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Tips to decorate your studio apartment

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Apr 29, 2022
Decorate your studio apartment with modern home décor elements - Beautiful Homes

Maximize the functionality and style of your studio apartment with these house design tips

Studio apartments are becoming the go-to for many young people in bustling urban areas. Not only are they affordable, but also highly functional spaces. With such small spaces, you have to be intentional about your design and décor choices. Make the most of your space and infuse your style into it with our studio apartment ideas.


1. Maintain Visual Continuity with Studio Apartment Design Plans

In-studio apartments, everything is located in the line of vision. If you use multiple disparate styles or colours, the space will appear kitschy and cluttered. A trick to making any space appear spacious is to maintain visual continuity. You can do so in a few different ways.


One way is to use complementary colours throughout your studio apartment interior design. Or you can opt for a monochromatic scheme that utilizes various tonal values of the same hue. The same design style or optically cohesive pieces also allow for visual progression.

2. Opt for Minimal Colour Schemes to Decorate a Studio

Due to small living quarters, a riot of colours might not be the best studio apartment idea . Instead, a simple palette can do wonders in making the apartment feel expansive. An all-white and a neutral scheme are classics if you want the space to appear bright and roomy. Pops and accents are a great way to introduce colour to an otherwise minimal palette. Do so with bedding, pillow covers, art, upholstery, or an accent wall. Opt for muted hues such as pastels and earth tones for a more colourful scheme.

Studio apartment décor with minimal colour palette & chic lighting - Beautiful Homes

Contrary to popular belief, darker tones, too, can make a space feel bigger by creating an illusion of depth. Use them as anchoring colours in strategic areas such as the backsplash or the headboard wall. Or you can opt for a monochromatic look. Use metallic accents, lustrous finishes and mirrors to enhance the light in the room.


3. Zoning is Crucial in Studio Apartment Design

In open-plan layouts such as studio apartments, creating zones for various functional areas makes the space appear bigger. Additionally, if you're one to spend much of your time at home, clearly demarcated spaces will help you compartmentalise your routines and work.


Glass walls and see-through bookshelves work well as room dividers because they all light to permeate, thereby maintaining continuity. If you want more privacy, use room dividers or curtains. A piece of furniture near the foot of the bed also works well to separate the bedroom from the living area visually.

Multipurpose furniture for the studio apartment decor - Beautiful Homes

4. Pick Multipurpose Furniture for Studio Apartment Interior Design

In smaller spaces such as studio apartments, you have to get creative to compensate for the shortage of surfaces and storage. Multipurpose furniture can make up for these limitations and free up the floor.


Consider a bench with storage, a sectional that can double up as a bed, a cubby as a room divider and storage. A coffee table can turn into a desk. With an adjustable centre table, you can keep it low for regular use and raise it when dining.

5. Define Areas Using Décor

Not one for creating walls to separate different areas? In that case, you can strategically use décor to define the various areas in your apartment. Add different area rugs under your bed, desk, dining area, kitchen and living room. It'll ground each zone and make them appear more individualistic. Experiment with textures and patterns but keep the colours consistent for a cohesive look.


You could achieve the same effect with lighting. Ambient lighting may help illuminate the entire space, but dedicated lighting will create focal points for each zone. Consider pendant lighting over the dining area and recessed lights for the kitchen. Pick sconces or table lamps for bedside and floor lamps or table lamps for the living area. Dim the lighting in the areas not being used to give the illusion that there are multiple "rooms".

6. Utilise the Corners in a Small Studio Apartment

Often we are left with some empty spaces in the corners of our homes. Turn these dead spaces into cute or quirky nooks for a cosy small studio apartment vibe. Be intentional with your décor to avoid clutter. Turn it into a warm reading nook with a couple of cushions, some floating shelves for your book and some light. A fun wallpaper will turn it into the perfect photo op.


Alternatively, you can turn such empty spaces into a hobby corner. A desk with a few shelves or drawers can store your supplies, and a comfy chair is all that you need. Add a pegboard for easy access to some tools, or use a few stylish pen holders. You can turn it into a dressing area by simply adding a mirror to the set-up.


7. Opt for a Flexible Studio Apartment Layout

Flexible layouts help you create and edit seating options and surfaces per your requirements. Separate the kitchen with a mounted island or one on wheels. For additional seating, you can use collapsible chairs. Alternatively, a pouffe or an ottoman can double up as a footrest and extra seating. Consider a mounted island or one on wheels for extra counter space in the kitchen. A folding desk can be used as a dining table and workspace.

Small studio apartment décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
Simple bed for the studio apartment design & décor - Beautiful Homes

8. Find the Right Bed for you

Finding the right bed that works for you and fits in the studio apartment can be a challenge. Based on the square feet you can afford to give up, there are several options to consider. If you don't have enough space for both a bed and a sofa, a day bed or a diwan bed might be the right pick for you. These versatile pieces come in multiple shapes and styles, so you're sure to find the perfect one for you.


Opting for smaller bed sizes will allow you to set up other essential areas in your home, such as a workstation or a dresser.

With a high enough bedframe, you can make room for storage below the bed. Make up for the luxury of big beds with plush and cosy bedding.

9. Elevate your Studio Apartment Design with a Split-level Layout

If your studio apartment lacks footage but makes up for it in height, consider adding a loft. It will allow you to have a separate living room and bedroom and avoid a cramped layout. It'll give you privacy and create additional space for seating and dining, especially if you like entertaining.


An alternative to lofts is a platform bedroom. Just raise it a couple of feet for the same benefits as a loft layout. With a platform, you'll get some much needed extra storage. A split-level design may not be possible in all studios, but it can be highly functional and quite stylish when it is.


10. Play Up the Height

An exciting way to make interiors appear spacious is to enhance the height. Low lying furniture can make a room appear taller. This is a typical feature of mid-century modern furniture. Keep close to the ground with slight variations for the full effect. Ensure that everything isn't at the same level. A few tall plants, open shelves, hangings, etc., will draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of height.


You can emphasise the apartment's height by raising the curtain rods a few inches above the window and using full-length curtains. You can also lengthen the space by installing pendant lights and planters. You can also extend shelving or hang art behind furniture. 

Studio apartment décor with wooden interiors & chic floor lamp - Beautiful Homes

Bonus Simple Small Studio Apartment Ideas

  • Invest only in pieces that you need and are classic.
  • Transform your closet space into a little study.
  • Save surface space by using lighting fixtures that can be mounted or hung.
  • Extend the space by placing a mirror opposite a source of natural light.
  • Use daily functional objects as décor. For example, cookware, books, keyholders, etc.
  • For some pop of colour, add art and photographs to your home.
  • Textiles are an excellent option to soundproof your home. It is budget-friendly and stylish.
  • Avoid visual clutter with clear furniture.
  • Furniture with visible legs offers the same effect.
  • Add surfaces to your studio apartment design with floating shelves.
  • Makeup for a headboard with an accent wall or an in-built unit behind the bed.
  • Directional patterns on walls and floors, such as long panels, chevrons, etc., enhance the room's dimensions.
  • Use the vertical space in the kitchen to your advantage and avoid clutter on counters.
  • Layered lighting with separate sources in each direction will illuminate the space well and reduce shadows.


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