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Stunning ideas for your TV accent wall

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Dec 03, 2022
TV accent wall design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Whether you like classic wood or marble or prefer a variety of paint or wallpaper, there are many ways to create the perfect TV accent wall for your home. Read on to find out more

Living rooms serve multiple purposes— it is the space where you wind down and spend time with loved ones and also double up as the entertainment zone. Whether it's weekly family movie nights or you hosting a game night, as the entertainment area, the TV—rather the TV wall—becomes the focal point.


As the point of attraction, the layout of the room too is generally geared towards it. Since the TV wall is a living room interior design staple and garners many eyes, it should add an element of interest to the overall design. A straightforward yet fun way to do it is by incorporating an accent wall behind the TV. We've compiled some great ideas for TV accent walls for you. Read on to find out more.


1. Vertical Charcoal Accent Wall Behind TV

A black tone, such as charcoal, is a great way to add some contrast and create interest in a room. Such tones are also a great option as they're not as overwhelming as a true black yet have the same effect. If an entire wall painted in charcoal seems like a lot, you can paint only the section behind the TV, much like a panel that flows onto the ceiling. This will draw the eye upward, adding to the room's height.


2. Horizontal Dual-Toned Accent Wall

If you want to make a room feel more expansive, horizontal lines or directionality are the way to go. Pick a design with a TV panel that stretches across the width of the wall. Highlight the panel with a bold colour such as an olive green, a jewel tone, a warm brown, etc. Let it take centre stage by choosing a neutral hue, such as an off-white for the wall itself.

3. TV Feature Walls: Marble & Wood Slat TV Accent Wall

The combination of marble and wood is one that will never go out of style. The luxurious and sleek look of marble juxtaposes nicely with the texture and warmth of wood. Mid to dark-tone wood slats would pair well with a white marble such as the Calcutta. Portoro or Marquina black marble backdrop with a recessed light wood accent wall behind the TV will create a striking feature in your living room or bedroom.

Marble & wood tv accent wall ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

4. Classic Tongue and Groove TV Accent Wall

Tongue and groove panelling has survived the test of time, a true classic. Its simplicity and versatility make it a go-to option for accent walls for many. Paint it in a dark hue, such as slate, forest, etc., to camouflage the TV. As wainscoting, you can use it to create an accent wall behind the TV with contrasting elements— for example, covering the wall in patterned wallpaper and painting the panels.


5. Modern TV Accent Wall: Painted Black TV Accent Wall

A simple black accent wall is chic yet attention-grabbing and an excellent addition to minimalist designs. You can paint the entire accent wall living room tv to add depth to the room.

Gallery wall TV accent wall ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

6. A Gallery Wall

Shift the focus off the TV to the wall by turning it into a gallery wall. Keep the look clean by opting for monochromatic artwork or pictures with black frames. Something like a Samsung frame would fit right into a gallery wall with any theme. Ensure that the frames you choose are proportional to the size of the TV to avoid a kitschy look.

7. Wood Accent Wall Behind TV- Shiplap

Shiplap panelling is another way to add a sense of directionality and movement to the room. You could install it in a vertical wall section behind the TV. In smaller rooms, You could use it for the entire wall. If the TV wall in the room is vast, design a TV console with a shiplap surround to draw attention towards the TV unit.

8. Modern TV Accent Wall: Framed TV Unit

Instead of leaving the entire accent wall living room tv bare, you could add more functionality to it by designing a wall unit. Keep the TV in the centre but add built-in shelving and bottom cabinets on the flanks. For an airy look, opt for lighter hues and wood tones for the unit. But if you wish to create contrast or add depth, paint the built-in units in a darker colour from your colour scheme.

Framed accent tv wall design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Modern TV accent wall design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

9. Accent Wall Living Room TV with Backlighting

Backlighting behind the TV is a great way to set the mood for movie nights or when you're bingeing your favourite show. Fairy lights, RGB strips, and other lighting devices are some options you can consider. This is also a budget-friendly way to create an accent wall since there's no construction work involved, and you require only one device to create the desired effect.

10. Wallpaper for the Win

Wallpapers are an excellent option to add pattern, colour and texture to your room. Blend the TV into the background with dark self-patterned wallpaper. Bring in the vintage vibe with an intricate floral one. If the panelling is too expensive, choose a wallpaper that mimics the look for the same effect. You can do so to recreate marble, granite, and other stone looks.



1. Can the TV wall be an accent wall?

Yes, the wall that the TV is mounted on or placed against can be an accent wall. It also makes sense to turn it into an accent wall because a TV garners attention in the room.


2. What looks good on the wall behind a TV?

It depends on the overall design of the room. Wallpaper might be the right option in boho chic or eclectic rooms. In contrast, in a room with a Scandinavian or Japandi design, a simple painted wall might be the way to go. Panelling in the natural wood finish is a great option for a rustic touch.


3. What colour should your wall be behind your TV?

 Opt for dark tones such as black, brown, and jewel tones if you want to camouflage the TV. If you want the TV to be the focus, create a contrast with the black screen by opting for light shades of grey, whites, taupes or pastels.



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