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Creative and affordable DIY balcony wall décor ideas

  • Balcony Design
Jan 06, 2023
Simplest diy balcony décor ideas- Beautiful Homes

The ultimate perk for apartment residents is a well-designed, well decorated balcony, ideal for relaxed morning tea or entertaining friends. No matter how boring your outside space seems, here are some DIY balcony ideas to spruce it up!

Apartment living means a balcony becomes your own tiny piece of the vast outdoors! Since this space is often hugely in need of a balcony makeover, DIY ideas and a few expert decorating tips can help you make the most out of it! With DIY balcony décor a modest, uninteresting balcony may be transformed into your personal outdoor haven. Here are some balcony decoration ideas, DIY tips and simple hacks to glam up your balcony, no matter how small.


Easy DIY Balcony Ideas that Have Huge Impact

1. Consider your Seating for your DIY Balcony Design

When it comes to DIY balcony décor ideas, first think of your space and your usage patterns. A comfy hanging chair is an easy DIY for balcony option that is private – think quiet reading or relaxed morning coffee. However, if entertaining friends is on your main agenda, plush floor level seating is among the best balcony décor ideas; DIY solutions like colourful floor cushions, a sleek divan or smart low-level benches will give your space an intimate, cheerful vibe. Choose practical DIY balcony décor like folding chairs and weatherproof seating.

2. The Next Step in your DIY Balcony Design is Tables

To make your DIY balcony décor functional as well as beautiful, you need usable surfaces for your stuff! A folding café table or a set of nesting tables are among the simplest DIY balcony décor ideas for morning coffee or even a snack outdoors. Or add a chic bar counter to your balcony; DIY décor like a railtop fold-away bar is both compact and entertainment friendly. For a space saving table DIY, balcony furniture that folds away, is wall or rail mounted, or fits neatly into corner spaces is ideal.

Breezy diy balcony ideas- Beautiful Homes
Cozy balcony wall décor DIY ideas-  Beautiful Homes

3. Key to all Great Balcony DIY Décor: Lighting!

Few DIY balcony décor solutions have the impact that good lighting does, both in terms of functional need and for setting the mood. The easiest of DIY balcony décor ideas is to string up charming (and cost effective) fairy lights but we suggest you layer in different types of lighting as well. Try a pendant lamp with a decorative paper shade for a DIY balcony design that’s a little more unique and personal. Or, if you’re looking to add character to your balcony décor, DIY hacks like candles in glass jars or old-fashioned lanterns might be just the touch of romance you want.

4. Add Greenery with these DIY Balcony Hacks

Small hanging planters with lush flowers or smart pots of green leafy plants will instantly liven up your space, making this a tried and true method of DIY for balcony revamps. That said, real plants need time and care to thrive. Today, DIY balcony décor ideas also make great use of artificial grass and plants. As a method of DIY balcony wall décor, faux greenery panels are simple to maintain and give your balcony a fresh, verdant feel.

Aesthetic balcony makeover DIY - Beautiful Homes
Beautiful DIY balcony wall décor- Beautiful Homes

5. DIY Balcony Wall Décor Lets you Express Yourself

Wallspace is often underutilised when discussing DIY balcony ideas! A well-considered DIY balcony wall painting will add unique character and personality to your space. Whether it’s a hand painted mural, a favourite quote or just sponged on texture, paint can be a great DIY balcony makeover. Speaking of texture-based balcony wall décor, DIY solutions like wooden slats, artificial greenery wall hedges or faux stone wall tiling can add heaps of detail and personality.


6. Unique Flooring Takes Balcony Décor DIY to the Next Level

As with your DIY balcony wall, painting your floor with waterproof exterior paint can really glam up your space. However the most popular and easiest balcony décor DIY is interlocking deck tiles. Weatherproof porcelain, wood, artificial grass panels or composite plastic decking tiles are durable, nearly maintenance-free, and among the simplest of DIY balcony décor ideas to install.


For child or pet friendly balcony décor ideas, DIY interlocking rubber tiles provide an easy-clean, comfortable surface. 

Looking for further design tips or more DIY balcony ideas for your dream home? Visit the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website, explore our expertly curated magazine or have a look at our previous projects! From balcony design concepts to other interior design or home renovation needs, our team of experienced professionals are here to help. Learn more about our services or products by booking a 3D consultation call, or just walk into any of our stores across India!

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