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Creative design tips to make your TV less obvious in any room

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Jan 04, 2023
Sliding panel to create hidden tv wall cabinet design - Beautiful Homes

From using your interior design elements to minimise the impact of the television to custom units and ideas to hide your televisions, we list tips and tricks to help you aesthetically place your televisions in any room of the house

You can’t really do without a television in your home but sometimes it can stand out or overpower the décor of the room. Having a separate entertainment room is a great addition and you can create a TV room design that is perfect for your tastes and needs. If you have to place the television in the living area or bedrooms, you might be looking for ways to conceal or minimise the impact it has on the overall décor. Keep in mind that the larger the TV, the more it will stand out so choose an ideal size that gives you a great viewing experience but isn’t overwhelming in dimensions. Once you’ve got your perfect TV, read on to explore our design tips to hide your TV cabinets.

1. Minimize the Visual Impact of your TV Wall by Making it a Part of your TV Room Design Scheme

Whether you have a separate television room or place the television within your living room design, you can minimize the visual by blending it into the decorating scheme. Take the living room in the image, for instance. The décor is contemporary and sophisticated. By placing the television above and electric fireplace of similar dimensions, the TV panel design for hall merges with the décor or the room. Notice how the rectangular mirror and centre table merge with the geometry of the TV wall panel with soft grey and white working well together. Instead of the television starkly standing out, this room comes together by using similar shapes, colours and textures; the television is not completely hidden by it is not in the way either.

Monochromatic living room design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sidekix Media/ unsplash

Dark colour & bold tv wall design for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Decontruct

2. Choose a Bold Media Unit or a Dark Colour for the TV Wall in your Modern Drawing Room Design

While it may seem counter intuitive, another way to minimize the visual jarring of a tv is by placing it against a dark coloured wall or TV panel design for hall. Even a bold or striking TV cabinet design can turn into the focal point of the room while distracting from the television. In this image, the media unit becomes an accent element with the wall panel, brass detailing and shelving unit working together to elevate the décor. The television just blends in to the bold feature and works as part of the décor.

3. Add a Custom Picture Frame Around your Television to Turn it into a Piece of Art

There are televisions from a leading brand that come with customisable picture frames and turn into artwork for your walls when not in use, you can also mimic this look by building a custom box picture frame to set the flat screen TV in. You can also create a gallery wall of artwork arranged around the TV with matching picture frames to have the TV blend into the décor.  In this image, a broader wooden framework has been built around with an alcove to hang the television within but you can also customise a simple picture frame for a more streamlined look.



4. Hide your TV Cabinet Behind Framed Prints

Instead of concealing the television within a wardrobe design, you can custom make a TV wall cabinet with doors to hide TV. This wall-hung unit can be four to six inches deep, just enough to fit the television and you can attach folding doors to cover the television when not in use. Mount framed prints that perfectly fit the dimensions of the folding doors on top of them to create a gallery wall effect.

Adding art décor around your tv wall design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sergio Ruiz/ unsplash

Black & white furniture for your tv wall design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

5. Go Black and White for your Home TV Design

While this look isn’t for everyone, sticking to a predominantly black and white colour scheme for the room with the television could help it blend into the interior design of the room instead of standing out. If you are willing to try a black and white room, make sure the room has more white than black especially if it doesn’t receive enough natural light. Also, add a few natural materials like wood and indoor plants to infuse some warmth into the space.

6. Use Geometric Elements for your TV Panel Design for Hall

Elements like a geometric wall panel design, floating storage or media unit, alcoves and electric fireplaces can all work well on the television wall to help merge the visual of the television with the rest of the décor. The composition of the shapes and their placement creates visual symmetry that is pleasing to the eye.

Adding geometric elements to enhance your tv panel design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, R Architecture/ unsplash

Add shelfs around your tv cabinet to hide your tv - Beautiful Homes

7. Mix your TV with Picture Frames and Shelving

If you are not looking to create an entire TV panel design for hall, you can mimic a similar geometric effect with rectangular picture frames and shelving units. In this image, the arrangement of these rectangular elements set against a dark wall as well as the artwork chosen helps to mask the impact of the television.

8. Fit a Sliding Panel to Create a Hidden TV Wall Cabinet or Media Unit

An easy way to conceal your television is by using a multipurpose shelving unit that contains hidden storage for entertainment equipment, shelves for displaying books and decorative objects and a slot for the television. This slot is covered by a sliding panel to hide the television when it is not in use. The sliding panel can be muted to blend into the unit or decorative to create an accent piece in the room.

Sliding panel to create hidden tv wall cabinet design - Beautiful Homes

9. Buy Hidden TV Cabinets for Flat Screen TVs

A fairly easy way to conceal you television in the living room is by buying of custom building a tall, freestanding TV cabinet which doubles up as a storage unit. Just like with the wardrobes, you can conceal the television behind fold or pocket doors within this unit. This is a great option for when you don’t want to renovate to create a built-in unit or even for rented apartments. Make sure that the height of the TV placement is ideal for viewing and it is fitting with holes for wires and plugs to pass through.

Create tv lift for hidden tv cabinet design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

10. Install a TV Lift to Create Hidden TV Cabinets for Flat Screen TVs

A TV lift is an electronically powered mechanical system that moves the unit up or down. It can be installed within a TV cabinet with hidden storage (as seen in the image), partition wall or furniture like within the footboard of a bed. With this mechanism, you can completely integrate the television into the furniture or architecture and have it hidden when not in use. Keep in mind that creating a bed with TV storage or a hidden TV wall cabinet with a TV lift will require expert customisation to fit in the equipment and electrical requirements.

11. Hide your TV Cabinet Within in a Wardrobe

A great way to integrate the television in a space like your bedroom is to work its placement within the wardrobe. You can set it inside an alcove created within the wardrobe, as seen in the image. If you want to go a step further, you can conceal the television alcove with folding shutters or pocket doors.

Creative wardrobe that hides your tv very well - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

Buy mirror tv for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sidekix Media/ unsplash

12. Buy a Mirror TV for your Bedroom

Turn your home into a smart home with a mirror TV. When not in use, it looks like a simple mirror however, it has an LED TV embedded within the mirrored surface. It has a mirror finish with reduced glare and a high-contrast panel so it doesn’t affect your television viewing experience. You also get interactive options with a touch screen and waterproof versions for the bathroom for the ultimate luxurious experience. Keep in mind, installing smart technology in your homes requires the guidance and assistance of experts so factor that into your budget.

From utilising the latest technology like picture and mirror TVs to concealing your televisions within hidden tv wall cabinets to minimising the visual impact of the television using décor elements, there are quite a few ways to work this piece into your interior design in elegant and sophisticated ways. Whatever you choose for your home, these design ideas are best executed by experts who can crafted the perfect home tv design for your modern drawing room design, bedroom design and tv room design. The designers from Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints offer a completely personalised and end-to-end solutions to craft a home that feels like an extension of you. They will work out every detail of creating the perfect TV hidden cabinets or design features to help conceal your TVs. You will get the benefit of seasoned contractors and a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retail stores in various cities for an exceptional range of furniture, lighting, home décor, accessories and wallpapers for home.

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