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Aug 27, 2020
A small Swimming pool design to display the Art

The right swimming pool design for your house? It isn't easy to find, but we can help! Check out the tips and advice our experts have put together for you

The grandest thing about walking into an independent home (or bungalow) is finding little empty spaces where you can add elements to feature your personal style. And what can possibly beat your home design with a swimming pool?


Similar to a home’s unique style, which varies from its architectural structure to the fine décor details, also a swimming pool design for a house can vary according to the property as well as the owners’ tastes. Whether you’re in a sprawling holiday home outside the city or a cosy bungalow which can accommodate a pool on its rooftop, these 10 tips will help you planning for your home makeover with the swimming pool design perfect for you!

1. A Swimming Pool Design for your Home Like an Oasis of Tranquility

Nothing feels more tropical and can transport you as quickly into a vacation mood as a home design with swimming pool. A tranquil swimming pool design for a home can create a zen environment for the whole family or when entertaining guests. Even when not in use, your swimming pool can help enhance the view or ambience of a space as an infinite still sheet of azure with not a ripple of imperfection in sight. To add to the tranquil feeling, consider adding a sculpture or the bust of Buddha (as seen to the left of the swimming pool design in this picture) or any other symbol that evokes in you a similar relaxing emotion.

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Style Tip: A uniform-tiled pool in a deep shade of blue will make the water look even more striking, especially after sunset. To enhance its vivid hue, strategically place lights around the pool or within plants to bring out the colours in the dark. Marking out the walk to the pool with palm trees will also add to that playful holiday vibe!

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

2. A Brutalist Styled Swimming Pool Design for Home

Whatever the personal sense of style for swimming pool in your house — be it the most muted minimalist or over-the-top maximalist—there’s one out there for you, which can be incorporated in any home, big or small. And, this swimming pool design for small yards which complements this unique brutalist-styled home serves as the perfect example. With simple white tiles serving as a backsplash, the swimming pool design is surrounded by dark grey-stained flooring and earthy tiles which work seamlessly with the concrete and wood in this grand sinuous brutalist structure in front of it.


Insider's Eye: We like how there’s a slight play in colour to break from the monotony in this swimming pool design with multi-hued aquamarine tiles and a cobalt blue plant pot on the pool deck to further bring out the hues.

3. A Modern Swimming Pool Design is also Peaceful

A swimming pool design, especially if it is a rooftop swimming pool design, can serve as the perfect view from your home. When designing your pool, it would be a clever idea to plan it outside a room or a space which you’d use frequently for entertaining. This could be the living room, the home bar or lounge or even an outdoor patio or dining area where you frequently host guests or bring the whole family together for meals or reunions. If the pool is situated on the rooftop of a home, it serves as the perfect foreground for the rest of the view—think full moon nights outdoors with an expansive sheet of still water overlooking the twinkling city lights.

Image courtesy, 42mm

Expert's Guide: If your property allows it, consider constructing an infinity pool for your roof swimming pool design to add just a hint of visual drama and glamour.

Image courtesy, ADND

4. Open-air Swimming Pool House Design

When working with a design for swimming pool houses, one must also consider a pool house for quick changes by the pool, storing poolside accessories and equipment, rinsing off or after a swim or simply to kick back after a “strenuous” day of lounging around the pool.As versatile as a pool house’s purposes are, so are its designs.


From a conventional swimming pool in house to an outdoor, open-air gazebo, choosing the right pool house to complement your swimming pool design and aesthetic is a delicate yet enjoyable task. 

We love this simple, white pillared outdoor space designed as a post-swim haven to enjoy an outdoor meal or sit through long chats with friends and family.


Style Tip: For an outdoor open pool house, make sure to style the space with furniture that is weather-friendly or, at least, easy to clean. Rattan, cane or wicker furniture works well through several Indian seasonal changes, while many homegrown brands now offer linens, floor cushions and throws that are stain- and dust-proof and compliment outdoor elements.

5. Incorporate Fountains into your Swimming Pool Design

This works well in both commercial spaces and private homes, as well as even small swimming pool designs with limited outdoor spaces. Adding a fountain or several small water outlets to allow a constant flow, to cascade into the pool all day, lends a calming sound to the space while adding an interesting visual element to the pool. There are several different styles of fountains to choose from, ranging from grand figurines to simple minimalist outlets, yet a fountain can also double as a pool cleaning and filtering system for added hygiene: not a bad deal!

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Image courtesy, ADND

6. A Small Swimming Pool Design to Display your Art

Similarly to the rest of your home, also your swimming pool design can display your art, sculptures or installations. Unless your pieces won’t fair well outdoors, any of the artworks from your personal collection can be matched, paired and put on display against your pool walls. Sculptures made out of materials such as wrought-iron, brass, cured wood or ceramic will survive outdoors just as well as indoors.


We love this simple one-line drawing installation of a horse that’s placed on the clean white wall above the pool, serving as a central focal point for the whole space.

Style Tip: When pairing art with your swimming pool design, keep the rest of the poolside or deck accessories to a minimum to grant space for the art to speak for itself.

7. A Swimming Pool Design for Small Yards

Another unique idea to showcase your swimming pool design is building your entire home or bungalow around it. Your swimming pool will not only tie the whole house together, but also serve as a grand focal point for the entire space, especially the home entrance. Even if you have limited space available outdoors, this is a unique idea to make the most of every square inch available. Also, building your entire house around the pool will add to the home’s grandeur and give the illusion of a more expansive property.

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Image courtesy, ADND

8. Swimming Pool Design to Entertain Outdoors

A swimming pool design for a home is meant to be seen and shown off. Even if it is in a non-obvious, under-stated way. A smart way to do so is by crafting an outdoor entertaining space around the pool itself. Using your swimming pool design as a central focal point, you can set up the outdoor area around the pool to host guests in the funniest and most summer-y way! Dining al fresco and creating a space on the deck to kick back and lounge outside with family members or friends and guests is the ultimate luxurious lifestyle. 

And, this works for all swimming pool designs, ranging from rooftop swimming pool designs to more modern pools and even in case of swimming pools in small yards. The roof swimming pool designs are the most luxurious outdoor pool designs.


Style Guide: In this expansive outdoor space, the clean-lined swimming pool is adorned with a garden next to it and an outdoor dining area set up in a shaded alcove. While not being over-the-top or too busy, this entire space offers several options for hosting gatherings or parties in different weather conditions through the year.

9. A Small Swimming Pool Design will Help Open Up a Home

In our country, especially in urban India, one of our growing concerns is lack of space in modern homes. That is why, unless you have the good fortune of inheriting an ancestral home or can afford the sky-rocketing property prices that soar higher and higher every day, you will probably be working with designs able to accommodate your décor and architectural elements within a limited space. Luckily there are several options to do so!

Image courtesy, Aamir & Hameeda

You don’t have to sacrifice anything of what you want, also and especially so if you’re dealing with a small space swimming pool in-house design. In fact, although one may initially be deterred from attempting to set up a swimming pool in a smaller home, it can actually help open up the entire space. Consider the ubiquitous Indian corridor home. These are wonderful spaces that help draw natural light and ventilation into the entire house and bring in a sense of openness. Adding a swimming pool design for the home over here will not only add luxury, but immediately create the illusion of a much larger space. It’s a win-win!


Image courtesy, ADND

10. The Right Plants to Surround a Swimming Pool Design for Home

Since a swimming pool design is planned primarily for the outdoors, it is but natural to surround it with plants and landscaping. But what are the rules for planting around your pool? Although there aren’t any rules inscribed in stone to follow, when lining the perimeter of your swimming pool design with trees and plants, the first thing to consider is the foliage and shedding patterns. If you have a tree, such as the champa, its small fragrant flowers may drop into the water occasionally, but not clog its filtration system and therefore lead to a big mess. 

Surely some will find trees and plants add to the pool’s aesthetic. However, trees that give out sap, oozing fruit or shed too many fine leaves may require heavy maintenance and regular clean ups through the day.


Easy Hack: Palm trees are the easiest choice to adorn swimming pool designs, as they not only lend a holiday vibe and just the right amount of shade on a sunny day, but are also known to not shed too much. Smaller flowering potted plants lined around the deck of the pool can add floral appeal and fragrance to the space, as well.



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