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Tricks to make your small kitchen design look spacious

  • Space Saving Design
Dec 23, 2021
Small modular wooden kitchen design ideas for a clean look - Beautiful Homes

Small spaces can feel confined. Here is a compilation of design tips and tricks to help you make the most of your small kitchens

Interior design is not all about aesthetics. The point is to make the most of the space. Optimise functionality while making it look good.

Sufficient storage space and counter space are absolute must-haves in a kitchen. Inadequate and awkward kitchen spaces can quickly feel claustrophobic. They might be a challenge. But definitely one you can achieve. Find out what you can include in your small kitchen. 

Want to make your small kitchen spacious? Incorporating modern small kitchen ideas, modular designs, etc., are a few ways to do it.

Read on for some clever design ideas for a small kitchen interior.

Small, simple kitchen design tricks to make your small kitchen look spacious

1. Small Kitchen Design Layout:

Getting the layout right in any room is vital to fully use the space. Here are some layout and placement tips and tricks for a small modern kitchen design.

  • Parallel counters, L-shaped and U-shape counter placements work well for small but wide kitchens. An easy, simple kitchen design tip is to have the refrigerator, the sink and the hob along the lines of a triangle. This placement is called the golden kitchen triangle. Positioning the kitchen essentials like so makes moving around the space more accessible.


  • If the kitchen is long and narrow, a single wall counter will ensure that there is enough room to move around.


  • Another small kitchen design tip to make it look spacious is to draw the eye all around the room. Ceiling high cabinets will draw the eye upwards, giving the illusion of a taller space. Large windows, typically those that cover the span of the wall, will do the trick.


  • The vertical space in a room is often ignored. Open cabinets, floating shelves and pegboards all utilise it well. Additionally, using these in the kitchen will allow the eye to move around the area as well.
Select the right kitchen layout for your small modular kitchen design - Beautiful Homes
  • Small Open Kitchen Design - In small houses, open plans, especially ones merging kitchen and living room, can make the space look spacious.


  • Kitchen islands are great for small open kitchen designs. They add much-needed surface area and can act as an area divider. To maintain the openness of the space, ensure that the island has an open bottom with exposed legs rather than cabinets.
Small kitchen colour ideas for your kitchen to look spacious - Beautiful Homes

2. Small Kitchen Ideas: Colour

  • White interiors are the obvious choice to make any room feel spacious. This is because whites reflect light the most, making the room feel light and airy.
  • A neutral colour palette, particularly a light one, also has the same effect as white. To top it off, neutrals are easier on the eyes and make for a great canvas for bolder accents.


  • Do you prefer a more colourful palette but want to achieve an effect similar to whites? Then pastels are the way to go. Pastels are soothing and light. A simple Kitchen Design idea is to use them cohesively in the kitchen to make it look spacious.


  • A cohesive colour scheme without stark contrast or tonal difference will ensure that the eye moves around the room without interruptions, making it seem open and airy.

3. Shapes in Small, Simple Kitchen Design

  • A small, simple kitchen design is to opt for a dual-toned kitchen. Keep the bottom cabinets darker to define the layout and ground the design. A lighter tone for upper wall units will make the kitchen feel spacious by drawing the eye upwards.
  • Horizontal lines make a space look wider, and vertical lines make it look longer or taller. Use planks or tiles for floors that enhance the dimensions of the kitchen.
  • Use directional patterns such as planks, herringbone, etc., for flooring. This will keep the eye moving through the space, making it appear open.
  • Backsplashes are another element to add colour and pattern to the kitchen. Use options that provide clean lines to get clean lines and a clutter-free look, such as brick-shaped tiles stacked horizontally.

4. Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Lighting

  • If you're designing your house from scratch or are looking to give it a complete makeover, make sure to install large windows in the kitchen. Natural light can make a space feel larger. Ensure that curtains or blinds do not obstruct the windows in the kitchen.
  • Overhead lights, recessed or Pendants are good options for a small kitchen. Recessed lighting provides a sleek look. Pendants can be used as accent pieces to add visual interest to the kitchen.
Lighting ideas for your small modular kitchen design - Beautiful Homes
  • Kitchens typically lack proper lighting, making them appear closed off. Apart from the regular ambient light, artificial lighting can be added to the cabinetry- library lights, LED strips, etc., for additional tasks or area-specific lighting. Enough lighting is essential to make a room look spacious.
Small kitchen design materials to make it look spacious - Beautiful Homes

5. Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Material

  • Mirrors are a must for any small home interior design, and small kitchens are no different. Mirrors reflect light through the room, making it appear expansive.
  • Based on the same principle, any reflective material would function the same as mirrors in the room. Marble, granite, and metals are therefore ideal materials for kitchens. High gloss materials such as these allow the light to bounce around the room.
  • Glass and other see-through materials can also make the space feel larger. By being able to see through it, the walls feel farther away, adding depth to the room. Glass doors for cabinets is one way to do it. Drinkware, stemware, etc. are made of transparent material and can double duty and be used as décor.
  • Using too many disparate materials with different finishes and colours can make the kitchen look cluttered and busy. A mismatched look makes the room feel cramped. A cohesive design will provide a streamlined and sleek look.

6. Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Small Modular Kitchen Storage

  • Out of sight storage is key to making a space feel spacious. A small modular kitchen design for the kitchen can help you keep things organised.


  • With modular storage such as pull out pantries, solutions for awkward corners, wire baskets, etc., you can now store away everything—clear counters aid in making a small kitchen look roomy.
  • Modular kitchen designs for small kitchens are favourable also because they are cost-effective and are not labour intensive.
  • Another way to streamline and maximise storage is to get organisation accessories like risers, lid organisers, compact dish rack by sink, etc. These will decrease the clutter.
Small modular kitchen ideas for storage & organizing - Beautiful Homes
Small simple modular kitchen design ideas - Beautiful Homes

7. Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Furnishings

  • The furnishings in any room ought to be proportionate to the room's dimensions. For a small kitchen, to retain a roomy feel, opt for slender furnishings that are visually lightweight. Clean lines are a staple of modern design styles. This is because clean lines allow for visual continuity.


  • Get a sink with a cover to increase counter space.
  • A floating table that can be folded away on an empty wall will provide additional surface if needed.
  • Open shelves make a small kitchen appear bigger by adding depth. Ensure that the items on these floating shelves are organised meticulously to avoid a disarrayed look.

  • Hardware and trims can be visually distracting. With more standout or ornate options, the eye is forced to stop and take in the details. The break-in visual continuity can make a room feel less open.
  • Modular kitchen designs for small kitchens are excellent options since they are sleek and efficient. Since they are highly customisable, a simple small modular kitchen can feel palatial. With specific expert tips for a small modular kitchen, you can make space for all the essentials without the room feeling claustrophobic. You can tuck away all the appliances with modular designs, leaving the countertops free.


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