products up close.With more and more brands insisting on online pricing to match store MSRPs, that one-major benefit is primarily gone. So between the two, which is the finest place to buy a new TV? Online, or in a store. Here's how both alternatives stack up.


1. Selection:

 Online shopping is actually endless and is a clear winner. That said, big retailers have availability limited to most popular models and if the store has it in stock.The online have a huge selection of different brands and models available, making it an easier option to check stock than physical stores.


2. Price:

 Online could be cheaper. Nevertheless, most brands have unilateral pricing policies (UPP). This suggests that the model you've got your eye on is going to be the same price at every authorized retailer.


3. Delivery: 

The most significant difference between online and in-store shopping is instant gratification. Most stores will charge you to deliver it. Online shopping depends on the site and it may take long shipping time, money to deliver your product and possible damage may cause delays.


Types of TV Units: Which One is Right for your Home? 

With careful consideration, you can buy a TV unit that is excellent for your needs, while being practical and contemporary. A bit of planning of design keeping your space in mind will open up a plethora of possibilities and innovative options.

Floating or Wall-mounted TV Unit

An ideal choice for living rooms with little space, wall-mounted TV units are a fantastic fit for smart, minimal interiors. Increasingly widespread today in many houses, these are usually designed with open racks or drawers for additional storage.

Wooden tv unit designs for your abode - Beautiful Homes
Tv stand designs for your abode - Beautiful Homes

TV Stand or TV Table

The TV stand/tv rack has evolved with time as the TV units have changed, making TV stands/ tv rack more attractive and practical. It offers an easy installation process, and it usually provides far more than just a place for your TV to sit as it also acts as a TV unit with storage. ​​They are primarily meant for the rooms where you can afford to devote a complete space for placing your TV unit. 


Corner Units

Out of all TV unit ideas, these are smartly developed to fit into corners. If you are planning to buy a TV stand of this kind, we guarantee that this one suits smaller homes or studio flats. Furthermore, corner TV units can include only a finite portion of the storage area.


Consoles are consolidated, sleek with just sufficient space for basics. Available in a huge number of styles, TV consoles are fitted with drawers and shelves with the back and sides neatly finished.


Entertainment Centre

Big storage articles can be custom designed for your house as per your need. An entertainment centre incorporates a blend of open shelves, drawers and snug compartments to store your necessities.

Tv console ideas to enhance your abode - Beautiful Homes


Advantages of TV Units for your Home Interiors

  1. Empties space in your living room/Bedroom
  2. Creates storage space
  3. Hundreds of design and material combinations to pick from
  4. They are aesthetically pleasing


Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a TV Unit

With tremendous development in technology, times have evolved, but the TV has not lost its importance,alongside making the TV cabinet an integral part of a lifestyle statement. Here are some aspects that you ought to consider before buying a TV unit for your house.

Wall-mounted tv unit design for your abode - Beautiful Homes

1. The Right Viewing Angle of your TV Unit

Elevating your neck at awkward angles for hours calls for discomfort, so position your TV stand in such a way the screen is at eye level. The recommended TV height is about 42 inches, but the best position depends on the height of your sofa or chairs. For a personalised setup, measure your eye level when seated on your sofa or chair, making sure the centre of the TV isn’t far above your sight line. If you need a TV that looks good from different positions in a room with a wide seating arrangement, wide viewing angles are very important. 

However, if you watch TV with numerous people in a wide seating array, you should benefit from wide viewing angles as those viewing off-centre still get a precise image.Consider buying a TV stand with a mount to adjust the display level as needed.

2. Best TV Unit Size

The most common TV panel sizes available today are 32, 40, 42, 46/49 and 55 inches. To determine which is the best screen size for the best viewing experience, measure the distance between where the TV will be placed and your bed/couch/chair.


If the viewing distance is between 4-6 ft, buy a 32-inch unit. If the distance is more, say between 5-8 ft, go for a 40/42-inch TV unit for living room or a bedroom TV unit.


Opt for a 46/49-inch panel if you will be watching from 6-9 feet away. For units bigger than 50 inches, it is ideal to have a viewing distance of more than 8 ft.

Tv unit storage ideas for your abode - Beautiful Homes
Wall panel design for your tv units - Beautiful Homes

3. Maintenance of your TV Unit

Maintaining your TV will save you the expense of repairing and replacing new parts and most importantly, will extend the life of your screen. Many times, one fails to do the easiest of things, like turning off the TV before sleeping. Sometimes, the voltage in your power supply is unchecked and this gives rise to spikes in electricity, further degrading the internal circuits. The biggest rival of any electronic equipment is dust, which creates short circuits and potentially damages the TV unit beyond repair.

Fewer maintenance efforts are needed with the wall mounts. TV stands demand little more than that.  If you have kids and pets around, TV stands won’t be a safe option for your TVs. Wall mounts are at a height, very firm and dependable options in such situations. The chances of mishaps are minimal and your TV will be easily maintained for a longer time.


While all kinds of television units offer their own advantages, what it comes down to is your personal choice. Which one do you think will be a perfect fit for your household? Factoring in the pros and cons of each will eventually help you make your final choice. No matter what you pick, Beautiful Homes is at your service. 


Our interior designers offer an end to end solution, completely personalized service to help you design a stunning house for yourself. Our designers will make sure that every aspect is looked upon to make your television unit functional and appealing in your house. We offer guidance with each feature, from the best tv stand ideas to the perfect bedroom tv unit, we take care of it all.


After carefully assessing your room space and understanding your specific needs our specialists will propose ideal TV unit options and integrate all the different elements into a seamless whole. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home. 

Discover inspirational living room ideas for your home décor at Beautiful Homes.

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